Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tales from the Minmatar Front Part 1: The Response

As many people probably already know, I have recently been writing about the Amarr/Minmatar conflict. This has generated a lot of interesting comments on several blog posts, as well as some ‘interesting’ mail.  (Related posts are linked below.)

Unfortunately for them, Sovereignty Wars, a blog I frequently refer to, has chosen to publish a rather scathing, ill-written rant by a somewhat hot-headed Amarrian FC. (Also linked below.) My LOLs follow:

"Today, the Amarr were hot-dropped by Raiden with over 20 super carriers. Who exactly bat-phoned this is unclear [...]" (gamerchick42)

“That statement contradicts itself. It states the Amarr were hot-dropped whilst also admitting that there is no evidence to support this. Clearly this is journalistic sensationalism at best, at worst deliberately misleading.” (FIRST GENERAL)

You obviously didn’t read the battlereport I linked which showed clear evidence of a 20+ super capital hot drop. It’s not sensational, misleading, or contradictory. It just…is. As far as how I’m “admitting that there is no evidence” anywhere in this statement is beyond me.

In reference to the information about what was lost and killed. I pulled my information directly from killmails on the (Amarr) battlereport…as I stated I did. I realize that killmails can be forged. However, I do not think anyone bothered to take the time to do that in this instance. If you have differing kills/losses, I’d suggest updating your killboard with the relevant mails.

"The Amarr response? According to one of the Amarrian FCs, the Amarr were "laughing about it." (gamerchick42)

"At no point were the Amarr FC's laughing about the engagement; on the contrary despite an initial bad cyno it was a very intense and even fight. Every pilot in the Amarr fleet enjoyed the battle immensely despite being outnumbered, outgunned and in the end destroyed by Raiden.   The Amarr were naturally saddened by the losses of their own capitals." (FIRST GENERAL)

LOL. I was directly told by an Amarr FC that the Amarr were laughing about the hot drop. I thought it was an admirable attitude toward the situation, as Eve is just a game, and everything should be done in good fun, and not taken too seriously. Obviously, you do not share this sentiment.

I could produce verifiable chatlogs to prove the existence of his statements, but I have chosen to maintain his privacy, as I value his friendship, and have not been given permission to involve his name in this debate.

“The Minmatar have the ability to dominate the field against the Amarr where capital combat (and above) is concerned by the simple deployment of their (in excess of) five Supercapitals.”

I cannot confirm nor deny the existence of Minmatar super capitals. However, I can confirm that the Minmatars “ability to dominate the field against the Amarr” is not restricted to capital engagements.

“Cause & effect: The Amarr Militia will in response to this "Supercapital threat" try to neutralize it or counter it.”

As far as I am aware, the Minmatar have dropped no personal super capitals since I have joined the militia. I do not know what ‘threat’ you think that you face, but the current events of late have been due to an individual in the Gallente milita (and closely aligned with members of the Minmatar militia) dropping his carrier on sub capital fleets. I think you are gravely misinformed about the entire situation.

“Neutralizing it will comprise tactics that will end up with the Minmatar Militia not using their Supercarriers because they are afraid to lose them when facing a nullsec alliance hotdrop . The above references suggest that this fear is very much real and well founded, evidenced by documentation from past and present events.”

This is honestly, the first time I’ve heard about the Amarr being afraid of the Minmatar using their supercapital powers. (That may or may not exist.) I think you are completely making things up at this point, probably to sound important. And what on earth are these ‘references’ and this ‘documentation’ you talk about? I suggest you refrain from using big words until you understand what they mean.

If the Minmatar choose to be more selective in dropping capitals, it is because Pandemic Legion is a mere couple of jumps away, ready with their cynos and their hot drops.  The very idea that we are afraid of the Amarr is hilarious. Even the Amarr know they don’t scare us, or they wouldn’t feel the need to try ‘frightening’ us with their neutrals.

Your entire paragraph about who the Minmatar team up with, and you incessant whining about the Minmatar getting help from the Gallente is desperate, and somewhat overdone.

QCATS is only one corporation it is nonetheless the biggest and most able Gallente FW corporation

I’m sure Ammon would appreciate your compliments.

"If it was only Gallente Militia they were teaming up with, we would handle it with the same level of success we currently enjoy.” 

Keep telling yourself that. I hope it helps your morale.

“The Amarr consistently arrange backup when a big fight presents itself. If it looks like a gank then they will still take the fight. However they will simply light a cyno and bring in 30+ Supercarriers to eliminate any and all hostile ships on the field.”

Sound like the Amarr are afraid to me. Keep arranging your backup boys. You obviously need it.

 “I don't shy away from losses”
And I don’t shy away from providing them to you.

 “As for whether the Amarr are scared or not? Bring the fights and not your friends and you'll find out.”

The last time the Minmatar dropped a few caps on you with minimal outside interference, you dropped 13+ neutral super capitals on us. I think that speaks for itself as to whether the Amarr are scared or not, don’t you think?

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  1. "I cannot confirm nor deny the existence of Minmatar super capitals."

    "As far as I am aware, the Minmatar have dropped no personal super capitals since I have joined the militia."

    "This is honestly, the first time I’ve heard about the Amarr being afraid of the Minmatar using their supercapital powers. (That may or may not exist.)"

    You are quite full of shit aren't you? What none of your counter-parts on the Amarr side mention anywhere, probably because they do not know, maybe they do, is your running of your mouth on Twitter.

    You bash the Amarr for QQ all the time yet you QQ all the time on Twitter. And on your blog. All of this is dramatic crying. This is why women are horribad in military roles. I should say the avg. woman. All drama-llama-ding-dong.

    While you may or may not be personally responsible for Raiden. dropping on the Amarr after -A- dropped on the Mimatar through an Amarr cyno you sure were crying about it on Twitter - wishing you had a batphone to call, something to that affect.

    In case you don't know sweety pie puddin' dumplings, the meta-game of Eve is huge. Damn near every 0.0 alliance out there probably saw your tweets. Maybe you are the reason PL is down there. Maybe you're not. Only PL knows why.

    PL kill supers and Titans. It's what they do. Whether you're a lone turd with one, a low sec pirate outfit, militia, whatever... They are never far away from known supers/titans. Get used to it.

    You should probably step back, loosen your girdle a little bit, and realize that you do exactly what you accuse others of doing. Only they aren't aware of where you do it.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I can’t confirm the Minmatar have supercaps because I’ve never seen one. I literally...can’t confirm it. I’ve only been in the Minmatar militia a little over a month.

    As far as Twitter goes…if I had a batphone, I probably would have used it. All those super capitals sitting there…someone might want to kill them, right?

    But alas, I do not have a batphone, and my comments were mostly facetious…..and publicly available via a Twitter widget on the right side-bar of my blog.

    As far as your comments about females being drama-llama, I’m sure my corpmates would agree. They also yell at me for doing my nails in fleets, and going AFK on gates.

    But we have fun and we kill stuff, so no worries. They can be a bit dramatic themselves sometimes…especially Gald. He’s always shooting blues or pissing someone off.

    Ironically though, most of the current drama and events I’ve been writing about has not originated with me, but by several males. Imagine that…dramatic, emo-raging males playing Eve…

    As far as PL moving their entire super capital fleet to Amamake because of my tweets....well, that’s kind of a funny thought, really.

    And to think that near EVERY 0.0 alliance out there saw my tweets... I’m going to have to remember that the next time I broadcast all my sekrets to the world. Maybe I should rage anonymously, instead.

  3. Saying Ms. Black is responsible for PL being in Amamake is like saying George W. Bush was responsible for hurricane Katrina!!!!

    Errrrr bad example???

  4. Dear Susan,

    I take the attempt at an insult at my person as nothing but a lack of actual arguments from your part.

    Before commenting other people's articles or posts i suggest you read them more than once. Your first comment leads people to believe that i wanted to deny or suppress the existence of the hotdrop. I never did such a thing. When i point out that you contradict yourself that is in relation to you saying "who batphoned who is unclear" and you saying "Amarr Militia got hotdropped". If you don't know who batphoned who then how can you know who was the hotdrop victim? For all you know, Amarr might have called Raiden. (the video from eve-uni shows who actually did) and got their own caps killed? Do you even remotely see where i'm trying to get to or do you need me to make another hot-headed, ill-scathed rant?

    I was actually going to respond to every single one of your comments above, but after reading your comments a second time it has become blatantly clear to me that you are not capable to distinguish opinions and rumors from facts.

    If this is nothing but a propaganda blog, then Ma'am, it is well done.

    -ill-written rant by a somewhat hot-headed Amarrian FC (FIRST GENERAL)

    Yours hot-headed truly.

  5. I find that i truly cannot resist and must feed the troll; since i don't want to hog Shalee's blog nor have any desire to tarnish her reputation for good articles i'll post a response to the comments and opinions you gave in respect to my factual statements.