Monday, September 5, 2011

There's Always a Bigger Fish: The Latest in the Minmatar/Amarr Drama

Over the weekend, Pandemic Legion moved into Amamake. This is one jump from the Minmatar home base in Auga, and three jumps from the Amarr home base in Huola.

So far, I've been told by fellow Minmatar that PL are 'hot dropping everything in sight.' The only confirmed hot drop at the moment is Shalees report about their failed attempt to hot drop an Amarr Redeemer on a gate.

*Edit: As I was writing this, Pandemic Legion hot dropped (with super caps) an Archon outside the station (Huola) I'm currently sitting in. The Archon pilot was an unknown neutral.

It is currently unknown why Pandemic Legion has moved into the area, though it is probably a temporary staging point as they move on to their next campaign or war, or whatever Pandemic Legion has going on. Apparently, PL has suffered some significant losses to Goons as of late, as reported here.

This move by PL may have a significant impact on the Amarr/Minmatar capital war that has been going on the last two weeks. Shalee says in the above linked sovereignty wars report that "Most pilots are being told not to fly anything expensive, others are planning vacations to other areas of the warzone."

Minmatar are also keeping their shinies docked for the time being, knowing that Pandemic Legion has eyes in all the mains systems in the area and will not hesitate to drop multiple super caps on anything semi crunchy looking.

Our little low-sec pocket is starting to resemble a hot, major crossroads for major null-sec alliances. In the past, Amarr and Minmatar have occasionally banded together to defeat neutrals. Though it's unlikely that even together we would have the numbers or resources to combat a major null-sec alliance such as PL, it will be interesting to see what twisted turns militia politics take the next few days.


  1. PL is nothing like it used to be... They have all gotten soft.... so much so that they are having trouble with Goonswarm... Back in the day they would have swept through the swarm like gnats!

    Most likely they are here for a confidence booster due to their recent loses..

  2. Thumbs up to the Amarr/Caldari for pulling this off:

  3. As a pirate who lives in Amamake all I can say is.... "Bugger!"

  4. Let me think about it, Ammar / Minni's are hotdropping each other left right and centre, PL likes to hotdrop, and you wonder why they move close to the meat.