Thursday, September 8, 2011

Amarr Militia Hot Drops PL Archon in....Frigates? PL Retaliates

Just when you thought you heard it all.

A friend in the Amarr militia made me aware of the recent hot drop of Amarr onto a PL archon sitting at a PL pos. The video of the engagement is below--made even more hilarious as you can see the PL Avatar sitting in the POS watching the whole thing.

Amarr lost 8-9 stealth bombers, according to the battle report, and killed a rapier and a muninn along with the archon.

I admit. I LOLed when I saw this.

Read Eran Mintor's full, 1st hand write-up about the incident here.

It is not expected that PL will stay long in the area, but that hasn't changed the fact that their presence has stirred things up quite a bit and made the area a bit of a hot roaming space for other non militia alliances. Last night, members of militia witnessed a gang of Black Legion getting chased out of the area with super capitals being thrown on gates by PL.

It's not every day I log into coms and hear the questions "why are their titans sitting on the Auga gate?" and.."why are their 90 ppl in sisede local? Nothing ever happens in here..."

Later, PL retaliated on the Amarr militia by killing their POS. Their POS killing-wagon included titans. The video of that is below.

The video includes some interesting commentary on how the Amarr suspect that the Minmatary "paid off" PL to hit their POS--showing how paranoid the Amarr really are. They don't really understand how lazy the Minmatar are. Paying people off is so much work. Effort.

Oh...and what's this "If we wanted any sort of peace..." and "diplomatic talks" I'm hearing about in the background?