Friday, September 2, 2011

Them are Fighting Words

I shall take this moment to respond to some 'less than love' mail I've recently gotten as well as some fighting words posted in response to several blog posts of recent.

"I just read ur blob and its mostly bs."

" you guys honestly only fight when it is your prime time and when we have nobody on."
We fight in our prime time because that's when WE are online. Kinda hard to pvp when we're not online...
Also kinda hard to shoot you if you're not online so I'm sure SOME of you were online....

"you always had to drop a carrier to win a fight yes."
If I'm correct, you just dropped 13 supercarriers on us to win a fight. We've never dropped neutral super caps, and me, my corp, and my friends in militia have not dropped using a significant neutral force since I joined this militia.

If you are referring to Razor alliance, they have been dropping Minmatar and Amarr alike. They titan bridged on a corpmate's solo bs a few weeks ago.

"Sorry if this sounds rude"
No offense 

"Also two militia vs one is a big reason for the batphone. It seems every time there is a hint of us dropping capitals the Gallente are called in."
Well, it's not the entire Gallente. It's [QCATS].
Also, please review this battlereport. In it is a recent fight (on your own killboard) where you went to Gallente space to join Caldari in fighting the Gallente.
You kill them in their space....they kill you in your space...seems like a fair trade to me.
You made your bed and now you get to sleep in it.

"With the Gallente's biggest corp now living two jumps from Auga what do you expect us to do? Constantly fighting outnumbered is not an option."
I'm sorry that fighting outnumbered is not an option for you.

It is for us. 

We fought outnumbered here. (Last night) 4-22 (We were GCC and we still managed to take stuff down with us.)
And here. 19 to 31 (oh, and check ship types)
And many more times.....

"On a more personal note..."
This was never personal mate. I just like to pvp.

"I now plan to primary you every time I'm FCing until you decide to start blogging more honestly."
I consulted Shalee's blog for several of my facts here. Also a colleague pretty much says it all:

Galdornae > it's just a bit of mild smack, but all the facts are true

"I expect do be calling your name for a very lone time."

Galdornae > journalistic integrity five o/\o

Moare Tears

*Dislaimer: Amarr pilots, neutrals, and innocent bystanders may have been hurt in the writing of this post. All grammer and vernacular is the sole property of the quotee. Names are removed to preserve privacy, and to keep Galdornae and other Ka Pow Pow members from entering into severe actions of extreme trolling.  @Gamerchick42 reserves the right to laugh heartily with tears rolling down her face at any inflamatory, obnoxious, childish, emo-raging, or threatening mail, comments, or Twitter mentions. Disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of the enclosed information is greatly encouraged.


  1. Your quotes are amusing and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

    Oh wait, I already am, carry on


    It's only blobbing/hotdropping/calling for friends and unfair numbers when the other side is doing it :)

  2. Oooooh... I can't wait until I'm in a fleet with you again Susan. You're gonna be a war target magnet. It will be most excellent.

    Interesting that you are now the object of vilification by the Amarr FCs. I always thought I was. Meh.

  3. I absolutely love whoever complained that the Amarr "cant fight while being outnumbered". Effing hysterical. The Amarr didn't invent the ridiculous ship-up game, but they have certainly mastered it. Amarrian warfare has, and remains, a simply formula of scouting what is roaming in space on the minnie side and deploying and appropriately sized "bigger fish" to swallow them with. They say war never changes, and neither do Amarrian tactics. Too bad they can't handle it when the same is done in kind to them. Maybe next time they see a fleet out they'll grow a sack and just take it on if its close to being an even fight.