Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spy, Caught!

 Being in game for any period of time and you’re apt to start running into people you used to know ‘way back when.’ Sometimes, this means shooting people you used to be in corp with. I wrote about this a while back, when I was talking about my decision to join Minmatar militia.

However, it can also mean flying alongside people you used to shoot. Or in this case, spy against.
Last night was kind of boring. I ended up logging my alt on and doing some trading and building some rigs to replenish the stock I like to keep in Huola for Susan. Nothing too crazy—just a healthy supply of medium trimarks and medium core defence field extenders. The kinds of things I go through like mad during my pvp binges.

Djan, a fellow Minmatar was telling me about a training corp he started up. A way to get new blood into the militia, and introduce new and old pvpers to the rather unique style of pvp that the Minmatar engage in. (Sooo….if you’re interested in militia and you want to do some pvp, I could definitely send you his way.)
I decided to hop on coms and listen in to a training op that was about to happen. Then, of course, the Amarr arrived with way too many people for our little numbers to handle and we ended up just chatting on coms.
One of their new recruits hopped on coms later and we started chatting.

How surprised I was when I found out that he had been in DJLX for years! This was a corp I mentioned during my “Becoming Susan” series. During one of the first alliances I was in, I ended up putting a spy in their corp when we wardecced them.

I admitted this to the guy on coms. “No way! I totally used to spy on your corp years ago. I still remember the day you guys called CVA on us during a fight.”

Someone else on coms pointed out that this guy actually used to be the ceo of DJLX back then.


Okay, so I was a little abashed at that point. But we instantly started talking about the old days and some pvpers that we both remembered. He remembered the alliance I had been in, interestingly and we both ended up having a good laugh over it.

It’s fitting that he join us in Minmatar---a militia I used to fight against tooth and nail. After all, sometimes your strongest and most loyal comrads come out of the respect that is born from continual gfs, no matter what side they were on—a true reminder that Eve is not real.


  1. i'd actually love to get some info on that training corp your friend started up. I've done FW before as gallente militia, but i got tired of my old toon and created a new one. I'm still training some fundamental skills but i'd love to get back into FW as soon as possible. thanks so much and great blog btw!

  2. sure. contact "djan shilde" in-game for info about joining their training corp.