Friday, September 23, 2011

Becoming Susan Part 2: Fire

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I remember two things from my first major 0.0 stint. I remember  going out there in a shuttle to set up my clone in one of the stations—a long trek through 0.0 that was very intimidating for a 6 month old.

I also remember the drama that ensued within the alliance we ended up joining, Visions of Warfare. Inactivity was a huge problem in the alliance and there were constantly people yelling for more to get in fleets, etc.

Drama, CTAs, and people yelling for alliance members to “stop carebearing and get into fleet!”—something that would become a familiar buzzing in the back of my mind over the next few years.

Susan, the Spy

We didn’t just move out to Wicked Creek.. (what was then TCF space) we also did a wardec in Amarr space against some anti-pirates—Davy Jones Locker. Apparently, every so often this alliance did this but it was our first experience, having just joined.

Metagaming was just as big back then as it was now. Several alliance mates scrambled to get a spy into the hostile corporation with some success. However, our main spy wasn’t too bright. The name of his ‘spy’ toon was similarly named to his main, which made it extremely obvious later on.

I eventually told them that I had a toon very firmly rooted into the hostile corporation—planted there before the wardec even went live, and completely unsuspected. I had gotten on their coms for a bit, so they knew I was female. They never suspected I was a spy. In fact, they gave me lots of free ships and advice, which I took graciously.

It was during that time that I first wrote about Eve. Granted, I didn’t know anything about blogging back then. It was a short introduction to myself on the hostile’s forums. Everyone was writing short snippets about what they were doing in Eve, etc.

I don’t remember everything I wrote, but I remember talking about wanting to open a shoe store when they got WiS running. I explained all the different types of shoes that pilots would need for various things. I also talked about how I had installed a bath tub on my ship so that I could take some pleasant bubble baths during some of our longer roams. I do believe someone proposed to me after that post.

I didn’t spy on them very often, and I grew to like them so much I felt badly when I did. However, I do remember when DJLX called in CVA to help them fight us. I calmly joined the CVA fleet along with the other DJLX members, shocked to hear of a 100+ man gang our way. I didn’t provide super secret intel that got us epic kills, but I was able to warn my own fleet so they could get safe before they were completely hot dropped.

Boiling Point

It was shortly after our wardec, that tensions within the alliance started to reach all time highs. On a roll, I wrote a post for our own alliance’s forums. Ironically, there were no bubbly baths or shoe stores. I do remember some very strong wording including accusations toward particular men in the alliance lacking certain body parts.

Shortly after that post was published, the alliance tensions blew into a full blown nuclear explosion. A ton of people left, and the alliance didn’t live much longer afterwards.

It was another pivotal point in my Eve career. I, along with three others decided to leave and start our own alliance.

… be continued.

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  1. Damn you Susan for sucking me into reading this everyday. Like I said before never been a blog guy, but between you and Kuan I check in every day now. Keep it up i rather enjoy it. Someday I'll actually figure out how to post without been anonymous. Dagren Darius