Monday, October 10, 2011

Target Painter, Anyone?

I tried out my new Stabber Fleet Issue this weekend. Unfortunately, it died in a fire, but I now feel that I better understand what it is capable of.

Me and Gald roamed around Huola-Auga in two of them. He’s been trying to get me to fly them for a while now, but I have a strange resistance to flying faction stuff---seems too expensive for what you end up getting.
There was an assault frig and a raven in kourm, sitting off the Huola gate. In fact, the raven was over 100k off. As he wasn’t moving much, scanning him down wasn’t too difficult for Gald. As soon as I jumped in, he tried warping us both to the location with his alt.  

Oops! He was less then 150k from us, so our plan failed. Or so we thought. Gald quickly warped to a bounce and came back, pointing the raven. I then warped to his alt who was at a good bounce location and warped in on the raven. Just as he started to lose point, I announced that I got another one. We made short work of the raven and it’s no wonder with this fit.

Strangely, even at the death of his bs friend, the assault frig started burning toward us. We demolished him in a few volleys from each of us. It was a good beginning for the night.

After that we saw very little action, even for just two of us. We ended up roaming far into metro to find targets. We did find a bc on a gate, but it turned out to be a trap. (Big surprise. People rarely fly without a gang to back them up anymore.) Gald got out easily, as he was only webbed and not pointed. I thought I would get out also, but they had way too much pointing and webbing me.

Also, I mistakenly thought that my little cruiser would be made short work of…so decided to burn away instead of reapproaching the gate. It was a big mistake on my part. I ended up tanking over 22k damage, and had burned over 30k off the gate before they popped me—a distance and EHP I could have easily used to reapproach the gate and jump through with plenty of time. Next time, I will know, and they wont be so lucky.


  1. I dont understand the refernce to TPs in the post title...

  2. Seldom it is a good idea to burn away from the gate, instead of burning to it. :)

    Also...DAT TPs. :E