Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Minmatar Surrender after Amarr Deploy Ingenious Tactic

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
~Sun Tzu

As we speak, the Minmatar are preparing to formally surrender the warzone, after being taken completely by surprise by a carefully laid out, non combative strike by the Amarr.

"We never saw it coming." said one Minmatar, who was quickly firesaling his belongings and preparing to clone jump out of the warzone. "I logged on, and at first I was just confused. Then I realized what had happened and knew it was all over for us."

"This is the end of the road for us." Said one Minmatar FC, who requested to remain anonymous. "We can't come back from this."

For years, the Amarr were labeled as the 'underdogs' in the brutal war that ripped apart The Bleak Lands, Metropolis, and surrounding areas. After being thrown out of their homes, they were forced to watch as those who were once their slaves, trampled through the region plundering the riches to be had.

Retreating to the nearby, non hostile system of Egghelende, Amarrian forces waited brooding, watching for their chance to strike back at the slaves who had quickly become the masters.

"It was hard going for a while." state one Amarrian warrior. "Some days there was so little to eat, I was tempted to start gnawing on the resistance plating. But we pulled through somehow."

"I knew our day would come." said one emboldened Amarrian who was heading up a small parade at the Amarrian capital after the news was made public. "I knew our day was coming and that the light of our god, and the smile of our Empress would press us on toward victory!"

Who the true mastermind of the plot was, still remains unknown. Several groups within the Amarrian militia have hinted at being involved, but no one has stepped forward to take direct credit for what transpired. There have been many rumors circulating through the Minmatar fleet, that outside forces gave aid to the Amarr, perhaps even providing them with the loopholes needed to successfully carry out the plot.

"I don't believe that the Amarr had it in them to do this on their own." said one Minmatar official. "They had to have had help from outside. If times were different, we'd pay highly for such information, but as things are, I will just be happy to get my family out of here."

While a detailed timeline of the unfolding events is still vague, and information about the true effects of the sabotage are still coming in, basic information about what took place is known:

During the darkest parts of downtime, five Amarrian saboteurs stole into several critical Minmatar stations and moved the undock button. When the Minmatar woke up, they were bewildered and confused.

According to an eye witness account, Huola and Kourmonen stations were in "chaos" when the Minmatar started making preparations for the day.

"It was scary at first." said one civilian who had been visiting her military nephew stationed at Huola. "At first we thought it was completely gone--stolen in the night. I was relieved to see that it had just been moved, but it was still somewhat confusing."

After several attempts to drag the button back to its correct location, the Minmatar gave up and called a committee meeting to discuss their next move.

"Surrender had never been in the books for us until now." said one Valklear General. "It was a bold move. A very bold move for them."

While the surrender has been accepted by the Amarr, the details of the terms were not released. Negotiations were handled over the com, as some of even the highest Minmatar officials had difficulty figuring out how to undock their ship.


  1. Time to join the amarr or go neutral then.


  2. That was epic! I was well and truly had lol.

  3. LOL... excellent!

  4. Yum Minni Tears.

    Any Minmatar surrender will not be accepted. All rebelous slaves shall be cleansed from God's Universe.

    Your Future Owner,
    Rommell Drako
    No Moar Tears
    Our Holy Empress Jamyl I's humber servant.

  5. Baha and Gritz contacted me some months ago. They offered cookies and milk if I was willing to plex and take back some systems to increase the value of minmatar LP. After securing a down payment of 2 and 3/4 cookies(they withheld any milk) I set to work plexing.

    With my recent conquest of SimCity and Age of Empires HD I was able to devote most of my gaming time to Eve this winning FW.

    After such a perfect victory I have peaked in my eve carrier and am announcing my retirement. It has been a pleasure fighting you all.