Sunday, June 9, 2013

EVE, For Girls

EVE: The Outlaw's Revenge. A swashbuckling new expansion full of romantic mission story lines sporting extensive dialog and ruggedly handsome NPCs.

EVE: New Moon in New Eden. In a stroke of genious, CCP decides to merge World of Darkness with EVE, introducing vampires in space. 

EVE: Pride & Prejudice and Spaceships. A rich, young manufacturer moves into Elizabeth's station. At first he seems snobby, but she soon learns that he's a complicated, sensitive man.

Some additional feature ideas:

  • Marriage Functionality: Similar to corporations, but limited to two characters. 'Married' parties will share inventories and wallets.
  • A new room in the Captain's Quarters featuring a kitchen.
  • Fancy gowns available in a multitude of colors in the character creation and modification screens
  • The ability to talk to hostile NPCs within belts, missions, and various sites to peacefully resolve issues as an alternative way to meet various mission and ratting objectives
  • A new part of the back story featuring a Romeo and Juliet story line between opposing factions in Factional Warfare.



  1. Why did you link images from the terrible P&P movie and not the far better mini-series?

    1. I did not think the mini series deserved to be on the same page as Twilight. =p

    2. Go read the book you Canadian barbarian, it's wickedly funny.

  2. O I C, make the ethnic looking one a Mattari... DATS WACIST.

    1. The Minmatar logo went better with his shirt ;)

  3. Susan for head office at CCP

    I like the marriage idea I would do it.

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  5. I can only hope and assume this is satire... but my fear is that someone at corporate might not understand satire well enough.

    I swear to whatever higher power will hear it i would kill sparkling eve toons on site


  6. Why is the vampire a Gurista?
    *BLOOD RAIDER* Fuck's sake.

    Also, this list is amazing.

    The marriage idea: I've actually seen that in a TERRIBLE Twilight-Themed free2play browser game called ImmortalNight that I and some friends griefed for a while. Wallet-combinations and all. The preteens in the game were all excited to get married, so we'd befriend them, marry them, pretend to have been 'robbed' while shopping with all their money (while in fact having given the money to a co-conspirator who attacked us in order for the attack to show up on the game log), and then divorce them a day later. That way they never complained to the admins. Ah, that awful game - the tears were marvelous though.

  7. "A new room in the Captain's Quarters featuring a kitchen."

    This begs for the requisite 'A kitchen is needed so the wife can make me a sammich," post so I'll put it here. :)

    Satire is wonderful!

  8. Good lord...where the frak is my ejection handle?!!?