Friday, May 31, 2013

Aint Lost that Lovin' Feelin'

“Can a condor take out a Taranis?”

You can always ask, and get lots of interest advice, but sometimes you will never really know a thing until you try.

I asked the question on coms while I was warping to the plex. What the heck, it’s just a condor, right?

I have been told in the past that Condors are not a real ship. And, that kiting is not a brave man’s strategy. I’ve never been one to really care about someone else’s ideas on elite spaceship tactics, and I’m not going to start caring now.

All I know is that warping into a plex where I know a hostile is sitting at their optimal, waiting for a juicy thing like me to arrive, and having to slip outside their grasp at the beginning of the fight, but stay within point range, and maneuver around whatever they throw at me to settle into an orbit so I can blow them to smithereens from afar, is a lot more adrenaline pumping for me than getting in someone’s face and hitting F1 again and again.

The Taranis fight gave me the shakes last night. I landed at 0 of him inside the plex, which I was expecting. I almost always land at 0 to my prey, and there’s this 10 second moment where I’m either a very a dead Condor, or I just barely slip out of their grasp.

I lost my entire shield almost as soon as I landed, and a bit of my armor. (If you fly Condors, you know that this is very, very bad.)

“Arg, I’m gonna diiiie!”

Full speed forward. Activate MWD.

Tracking disruptors activated. They’re not going to be much use nose to nose….

Why am I not dead yet?

I’m gaining a little space….

Ooops, I forgot to turn on my Microwarpdrive. Oh, I’m scrammed. Nevermind.

Man he’s fat, I’m going faster than him without a prop mod….

Out of scram range. ORBIT. MWD.

Oh, you know what? I should probably point him. Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Warp Disruptor activated. Good idea, Susan! You’re so pro you forgot to point the guy. Let’s just keep that to our self, m’kay?

Ahhh, good orbit. Let’s kill kill kill.

Ugh he’s slipping out of point range. Closer orbit.

Ugh, he’s getting too close! Wider orbit.

Buahahaha like a squirmly little fish on a hook. I gotcha now, sucker.

Explodey bits. Victory!

Yes, a condor can kill a taranis. (Not sure where that other dude came from on the killmail, as there was no one else in the plex. Must have been from a previous fight.)

But, probably not an Arbitrator I found out later. At least not one that knows what he’s doing. But it was worth a try.


  1. He had a web. Were you webbed at any point of the fight? Or was he THAT bad?

  2. Also, was he sitting at the door at 0 with rails?