Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why the Minmatar Love Fweddit

The Last few months have been very eye opening, as Amarr Militia veterens who were once thought to be hardened warriors have been reduced to the ranks of whining, sniveling juveniles. In an uprecedented show of tears--rivaling even those of the ongoing Hulkageddon--the Amarr have literally bathed the streets of their abandoned home systems with a salty flood of incompetence.

"My cup runneth over....with Amarrian tears." Minmatar FC Loryanna once commented in the days leading up to Inferno, seeing the destruction lying in his fleet's wake.

The Minmatar's reaction to the Amarr's childish outcries has ranged from mild annoyance to outright disbelief. Some, who previously held many Amarr in high regard as fellow militia warriors, now merely look upon them in disgust.

Annah Kitheran, Minmatar FC and strategist, revealed a starteling revelation when addressing Minmatar forces late Wednesday evening. After briefly discussing Amarrian plexing schedules and strategy surrounding the defense of several systems, he noted, "it is now my belief that the Amarr militia is made up primarily of school-age children." He further explained his theory, going over the rigorous plexing schedules upheld by many Amarr during certain daytime hours--followed by extreme fall-offs which can be logically deduced to betime constraints.

Overall, the Amarr strategy has been lacking over the past few weeks--and it has taken it's toll on the warzone as their space has quickly shrunk to a fraction of it's original size.

  • Instead of fortifying and defendinging outlying constellations -- systems the Minmatar would have had a much harder time holding on to and taking, the Amarr struck at the heart of the Minmatar stronghold, wasting valuable time and resources and barely making a dent in Minmatar defenses.

  • Instead of scouring the recruitment forums, taking advantage of a myriad of pilots eager to try Faction War, they babbled and rambled to anyone that would listen --begging CCP for help, blaming faulty mechanics for their downfall, and pointing accusatory fingers at the Minmatar.

  • Instead of picking a warzone-based staging ground and focusing on it's defense --a strategy proven to work by the single Amarr corporation of Wolfsbrigade who refused to give up Kamela, and now have a key base of operations deep within Minmatar space --the bulk of the Amarr high-tailed it to the relative safety of non warzone systems.

In the midst of all this cowardice, the Amarr have attemted to paint a picture to the rest of EVE of an elite, underdog Amarrian force, overpowered by the tyrranical regime of Minmatar bullies. In a post truely made up of "lies and tears" on Sovereignty Wars, Amarr pilot Almity attempts to portray his corporation as an elite small group depending on the advanced tactics of 'guerrilla' warfare. Those with any knowledge of Amarrian fighting tactics would quickly see through  his claims of reluctance to "fight Late Night head to head" and eagerness to instead fight the Minmatar in "ones and twos..." knowing that the Amarr cry triumph in easy ganks, and become skittish around anything resembling even numbers, crying 'blob.'

The Amarr have also attempted to appear unbiased in their concerns over Inferno game mechanic changes --claiming that their concerns are for the good of all Faction War, and have nothing to do with their own political agendas. However, looking back to the days when the Amarr tended to run heavier then the Minmatar, and boasted more organized fleets and numbers, we see a very different set of opinions then they now carry. Amarrian pilot Shalee Lianne even spoke back then of station lockout as being "no horrible thing really," claiming that "those of us who have been there [in FW] forever would adapt."

She also says in the same thread that "I do think it could be interesting having to move your stuff around like that, and also plexing would become hard core then because people would want to force occupancy changes. Imagine forcing pilots of Huola or Auga to relocate. That'd be kinda awesome actually."

As soon as the tables turned, and her militia was suddenly struggling to keep up with the growing Minmatar threat, suddenly this same game mechanic was some sort of CCP induced travesty that would cause Faction War to completely "suck."

However, amidst the sauna-like fog induced by dozens of Amarrian hot heads shedding scalding tears, a lone ray of hope shines for the Amarr in the form of a band of unlikely pilots. Formed from players who regularly talk through Reddit, Fweddit originally started as a mob of Ibises, lol-ing there way around the warzone.

Between their infectious "don't care lets just fly spaceships" attitude, willingness to jump into just about any engagement in kitchen sink fleets made up of tech 1 fit crap and faction cruisers, as well as a refreshing lack of the whining already proficiently supplied by their veteran counterparts, Fweddit quickly made a name for themselves among Minmatar pilots.

While initially amused at the noobness of these pilots, and the relative novelty of their play style, Minmatar attitudes toward Fweddit are slowly starting to borderline toward respect. As more and more Minmatar are lost in Fweddit engagements, it is obvious this 'swarm' is quickly starting to gain momentum and experience.
Says Late Night member and Minmatar pilot Hans Jagerblitzen, "These guys [Fweddit] have numbers and organization. All they need is pvp experience, and at this rate they're going to get it quickly. It won't be long before they are a serious force to be reckoned with."

Claims that Fweddit are the most "enjoyable Amarrians to fight against" is a sentiment regularly shared over Minmatar coms, and many are hopeful that as Fweddit grows in both numbers and skill, they will someday represent the worthy opponent that the Minmatar long to have the pleasure, and challenge of fighting against.



  1. ♥ Fweddit. Best Amarrians by a long way.

  2. Never know when that complete noob, flying a t1 frigate/dessy, might actually be someone who has been playing Eve for years. They may have simply rolled a new alt because the changes in Inferno looked like FW put far more focus on pvp than any other part of the game. PVP is fun.

  3. Here is the blog of the CEO of Fweddit:

  4. Wow. Another propaganda piece. How novel.

  5. Anonymous Fwedditor here. We are having a great time in the fight. The Minmatar still have a little time to enjoy farming kills, I mean tactical superiority. Some of our highest SP players have been care-bears and some of our best PVP guys have two week old alts. Last night in corp chat one guy was saying how he had to wait 20 minutes to go out. He needed to train shield extenders on his Fweddit alt.

  6. I think Fweddit will be the "Amarrian Draketrain" and lead the Amarr Militia to total victory in a few months time. I am frightened. Very, very frightened.

  7. You should look up the definition of, "literally." Other than that though, the article was pretty shit.

  8. Fweddit are the most "enjoyable Amarrians to fight against"

    that's my favorite part of the post. 100% guaranteed kills. of course they are enjoyable to fight.

    too bad you aren't looking for GFs. don't even bother trying to say that you are.

  9. Hahaha love how all the cry baby's are replying here.
    Proving how spot on this post is.

    Silence ikillyouu

  10. They're going to be even more sad when Fweddit is running Amarr militia and they are reduced to eternal irrelevancy.

    1. Fweddit is a great asset to the amarr. They would have been an asset regardless of the mechanics.

      Under the current mechanics the same strategies that work in null sec will work here. Get the largest blob you can and just swarm one system after another.

      Its no surprise Minmatar like the writer of this blog are thrilled with these changes, thats pretty much all they know. I'm sure they feel vindicated when CCP makes mechanics that encourage there blob ftw "Strategies".

  11. I'm sorry you don't have enough talent to continue to actually play EvE anymore. Glad you are just forum whoring now... stay classy minnies.

  12. Yep breath of fresh air, them Fweddit chaps. Having them troll the hell out of 7th in Sahtogas for being cowards is just about the funniest thing I've ever seen in local. Classic!


  13. This game and FW specifically are for good LOLs and good brawls. You at least supply the first part Susan, with these musings of yours.

  14. We will not stop until all of the proud space chikunz are freed by the minmatar and their amarrian sympathizers. Our rifter wrecks will black out the node!

  15. Bok Bok!

    Fwedditor here
    Very glad you guys are enjoying the fun!
    I've been having a blast this last few weeks, all while losing more ships than I have in the last few years.

    We've only just begun :D

  16. Wow. This is probably the most poorly written pile of RP faggotry I have ever read.

    1. Sadly it isn't's RL for Susan Bitch

  17. If you can't actually address the complaints that are made about the changes, that is ok.

    Just call them "crybabies!"

    How funny that you claim we are acting like children in that same blog. The loss of respect is going both ways.

    1. BTW the above is my post


  18. Priceless also from that same thread:

    "We could certainly ask for FW to be transformed into a nullsec scenario with station lockouts, etc, but...."
    Hans Jagerblitzin

    Oh how times have changed. Now Hans tells us that station lockouts does not make FW a null sec scenario. He tells us it doesn't even make FW null sec lite!

    Thanks for linking the thread Susan.

    1. The amount of elements that come together to create the unique fabric of null sec game play and Faction Warfare game play are too numerous to be defined by a single feature. It would take something much more radical than dockblocking alone to transform FW into 0.0, starting with say, eliminating all plex warfare and substituting with structural sov grinds.

      Many of us initially feared this was the beginning of some march towards an inevitable merger of the two gameplay systems, but nothing could be further from the truth. We just finished our discussion of FW at the CSM7 summer summit and CCP didn't demonstrate any interest in transforming Faction Warfare into 0.0 whatsoever, the dockblocking is just a single gameplay mechanic the two have in common.

    2. Hans,

      when you got word about the changes, is that when the minmatar suddenly got the urge to flip as many systems as possible (under the 6 hours to flip a system method)?

      funny how the side of the war the csm was on knew what was up before hand and used it to his advantage.

    3. Funny how the changes were announced at Fan Fest, before I was even elected to the CSM and long before I had ever signed an NDA.

    4. Oh I see we don't bash as many structures so its not like null sec. That is what you are sticking in explaining why this is not null sec lite?

      Now it makes sense when you were all up in arms that the hp of the bunker was increased to that of null sec. I was thinking that is hardly that big of a deal. But if they had done that then you wouldn't even have that straw to grasp at as to why this is not null sec lite.

      Hans the lockouts are a huge "step" toward null sec. You understood that when you said what was quoted above. What caused you to all of a sudden forget that?

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Actually, the structural HP were never changed to begin with. I reacted quickly to some misinformation I was given, that was my mistake. The new FW IHUBS were always the same HP as the control bunker.

      The statement quoted above was made when I wasn't privy to any of the information I am today. I was one of many paranoid players afraid that lockout would be a "step towards nullsec" despite the fact that CCP has *never* had any such plans.

      Now that I'm elected to CSM and have been in extensive talks with CCP about their work on FW, I have a responsibility to keep a level head and address *real* concerns that threaten Faction Warfare, and not just cling to any false preconceptions I held prior to holding office.

      From a mechanical standpoint, my issue with station lockout was that it might hamper the flow of casual PvP, and reduce the number of fights to be had. CCP implemented the mechanic against my recommendation, but thankfully the results I feared simply haven't come to pass. Fighting is at an all time high, it has never been easier to log in and get kills.

      That being said, I *still* haven't given up on the lock out issue, despite all the attempts here to accuse me of going back on my word. The results from the summit talks are already appearing on the forums. CCP is listening with an open mind, despite all the attempts here to accuse them of forcing null sec down our throats.

    7. Thanks for the info Hans

      Do you have any data on the flow of pvp other than raw numbers of kills?

      Null sec gets allot of kills too. But its not casual pvp.

      Null sec kills tend to be focused in a few systems per day and not spread out throughout the day. They tend to have many more people on each killmail.

      Is a larger percent of the fw kills/day taking place in fewer systems?

      Are there more or less people on each pvp kill?

      How many combatants are now involved in fw pvp? Has the number gone up? If so we would expect the gross number of kills to go up even if they didn't change anything.

      Do you have a link to where new information is appearing on the forums? Jita park doesn't seem to have anything new.


  19. Amarrian FW pilot here. I agree. I'm quite embarrassed by the amount of tears and "Hey guys I have point on a rupture get over here!"s. BUT, I would like to point out there are soloers out here and honestly this is easily the best side to be on if you're a soloer due to the numbers game and just how much space is owned by minnies. KB proof of concept:

    That's just over the course of a week or so (RL sucks) and I'm by no means a great pilot. Just sayin' profiling is bad mmk. (<3 your blog by the way)

    1. I have to admit that a lot of persons in Amarr 7th Fleet have been very positive about adapting to the new FW system, and have seen success in both PVP and in the Sov battle. Much of the whining is coming from groups like I.LAW and TMFED who, from my own experiences, have not been active in FW ever since the announcement of the Inferno changes. Groups like 7th Fleet, Fweddit and W-BR (if they ever decide to leave Kamela) are the future of the Amarr Militia, along with the numerous new-groups who have signed up and it remains to be seen if any of these groups become relevant to the war. I.LAW and TMFED's days are over.


    2. I.LAW is out in the warzone almost every night. Often with TMFED. Get your facts straight.

  20. I just want to say you smell

    Also this blog is worse than evenews

    -Eran fucking mintor

  21. Alright now that I'm on a laptop I can give a more serious/longer reply to this lololol post.

    You seem to have this obsession with being a troll. I understand you probably have nothing else to make you feel good about yourself beyond your successes in EVE, so feel free to continue; I don't want you to kill yourself because you realize how stupid it is to make this the core of your life.

    You mention that Amarr must be a bunch of school kids because we log off at night and go to work in the morning. Are Minmatar all unemployed losers with nothing better to do? I cannot say I envy you. You see, unlike Sasawong, we cannot be on EVE for 12+ hours a day because we have shit to do; we take showers, we go out places with friends and family (ones that exist outside a virtual world), and lead regular lives. For example: Summer just begun; what the fuck are you doing sitting inside for most the day blogging and whinning (yes, you are whinning about other people whinning)? Are you trying to become the next pale vampire in the Twilight series?

    Beyond that hilarity, you also seem to think that the mechanics are balanced. I'm sure you think that the Minmatar NPC's well-equipped with webs, target painters, and missiles allow Amarr to solo major plexes with t1 frigates just as easily as the Amarr NPC's with tracking disruptors and beams allow Minmatar to do it. You probably think that the diminishing returns for the losing Faction doesn't restrict their ship-types as a result of decreased profits. You probably think you're a fucking brilliant writer and critic.

    You see things through one narrow vision: your own.

    It seems you also think the Minmatar bring even fights. Speaking strictly about "late nite" fleets... When Amarr roll out with a 10 man cruiser gang, Minmatar generally wait to get at least 5 more and a few bc's to ensure their victory. When Amarr roll out a BC or two, Minmatar try to get some BS or logistics or whatever suits you.

    Let's face the reality of it...we all just want to kill each other while losing as little as possible, but it's more often the Minmatar who avoid the even fights and wait to overpower the enemy before engaging. It is often the Amarr who are so impatient because we only have a few hours to play and PVP who end up leroying into fights.

    Ganks is the nature of the game. Stop acting like you're some kind of exception.

    Now regarding ILAW & TMFED... You must really hate us to be so obsessed; you make every other blog post about ILAW/Shalee. Jealous that Shalee is more liked than you? Don't like that we fight with fewer numbers and still have fun? What is your problem, woman? Why can't you just see this as a game and play it as that? Your meta-gaming is pretty stupid.

    Yours truly,
    -Eran Fucking Mintor

    P.S. don't expect me to read any replies on this blog as I rarely ever open this thing; feel free to eve-mail me with your reply though.

    1. First of all, each of the four factions regularly makes this claim about each other (the self-righteous "we never blob and just want GF's") to the point that it's become completely subjective and meaningless. What you're essentially asking for is for us to customize our fleet numbers so they'll match yours exactly "just to give you a fighting chance".

      Seriously Eran. You're an Amarrian FC, and this is EVE Online. Also, this is Faction Warfare, not Faction Honor Duels. Do you have any idea what it looks like for a military commander to be seen begging his enemies to take a handicap? Likewise, are you seriously going to suggest that NPC webs and target painters are the reason the Amarr are losing the war?

      As for the diminishing returns - those were not in place during two months we spent seizing most of the warzone. The Amarr, while currently in a challenging position due to the mechanics, simply can't blame Inferno for finding themselves with only 10 systems.

      You're absolutely right, EVE is a game, and should be played as that. I'm honestly surprised that you don't seem to grasp the morale advantage you hand your enemies every time you and your friends give the Minmatar the satisfaction of this kind of rant.

      Yes, a lot of Susan's recent posts mention ILAW. But this isn't rocket science. If you want her to stop writing articles about Amarrian tears, tell your fellow warriors to stop giving her gift-wrapped tears. Simple as that.

    2. Wow, I must have really hit a nerve for the usually calm Eran Mintor to be so riled up.

      The amusing thing is, your entire response reinforces some of the points I make. Instead of responding with anything useful, you compare me to vampires, bash my blog in general, and make childish jabs at how I 'feel about myself.'
      Do you not find this the least bit ironic?

      I originally was going to respond point for point, but honestly, I don't think there's any use. Many of your arguments are the same things the Amarr have been crying about over and over again, and I'm of the mind that there's no use talking sense to you, or asking you to calm down and use your words.

    3. Hans

      You missed the part of the rant where he explains we have lives outside of eve. You and your fellow minmatars lame responses that we should just start grinding more plexes are off the mark.

      You played yourself off as someone who gave a shit about casual players. Somewhere that has changed. Seriously if you want all of eve to be losers who dedicate their lives to a computer game like the null sec crowd then great - station lockouts and your HTFU attitude is right on the money.

      If you want Eve to have more normal people that have real lives, and possibly even jobs and families and therefore yes have "bedtimes" then perhaps you'll rethink your attitude.

      Yes we would like consequences and to feel our fights are contributing to a larger, in game, context. But we don't take the success of the "Amarr" as our personal responsibility. There are too many things out of our control that decide which faction will be winning at any given time. If you think I take the fact that amarr are down systems right now as some sort of personal failing you are really out of touch.

      It is a game we play when we have free time. That’s why you guys look retarded when you keep criticizing us for not taking more of our real life to grind plexes in a computer game.

      I'm sure ccp wants you to continue on this track of getting everyone to take eve more seriously and “adapt” to changes that force us to spend more time in game doing politics, recruiting, moving shit around to different stations that are new frontlines, waiting for more organized fleets, instead of just jumping in a ship solo or with 2 or 3 others and getting pew for an hour or so before docking and going to bed.

      They are a company and make money the more we give up our real lives for this game. That’s in part why they are so interested in us building our social lives in this game. We become more and more dependent on this game. It makes allot of sense.

      But many of us have decided to draw lines on how much time we will spend on this game. We are not going to start spending more time in a computer game just because some idiot says we are crybabies and need to htfu and adapt. Our priorities are set based on real life goals and time budgets.

      The station lock out change sucks for us. I spent time moving my stuff all over the warzone and fit ships in tons of places, now I can't even get in them. I'm sick of virtual space faggots telling me I should just take hours to haul all this virtual shit. I have spent hours and hours hauling it already. I don't have a carrier alt. And as far as black frog, prices changed so much lately, it would take me hours to figure out how much it is worth so I can even put a value on the courier contract.

      I had two characters with the stuff each needed to fly ship in their own hangars in 4 different locations. Now I had to combine all that shit together to have an alt start hauling it around. I dread having to spend the time to start sorting it out again. All this stuff sucks and I am going to keep telling you and ccp it sucks. If you don’t like me doing that then you adapt. Start communicating to ccp that not everyone wants to trade their real life for null sec lite. Once I see that you are doing that then you won’t need to hear any more crying from us amarr who have bedtimes.


    4. But in the end we still play how we want to play. CCP tried to turn FW into empire building. We chose not to play by their rules. There are no tears but yours. Hans and Susan can try to say Amarr sucks because we wont play by their rules.

      I've told you both a hundred times I DON'T CARE ABOUT SYSTEMS!!!! My god get over it. We pushed for the changes we wanted. Our CSM member calls it crying? Who the fuck are you Hans? And Susan, you are nothing. You are not an FC, you don't run a corp or alliance. You have your status as a troll and that's it.

      I come here to read and get the lols from your blog. I love it when you name drop me or my corp. It just shows that we are under your skin. Take Nitro DSP. He is so full of tears and anger he told Shalee to enjoy her Cervical Cancer and called her a slut.

      That's your militia Hans and Susan. That's your glorious FC. You keep what you have and I'll keep my friends. Keep on blogging Susan, I need my lols and love licking up yours tears.


    5. Almity.
      Susan is one of our best pvpers she racked up 300+ kills last month.
      Here at KaPowPow we are all equal with the exception of gald who has the pvp ability of ten Tigerz.
      Susan is very respected over here and ppl listen when she's speaking (mostly).
      You could say she's our Vampire Queen.
      Nitro might be a AA FC but his not miltia FC that iv seen.

      Silence iKillyouu ( Taker of huola, Evicter of iLaw, Killer of iLaw cap fleets )

      And Eran u talk about not taking the game serious. Yet u biomass Raged once hahahah u fkn shit mate!!♥

    6. So. Just want to add that I also (like Eran Mintor) log off at night and go to work in the morning, for long hours too since I'm in the military. I did not state that in MY post because the majority of humans also have to go to work at some point. Since this is a blog and discussion about EVE and not WORK it is really quite useless and, as Susan has been saying, CHILDISH to make personal attacks like that on someone's blog.

      Just saying, that's the kind of behavior that makes me quickly add that I don't really fly with amarrians because of :all things stated here: when I tell my ingame friends I'm amarr militia.

      Keep up the good work Susan I am a non prejudiced tears aficionado as well.

    7. Over 520 kills last month. Thats not ILaw thats just little old me. Susan and Hans are still just little pawns. They claim we did nothing(but enjoy the game and not play see how for my finger can go up my ass while i spin this button) before inferno launches. They are right. I didnt waste my fleets time trying to capture plexes.

      The best part of all of this was just the other night. We are out roaming in cruisers. The minnies have twice our numbers with BCs. We go into a medium plex and instead of putting their still greater numbers into that plex they turn around and go home. You cowards!

      Night after night its the same story. We see nothing till we kill a few in huola Kourm area them omfg BC and BS to kill our cruisers as we move on laughing. Late Nite is a joke and Susan and Hans are the punch line.

    8. i also had 300+ kills last month. that doesn't mean anything.:D only that i was active and fought the big battles in the plexes in kourm/kam before the patch. i'm still a noob.:)



  23. baba booey! baba booey! howard stern's penis!

  24. These new mechanics are a vile thing CCP has done to FW. Its long term cancer that they implemented. They have given FW cancer. Its only a matter of time now.

    Unfortunatly I have been right about things like this so many times over the years I cant even joke about it.

    Susan you and Hans are very wrong about all of this and it wont hit you till much later. Those supporting this are basically supporting assisted suicide of FW.

    Its already showing the signs of being Null light.


    1. No it isn't.
      No you havn't.
      No they aren't.

      You're obsessed with suicide.

    2. We shall see, rouege. We shall see.

  25. Rouge ur loosing it mate.
    The sky isn't falling your just high!!
    Take of that tinfoil hat and come back to normalsville

    Silence ikillyouu

    1. Is it becoming like nulls sec?

      1) Already we see people (pretty much in this blog no less) saying that the way to win will be to fit new players in cheap ships and have them blob for the win.

      2) The old corps with experienced pvpers will become obsolete replaced by the above.

      3) the generally spread out small gang fighting that used to be faction war is replaced with huge fights in a very small number of systems. If you can't get a large fleet, you will be forced out. We are told we should then just start plexing other systems to force the fighting over there. How long does this grind take? And what happens when the blob comes? Well see 1 above. In the meantime while you are grinding plexes you are not really doing anything more than a 4 day old newb can do - your pvp experience doesn't come into play at all.

      4) Thanks to 1-3 there is a new emphasis on recruiting more new people. If I wanted an office job in the military I would have joined null sec.

      5) How is fweddit paying for all these ships that the minmatar are so happy to blow up? I hear from Test. I am not sure if that is true but its a good question. If they are being funded by test/tech moons then its pretty clear they are basically just a null sec arm coming in.

      6) Ah but someone says there are no stucture bashes. Well think again. Thanks to the no docking rule we are told we should all just put up poses and fund/fuel them with our hard earned isk so we can dock instead of buying new ships to fight with. And when they get attacked everyone will surely feel some obligation to defend them when they come out of reinforced.

      I don't see how any reasonable person can look at this and not see faction war a stepping stone to null sec.

      Will this kill faction war? Of course not! Null sec type warfare is the only thing ccp supported for years so there are plenty of people will like this variation on the theme.

      Will it add to the sandbox and finally people who like to pvp in eve a more casual way to play? No it actually makes it smaller. We shall see if eves numbers of subscribers increases substantially from this expansion.

      If they really worked at it becoming a small scale pvp mecha I think we could see huge gains in the player base. But ccp is instead trying to grasp at people who can't live without eve and keep them coming back instead of trying to attract anyone who looks at computer gaming in any sort of healthy way.

    2. so far, it hasn't been like that. small gangs and solo pilots get kills and have fun. no pos bashes. certainly not obligitory pos bashes. and noobs are working at getting better as pilots. they currently lose more often than win in their numbers based low skill blob. I see a faulty premise but only time will tell.

    3. Hasn't been like that huh?

      1)Are we not seeing fweddit fit newbs into cheap ships to blob ftw?
      2) Are we not seeing the above style of play becoming the way to victory? It worked in raa where has it failed?
      3)Are we not seeing the fighting limited to just a few systems? How many fights are going on past hof these days?
      4) Your not seeing more emphasis and on recruiting new players to spin buttons? I guess we will have to just agree to disagree.
      5)Funding - appearantly they got 10 billion isk from dreddit. That is not too much I agree. But we don't know how many are just alt accounts that are using the money they get from their null sec endeavors to fund this. They aren't using their faction war lp -like people who don't have alts in null will have to do.

      6)Right no structure bashes yet. Will have to wait for this.

      We had small gangs and solo pilots getting kills and having fun before these changes. Yes the influx of new players have brought many active pilots. Which means on the whole there are more kills. But that doesn't mean the actual mechanics improved. It just means more people in eve are doing fotm.

      Fweddit just won raa. I am not sure what they lost for you to say they lose more than they win.

  26. i feel like i just read a fox news blog

  27. I don't get it, moving out of systems that can be transitioned seems like a good idea... I mean, a good General wouldn't put their HQ, reserves, and manufacturing on the front line would they?

    So how is that not adapting again?

  28. Wait hold up.. I-law is a corp.. Late night in an Alliance..

    fight head to head?

    Why the fuck would they!?


  29. Dammit my fellow Amarr, why the hell do you still pay attention to this blog?

    Last night I was with Fweddit's frigate fleet taking the Raa IHUB down. The Minmatar arrived in battleships, got distracted and we finished the job just before they came back.

    That is the way to beat the Minmatar, fighting them with ships and guns and not with words. From this point on, consider them animals that do not understand whatever insults you hurl at them. They only understand a bullet in the head. PUT ONE THERE.

    1. i like this attitude

    2. Ahhhh I see what you're saying. FW isn't for everyone, its only for the people you want to fight against. Null sec people don't belong. Screw the sandbox, FW should only be fought by bittervets who have to make agreements with each other to only bring equal numbers or they refuse to fight.

      Look, FW has always had a low barrier to entry, always will. If you don't like someone enlisting in FW, kill them. Simple as that. Fight the god damn war.

      Or perhaps we should just roll back everything to the last couple years of people docked up whining that there's no one to shoot? That would be such a huge improvement.

  30. I don't care who is winning the blob warfare game. I am not interested in it regardless of who is winning it.

    "Keep in ind these are TEST/GOON alts so they are not used to being told what to do or how to do it. Regardless of them being new on the scene."

    And then the first comment:
    "Unfortunately, the ongoing chatter between several of there members has made future war a practically unavoidable scenario. Let them say we are terrible when the day comes that they cannot undock, run plexes, pvp or do anything."

    I agree with the many posting here. FWeddit - ie goon and test alts new players in blobs are the future of faction war. They conquered null sec this way and with the station lockouts they will be able to do the same here in faction war.

    1. meant to put this below this comment ^^

      Ahhhh I see what you're saying. FW isn't for everyone, its only for the people you want to fight against. Null sec people don't belong. Screw the sandbox, FW should only be fought by bittervets who have to make agreements with each other to only bring equal numbers or they refuse to fight.

      Look, FW has always had a low barrier to entry, always will. If you don't like someone enlisting in FW, kill them. Simple as that. Fight the god damn war.

      Or perhaps we should just roll back everything to the last couple years of people docked up whining that there's no one to shoot? That would be such a huge improvement.