Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome to the Warzone

It started as a little bit of innocent defensive plexing.

It always seems to 'start' that way and before you know it your local is filling with reds and you're scrambling to run a short scan to see if they are nearby your plex's entrance--trying to count down the timer as long as possible before you're forced out.

In this case, local was empty of hostile militia, though there were a few neutrals around. We've been mostly ignoring neutrals lately, unless they get in the way. And then, they die.

Landing on the medium plex's gate, I instantly noticed the flashy Loki. My first thought was that someone had accidentally warped their bonus alt to the gate--a derp that wasn't far fetched for this militia. But, then he aggressed, warp scrambling me and webbing me.

I stared at him sternly for a few minutes. He was probably new in town and didn't know the ropes around the warzone. He would learn.

"Guys, I have a Loki aggressed and pointed on this plex gate in Lamaa."

I knew instantly that a good 15-20 guys were scrambling from 1-2 jumps away to get to my location. A Loki kill? All of a sudden people were a little less AFK. A little less playing Diablo.

Works every time.

As I pointed the Loki, a Legion and a Manticore also arrived, quickly taking me into armor. This was gonna hurt. As they started ripping through me, and I saw my gang members were only just entering system, I knew that I'd have to make a choice. Keep point and die for sure, or burn away and risk losing the kills altogether.

Lets see. A Stabber Fleet Issue--a dime a dozen ship in Minmatar militia that I could easily replace with the click of a button and a 15 minute trip around a button, or a Loki didn't even take a half a second for me to decide on that one.

I dropped drones, and slapped on all I had, clicking through all the racks to overheat everything. I started to enter structure as secondary points were just being called.

As the quickly growing mob of purples surrounded the hostiles, throwing points on the Loki, Legion, Manticore, and now a Proteus that had also showed up, I ran one jump away to grab another ship, returning to help kill the last --the Proteus.

They dropped over half a billion ISK in loot and represented around 4 billion isk destroyed in less than 10 minutes. A warm welcome to the Amarr/Minmatar warzone.

Later the same evening we also took down an Amarr militia tech 3, which dropped an invulnerability shield worth nearly half a billion ISK. Even with 15+ people on the killmail, everyone got over 8,000 LP a piece for the kill --more than a third of the LP needed for one faction cruiser.


  1. Hows your sfi and pod? Forgot to blog about that Susan;-)

    1. SFi and pod for 4bil in Tech 3's i'd take that any day, hero tackle right there

  2. I'm a sad panda. Suffering from severe pod withdrawal syndrome.

  3. 4 billion isk destroyed and not a single kill mail linked. Tsk, tsk. :p