Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Track Record

A little while back we had a little run in with EM. (Electus Matari) You can read about it here.

Needless to say we ran into them again last night while out roaming. Unfortunately (for them) many Minmatar corps are blue with them, so it posed a little problem, since I am not. They warped two frigates into our gang and immediate started shooting me. So, I started shooting back.

I was then informed in fleet that they were 'blue,' and that fleet shouldn't shoot them. Only one in my fleet GCCed to help me kill them. I was in an SFI so they weren't really a threat. If they were in larger ships and I had died while my fleet stood by and watched, heads would have been rolling.

Needless to say, the guy that helped me got into a little of trouble. His corp's diplomat was contacted, and the following, hilarious conversation ensued: (Please note that Tyrolen has -10.0 sec status.) I underlined my favorite parts.

Tyrolen > o/
Mikkel Lybecker > Hello Tyrolen.
Mikkel Lybecker > Got a few minutes for a quick chat?
Tyrolen > Hey there.
Tyrolen > Sure.
Tyrolen > What can I do for you?
Mikkel Lybecker > Great. Your corporation just helped destroy an EM ship. I assume you've heard about this by now.
Tyrolen > Sure did. I was there. Now, lets clarify things a little. You shot at a flashy that was in our fleet. We asked in local (repeatedly) for you to stop.
Tyrolen > Susan mostly killed the EM ship by herself, and fate took a tiny potshot, so if you want to blame our corp for anything, thats not particularly fair.
Mikkel Lybecker > He's an outlaw, and Ka Pow Pow are red to us. We've tried to oganise them blue standing and they repeatedly refuse.
Tyrolen > And we're blue, were in local, and repeatedly asking you to cease fire.
Tyrolen > This would have all been avoided if you bothered to check local and listen to your "blues"
Tyrolen > We get that you don't like KPP. Thats fair.
Mikkel Lybecker > Quote from a Ka Pow Pow mail to us:
Tyrolen > Looking at the KM, fate did 272 damage to the EM ship. That sounds more like a "BACK OFF AND LISTEN TO LOCAL" than hostilities. We're trying to look out for our fleet.
Mikkel Lybecker > "I would just like to inform you that your blue standing terms are unacceptable. We shoot anything that is there that we feel like shooting, because we aren't carebear scrubs. So, obviously your anti piracy condition can ---- itself with a rusty..." etc
Mikkel Lybecker > So if you're flying with Ka Pow Pow, I see that as supporting pirates.
Tyrolen > We're looking for WTs.
Tyrolen > It was EM that aggressed, just to remind you.
Tyrolen > And susan defended herself.
Mikkel Lybecker > Of course we did, he's an outlaw. And let's face it, an outlaw is going to be engaged by anti-pirates.
Mikkel Lybecker > So - do you side with the pirates, or the anit-pirates?
Tyrolen > As we've explained repeatedly to your diplomats, we won't shoot you if you don't shoot us. You shot at a red, you died, and we tried to save your ship by getting you to stop.
Mikkel Lybecker > If you're going to fly with a known pirate in your fleet.... your'e going to attract attention from anti-pirate fleets. If you then come to your pirate friend's aid when he gets shot.... that pretty much makes you a pirate supporter.
Mikkel Lybecker > We didn't shoot at you, we only wanted the pirate. It was your decision to fleet with her and support her.
Tyrolen > You call a single volley at your ship "aide"?
Mikkel Lybecker > The "we will shoot you" threat we were also given was pretty unambiguous.
Tyrolen > Because we were trying to avoid your idiot losing his ship.
Mikkel Lybecker > [ 2011.11.02 00:51:16 ] TitusBrutusVictor > you will be killed
Mikkel Lybecker > And shooting him obviously was a way to prevent that?
Tyrolen > Susan would have backed off if your pirate listen. Again, huner WTs.
Tyrolen > We're fliring with a WT gang right this second.
Tyrolen > *flirting
Tyrolen > *if your pilot listened
Mikkel Lybecker > Susan has a track record of shooting whoever she feels like shooting. I don't believe that.
Tyrolen > *again, hunting WTs. Sorry, trying to tackle stuff.
Tyrolen > Well, its up to you. If you want to remain blue to us, thats your choice.
Tyrolen > I'm the diplomat for valkyr industries, and told you the honest truth. If thats not acceptable, I can't help you. I'm fine with staying blue, as thats convenient for both of us.
Tyrolen > That said, I'm -10, and so is my CEO, which EM diplomats has already said "is not a problem."
Tyrolen > If you want to renig on that, fine. Just please let me know, so I can keep or set my standings accordingly.
Mikkel Lybecker > If I were a complete cynic I'd say that you're fleeting with KPP and using Ka Pow Pow's status as troublemakers and pirates as a way to knowingly draw engagements from aniti-pirates while keeping your noses clean.
Mikkel Lybecker > Luckily I'm not that cynical.
Tyrolen > If we were using susan to bait you, WAY more of us would have whored on your buddy's kill.
Tyrolen > Thats pretty easy to realize. Hell, I would have. But that wasn't the case.
Mikkel Lybecker > But I do think that your continued blue status hinges very much on your relationship with Ka Pow Pow.
Tyrolen > You know what KPP does that you don't?
Tyrolen > Help me shoot Amarr war targets.
Mikkel Lybecker > So what you're saying to me is that you're quite willing to turn a blind eye to some allies getting shot as long as Ka Pow Pow are also shooting your enemies?
Mikkel Lybecker > That's a convenient ideology you have there. Anyway I'll get back to you. If standings change, I'll send you an email.
Tyrolen > One sec, fighting.
Mikkel Lybecker > It's okay, you've explained your position clearly enough. I'll let you get back to it.
Tyrolen > No, i'm saying KPP is a minmatar militia corp that fights Amarr with me.
Tyrolen > You're a bunch of RP dudes that don't help me fight war targets.
Mikkel Lybecker > ...and whoever else they feel like fighting, seemingly depending on what side of bed they wake up on.
Tyrolen > So? They do what they like.
Tyrolen > Valkyr didn't wrong you in the case.
Mikkel Lybecker > Okay, so you're happy to support any corp who "do what they like" as long as they help you kill war targets occasionally?
Tyrolen > Buddy, I do what I like. -10 gives that away. Again, YOUR diplos have told me thats cool
Tyrolen > But I don't shoot blues.
Mikkel Lybecker > Okay. I'll get back to you.
Mikkel Lybecker > Thanks for talking to me, I appreciate it.
Mikkel Lybecker > Whatever the outcome of this is, you'll be informed. Bye for now.
Tyrolen > Lol
Mikkel Lybecker > What's funny?
Tyrolen > Sounds fun and not at all ominous. :)
Tyrolen > o7
Mikkel Lybecker > I'm all about sinshine and clear skies, that's me.
Mikkel Lybecker > Anyway, I'll be in touch.
Mikkel Lybecker > Bye now.
Tyrolen > And getting upset at ebil piwates. We're people too.
Tyrolen > o7
Mikkel Lybecker > Yeah, people who kill people.
Mikkel Lybecker > Bye.


  1. EM, quality hilarity EVERY TIME!

    Way to "defend yourself"!

  2. Tyrolen > You're a bunch of RP dudes that don't help me fight war targets.


  3. Detecting 'mad' on d-scan...RP-ers are such a PIA sometimes.

    Btw, do you side with Gallente militia members?

  4. Thats awesome. I hope everyone shits in EM's cereal bowl. Eventually, they wont have any worthwhile blues to have =P

  5. LOL, I noticed that EM kill on the KB last night and was hoping something like this would get recorded. EM needs to change its ROE in the war zone or all militia will start shooting them.

  6. Tyrolen for president

    Also I love that the EM dude quoted my mail to them :)


  7. My first question would be: who elected you, and for what? ;-) lol

  8. I had a friendly mail exchange with the head EM diplo, but nothing was resolved: