Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Week of Love in the Minmatar/Amarr War

The weekend is almost upon us, and only time will tell if activities on the warzone will be as active and aggressive as they have been this past week.

I logged on last night merely 30 minutes late to this fight, where Minmatar took out two Amarr carriers, and only lost a couple of frigates themselves. I was informed that two Archons were also present on the Minmatar side, though they do not show on the battlereport.

Early today, a mixed fleet of COVEN and Amarr were dealt with harshly by a Minmatar fleet. Only hours following that fight Shadow Cartel came into the area to wipe the floor with the Amarr. I was told that the Amarr batphoned Rage alliance during the fight. They were close by in hof, but never ended up making it in time to help the Amarr.

For this week alone so far (at the time of my writing this), the Amarr sit below 50% efficiency with 268 total kills, and 242 losses.


  1. We didn't batphone RAGE, we were chasing them and trying to kill them. Got one of their logis but the rest docked up. The Minmatar fleet had docked up too, which was why we went after Shadow Cartel. Went really badly, as you can tell from the killboard - we didn't have enough DPS to break their reps or enough neuts to deal with their bhaals/carriers.

    Shouldn't really have taken the fight, but for the last few weeks the pirate and Minmatar fleets have been so reluctant to engage us that when we finally DO get a fleet willing to fight it's really tempting to go for it even when we're obviously outgunned, like last night. Oh well, it's only isk.

    You guys in the Minnie militia seem to have a really inflated idea of our ability to "batphone", by the way. Some Minmatar guy in Kourm local was convinced we were going to batphone PL, you were told we were batphoning RAGE . . .

  2. I think the real issue with not getting fights with the mini's is that when we are roaming in a small gang the amarr always ship up. We flew around in a 20 man cruiser/BC gang not so long ago and the Amarr brought out a 30 man BS fleet with 7 guardians. Who really wants to fight that?

    If its not shipping up then "Its a (titan) tarp!" where a cyno is popped and a large fleet lands on us. Again where is the fun or fight in that?

    I was in both the Wednesday and Thursday fleet, and yes can confirm there were friendly carriers on the battle field.

    As for last nights fight... We faces a COVEN sniper fleet 70km off gate and the amarr jumped systems straght into us. We snagged what we could as they made range and managed to de-agress and get out with little losses. after that with over 100 peeps floating round Mini and Amarr space we stood down