Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to get Kicked from Minmatar Militia, What not to do with a Slave Clone, and a Little Bit of Irony to Top off the Evening.

Okay, to fully appreciate this story you have to know a few things.

First, we don’t blue anyone, unless they are our own alts. NO ONE. This has led to some complications as of late in regards to an alliance named err…well, we just call them ‘EM.’ Needless to say they are rpers, and blue with a bunch of Minnie corps. They have sought blue standings with us (to which we replied ‘hell, no.’) and that was that. (Well, there was some deaths, some very hilarious role-playing hate mail from them, and yadda yadda yadda---you know how it goes. ;)

Recently, we helped them kill some Amarr, but they turned on a few members of our fleet…killing myself.

The second thing you should know is I really hate PVEing. I hate scanning. I hate warping to everywhere…and I hate killing stuff that doesn’t give me a killmail.

Now you have the proper context for the story.

I was in an okay mood yesterday. I had just installed some low-grade slaves. Who isn’t in a good mood after getting free slave implants? (Yeah, Gald gave them to me. Some ppl have nice corpmates that give them a cruiser or a free damage control……naaaw. I get slaves. <3 Gald.)

Even when I logged in and got the annoying notification that our standings with Minmatar had dropped below 0.5 and that we were getting kicked from the militia, I was still in an okay mood.

We knew the standings were borderline for a while. It could have been those Minmatar we killed Friday night (oops!) or it could have been a new corp member’s bad standings catching up with us…I don’t know. Needless to say…it was off to Gallente militia with us if we didn’t do something about it.

Gald logged in shortly after I did and (way too cheerfully) suggested we go plex. Ugh. Oh, alright.
I bummed a Rupture off him (geez, not until writing this did I realize how  I use Gald like a free vending machine…lol) He jumped in his cynabal, and we were off. (Yeah, I still had my slave clone. Yeah, he tried to convince me to get a fleet stabber.)

We plexed for several hours. (kill me now.) Okay, so it wasn’t so bad. We found another militia dude and ended up doing 3 of them at a time.

However, along the way we came across an Orca on a gate. An ORCA on a GATE. It’s like a pirates heaven. We aggressed, but couldn’t tank the gate guns in our cruisers, and had to let him go. Pirates worst nightmare! arg

We ended up taking a break. I got back before him and wandered next door to find more plexes. I found a ton, but was running low on ammo so decided to run a couple jumps away where there was some on the market.

There was no warning. The prior system was completely empty, so they didn’t even have a scout. I jumped into a huge Amarrian blob and was nearly instapopped as soon as I decloaked. There was no running back to gate, or burning off. I was ded ded ded.

It was horribly inconvenient. I had to go all the way back to our base to get another rupture. At this point I thought…geez..I should really get out of my slave clone. Yeah, totally forgot by the time I refit a rupture and was on my way back.

Oh shiny! Total distraction on the way back when an assault frigate aggressed me. Gald was nearby in case he had friends so I pointed him and started to blow him up. Well, he had quite a few friends…to say the least. Gald managed to get out (he had shown up when he heard there was stuff to kill) but unfortunately, I lost rupture #2. And then…yeah….you guessed it. They podded me. Not sure how that happened…I was spamming the warp button. But one of the buggers got a point on me and me (and my slaves) were pod goo.

Needless to say I was pretty cranky at this point. Gald kept trying to convince me to get a fleet stabber…but I had just lost two ruppys to plexing and wasn’t going to lose a fleet stabber too. Might as well continue with something cheap.

I ended up getting ANOTHER rupture and we continued to plex until we had both ‘leveled’ up again.
And then, I went to bed. Very cranky.

Sunday was a little better. I lost a cane, but we managed to take out a cynabal before I went down. Good trade! (Plus, they outnumbered our two ships just a bit....)

Also…gald got an epic mail from that EM alliance stating he had won some role playing thing from them for all the plexing we did the night before. They gave him 15 million isk and a cyclone. Hurray! He’ll probably use it to kill them again.

Anyway...back to moving ships with my alt. (sooo boring.) Though, I did find a falcon with large rigs on it. I'm  sure I will find a LOL use for it someday.

*Edit: I forgot to mention that also on Sunday, Gald probed out a drake that happened to be in a 6/10. We tried to catch him, but he put the vagabond in pretty dangerous armor levels before our secondary points could land. He warped out as we landed, and gave us a little "Fail" in local. (lol)

Unfortunately for him, we saw where he warped...and it just so happened that our vaga pilot had warped there when he had run away. We were also semi aligned there and were quickly in pursuit.

The vaga pointed him long enough for us to get there and pop him.

We were sure to give our own 'Fail' in local.

And then we ran his 6/10 and made 300-400 million isk....