Thursday, June 30, 2011

Falling into Disrepair

So, my Lord of Ultima hasn't been checked or updated in at least two weeks, and I accidentally let my EVE account run out. Granted, I've been told by fellow EVE players that it's probably not the worst captain's quarters are "completely worthless and most people have disabled them." 

However, I have heard that due to the ability to make comparable amounts of ISK in empire compared to null sec, that the common empire hubs have been full with an influx of returning null sec goers looking to get in on the fun. As a result, faction warfare has taken off --and as I was a pilot for the Amarr for over a year, this somewhat perks my interest and I might might resub in the near future to see if the rumors are true. (And, of course, to look up some old faction war friends and see what their take is on this entire ordeal.)

Due to being somewhat uncaring of my LOU and EVE accounts, I have been keeping up with LOTRO, though have found increasingly better ways to make gold and have become relatively quite prosperous. This is slowly leading to my boredom of the game. I tend to be a bit of a trader and marketeer in most games I try, so whenever I 'figure' the system out...I get bored very quickly thereafter. Eve, on the other hand, has such a complicated market system with such a changing and fluctuant economy, that I never got bored with it...though after playing for four+ years, it would be nice to see some new content that is relevant and brings back my more enthusiastic attitude of the game. 

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