Saturday, February 14, 2015

They Said What?

It was negative degrees outside this morning so I curled up  to skim through some of the CSM candidacy posts out on the forums.

These are things that caught my eye --either because they made me laugh, sounded intriguing, or sounded plain awful. (I'll let you decide which was which.)

"If you’re logged in and undocked, I think you should also be active behind the keyboard. Players should press a notification button every 30 minutes if they are still on the same grid in space."
-Tora Bushido

"If you allow one pilot, or one pilot with multiple friends waiting to join via cyno, to shut down everything you are doing then you deserve to lose your system(s)."

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it press F1. We can get millions of people to try EVE, but the reality is that EVE’s new player experience sucks."
--Chance Ravinne

"I see nullsec's problems as being its general emptiness, and this is driven in part by the massive amount of rentinggoing on, where whole regions are leased out to risk-averse bears by colaitions of greedy spitballs."
--Trinkets friend

  " #1 ''Hardcore Player Mode''
CCP Rise talked about this a few weeks back and it got me interested. I did some thinking, and I liked the idea to have a ''special alt'' who is badass at doing pvp related stuff. "


" I’d love for there to be more dynamic and active ways to mine for those who wish to do industry in more dangerous areas of space."
--Sugar Kyle

 "I am one of the alts of a player that has been in the game for more than 5 years"
--Borat Guereen

"After hearing the CSM called a “PR tool” by one of CCP’s public relations people, I know where the CSM stands. After many of the disparaging comments made to me directly, I know where I stand. The new release cycle makes it harder than ever for the CSM to have input and be heard."
--Sion Kumitomo

 "Failure is an important aspect of the game, and shouldn’t be prevented. However success and failure should come from informed decisions and counter-play, as opposed to encyclopedic knowledge of confusing mechanics. If I am playing chess with someone, I will make sure they understand the rules fully before I crush them.;) "

"I have been exclusive Amarr Militia. I am immensely happy in low sec and in FW, I will never go back to Null. I am pleased with the recent changes done to FW, thank you CCP."

"Eve for me is more than a game. First and foremost i log on to eve to socialise with my friends, and as i am sure you can all relate to, i end up spinning a ship whilst i am doing work for work or marking or otherwise being busy with other non-eve-related things."

 "Despite all of the rumors of my alliance being a front for Goonswarm to project influence into highsec, I'm neutral with respect to nullsec wars, and will happily build guns and sell them to both sides."
--Sabriz Adoudel

 "Statistically 4-7% of the EvE Population is Female.
90%~ of my voting base is Female.

 "An idea that I have had for a bit is the idea that when you deplete an asteroid is that the fragments that are left over scatter around the belt and you can maybe find a extra ore pop up. "
--Erika Mizune

"I have never left High Sec space."
--Lorelei Ierendi 

 "I've done a little faciton warfare, and did bad. (It was bad.) ((We were bad.)) (((I am so, SO sorry about that.)))"

 "When I grow up I want to become a great pvper. I do enjoy ship explosions, but I tend to die a lot."
--Migui X'hyrrn

 "I'm pretty terrible. I DON'T know who the major players in the game are. I DON'T know the history. I DON'T know the lore. I DON'T even know what a jita is. (some sort of minmatar probing frigate, right?) I DON'T know the best way to nerf an Ishtar.

I DO know newbies.
--Cagali Cagali

 "Why would I vote for you? Well probably you wont ^_^ But wouldn't it be awesome that someone with a fresh look on the game be allowed to share and shape this experience."
 --Doudou Lachatte

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