Thursday, February 12, 2015

Going for Broke

It's weird coming back to EVE after not playing a while. Everything feels rusty and dusty and your corpmates talk about goings-ons that you don't know anything about.

I'm not really going to get into much about why I haven't been playing a lot. It doesn't really matter and I don't want to bore you. And, I think it's kind of funny when people treat their comings and goings in EVE as some sort of important timeline.

I think that if I ever were to truly quit the game entirely it would be like anything else I stop doing, where one day I look up and realize I haven't logged on in years. There won't be some sort of hard decision, or a farewell post.

Speaking of quitting, I decided it was sad that people wait until they're leaving to give their corpies cool stuff. So, I gave one of my corpies a faction fit moros.

I wish I could say that I'm a generous sort of person, but up until lately I really haven't been all that much. I admit that hearing him confess he occasionally chugs it around the station just because he loves to fly it was worth every billion missing from my wallet. I hope he gets it exploded doing something exciting like shooting at a titan or something.

To be honest, I've started focusing more on fun stuff in EVE, and less 'work'. I still market trade, but I don't do anything elaborate. I have no intentions of running any more low-sec markets. Thankfully, I live in Sujarento, where Sugar Kyle has gloriously setup a full-fledged low-sec store. I think I will trade a few items in-system for kicks, but will probably focus on a low number of niche things--slow moving things that people don't often need, but where it's a pain in the neck to have to go to Jita to get when you really want one. I'll leave all the crazy stuff that must be constantly monitored and fed, to our alliance low-sec market professional. :D

Speaking of fun stuff, while I haven't been playing a whole lot the last few months I have been logging-in now and again, and sometimes 'lurking.' I joined one fleet not long ago, where we ended up using Thera to get to some other regions in low-sec. It was the first time I had ever seen Thera. It was very gray and mysterious, and I think it would be fun to live there. It was like creeping through dark haunted woods, where you're unsure what's watching you or lying in wait to pounce on you--but where it's kind of peaceful and pretty at the same time.

I finally finished Jump Drive Calibration V, and bought myself another Archon. I had an Archon once before, but I traded it to my CEO who ended up getting it blown up in glorious battle. I have named this one "Not for Baha' because needlessly to say, I will not let him borrow it any time soon.

(Actually, that's probably a lie. If he really needed it I'd probably hand it over in a heartbeat....I'm kind of a push over.)

Anyway, I will probably be broke and crazy in a few months time, at the rate I've been buying shiny toys and spending ISK. But, I guess being broke won't be so bad, so long as I had lots of fun getting that way. :D


  1. Welcome back Susan! We've missed you...

  2. oddly I am just finishing up jump drive Opp 5 on my way to a blackops battleship... maybe eventually ill get the nerve to run around low and null again, but for now just being able to fly a blops should be fun enough to keep me hooked.

    Welcome back. I hope the road from $$$ to space poor is fun enough to make you come back for more.


  3. Not worrying about making ISK (at least for a while) can be quite liberating.

  4. I'm Polska Kielbasa and I approve this message...............

  5. Liar! I know Polska Kielbasa and you sir are no Polska Kielbasa.

    Susan, I'm so glad to hear you're back and more glad to know you won't be competing in my upcoming market domination. I would appreciate any advice you might have for a budding racketeer.


    Jerel "The Rogue" Andomer
    Winston Enderas