Friday, May 16, 2014

10 Crazy (Stupid) Things They’ll Never Implement in EVE

1. Ship skins that disguise you.

Imagine putting a Rupture skin on a Hurricane to fool people’s sensors into thinking you are a Rupture.

Until you return fire and SURPRISE! Muahahaha

2. A module that lets you ‘break into’ a station you’d normally not be able to dock in.

Hay. You. You’re not supposed to be in here…!

3. A blueprint implant. Blueprints you download into your brain, and only lose if you get podded. 

Because this is the future, and carrying around ‘real’ blueprints is so medieval, amiright?

4. A ‘real’ EMP that turns off any active module on any ship within a certain radius, but doesn’t do any damage or break any locks.

Oopsie. Did I do that?

5. An area-of-effect micro jumpdrive module that works similar to a smartbomb. Once activated, every ship within range get’s ‘bounced’ away from you for some specified distance.

And you were so close to making it back to the gate…

6. A tractor beam that works on NPC and players’ ships.

Come here, you.

7. Unmanned ships you can program to do things for you.

Hey, go fetch me that thingy I left in my hanger two systems over.

8. Amazon’s Kindle –virtual spaceship edition.

So that I don’t have to go all the way to the stupid academy station to physically pick up that stupid skillbook. What is this, the 1900’s??

9. A battlestation. Basically, a station you can fly, and shoot people with. But people can also dock in it…

“Many Bothans died to bring us this information.”

10. Some sort of ability or module that allows you to take over another players' ship in space.

"We are the Borg. Prepare to be assimilated...."


  1. #9. Technically, any ship with a ship maintenance bay almost meets this definition. If you mean"people can get out of their ship inside and be immune to PVP" well, no, not yet.

    One of the proposals that did get consideration, was a mobile POS. It didn't require a moon to be anchored (it also didn't have a force field) but it did allow you to dock inside it, where you could become one of the POS gunners.

  2. #7 I actually think this would be a good thing. Don't some MMO's have sidekicks or something like that you can send to do the most mundane of things. It would still be a ship in space that can be shot and interacted with so I'm having a hard time in seeing the downside.

  3. #7 is already implemented by third parties, it's just get you banned.

    #9 is a deathdstar POS

  4. Technically speaking, a 'real' EMP burst would break target locks, it would also more than disable any ships within the the area of effect and would cause damage because it would overload electronic circuits. =)

    1. Technically speaking, combat ships would have electronics hardened against EMP. Sure, target locks would be broken, but I actually really like this idea.

      A white pulse emanates from near your ship, yet you keep fighting. How long until you realise your tank has been deactivated, your point has dropped, your guns aren't firing? It would be an interesting dynamic, particularly as it would effect both sides. Worth considering, at least.

  5. 9. A battlestation. Well... CCP said when they changed the class name to Super Carrier that they had plans for the original Mothership designation. What those are, who knows. So maybe, one day we'll get a real MoM.

  6. 11. An idea from CCP Greyscale which actually attracts new players to the game, rather than encourages existing players to quit.

  7. The Hacking skill should let you gain access to locked stations, but the station shoots you if you fail and you're flagged.