Thursday, November 1, 2012

Exposed: The Great Amarrian Conspiracy

You ever have that feeling, down in your bones, that something isn't quite right? I've had that feeling for a long time, but until recently I haven't been entirely able to put my finger on it.

So I did what any self respecting internet spaceship journalist would do, and began snooping around. And researching. And cross checking. And cross checking again.

What I found was startling, but as I began to dig deeper, I quickly came under attack from those who were involved. I was accused of being the puppet master of a CSM representative. They even said that many of the mechanic changes seen recently were entirely of my own design.

It was then clear to me that not only had I uncovered one of the largest conspiracies in Faction War history, but I was also witnessing a wide scale cover-up.

Today, the truth will be told.

The Truth

Going back well before Inferno, The Amarr have been involved, in conjunction with their influence over CSM delegate Hans Jagerblitzen, in influencing the game mechanics for personal gain. The tale is one of indisputable favoritism and bias. And while they were careful --always hiding behind a scapegoat by pointing blame at others, their blogs and forums posts are filled with undeniable guilt.

The first step of their plan was to get someone on the 'inside' to push their views. Hans Jagerblitzen, known for being somewhat malleable, and more than a little naive, quickly became their man. We can see that a prominent Amarrian, Shalee Lianne, was the very first person to endorse Hans publicly in this open letter, and I'm sure that even then He was completely under her influence.

Secondly, once Hans was elected and 'in,' they would feed him ideas and blueprints for mechanic changes, and other game-altering changes.

It was a perfect setup, with him in the Minmatar. For, they could create a natural distance to alleviate any suspicion. Not only could they covertly make trillions of ISK on Minmatar alts, (in this post, Pinky Feldman admits to influencing Tier 5 spikes within the Minmatar:

"On a benevolent note, our unannounced Tier 5 push gave general militia the chance to cash out without the market manipulations of Late Night and Iron Oxide.")

but they could gain sympathy from the rest of the community by appearing as a suffering underdog, fighting against all odds.

Furthermore, while harder to prove, I do not think it was a coincidence that it was Goonswarm that was discovered to be manipulating the market under the Minmatar mantel --knowing that the Goons are directly connected with the very top in Amarrian leadership.

But all of this would be wild fantasy and tin foil hattery, if it wasn't for the proof.

The Evidence

First, I will start with something that Hans pushed under Amarrian supervision but did not end up in Inferno: the warzone reset.

Many, many players violently opposed a warzone reset, including a large number of Minmatar.

" Resetting the systems goes against everything that EvE stands for." 
~Minmatar FC Loryanna.
" Honestly, I am disappointed to hear this suggested in any serious way." 
Minmatar leader and FC, Annah Kitheran.

I also, personally spoke out against a warzone reset, and Hans' involvement in it,  both on the forums and in this blog post.

Interestingly, several Amarr were in favor of the idea, including Shalee Lianne who posted on her blog,
" is only fair that occupancy should be reset. I know that some people feel that it is ‘unfair’ and that it undermines their ‘hard work’. "

In spite of the massive amounts of Minmatar dissent with the idea, Hans goes along with the Amarr anyway:
 "... the most fair thing to do would be to reset Sov across the board. I've already been talking to CCP about this particular issue."
In a later post, he even goes as far as referring to the Minmatar's concerns as "hysteria."

While the warzone reset didn't end up going through, it was only the beginning of the Amarr's influence over the CSM.


We see heavy influence from Poetic Stanziel, who up and left his corporation to join the Minmatar. The corporation he left, interestingly, joined the Amarr/Caldari war. Not only did he mosey innocently into the Minmatar militia, but he joined Autocannon's Anonymous --the long time home of Hans Jagerblitzen. Later, when his influence over Hans became too noticeable, he switched sides and joined the Amarrian corporation of Fweddit, to maintain his deniability.

Poetic was the champion of several Faction War mechanics that were recently implemented, including the system by which the LP store pricing system was replaced with a tiered payout system.
"The LP Store pricing should be static... What should scale with warzone control is the amount of LP that is awarded due to plexing."

He later admits that "This is an idea that Hans Jagerblitzen is pushing for. I agree with it. It makes a tonne of sense."

He, and other Amarr, were also big proponents of LP for defensive plexing.
" I am concerned that defensive plexing awards zero loyalty points."
He says this back in June --months before the recent patch that implemented LP for defensive plexing. He even went on to discuss concerns about farming and suggested a system whereby defensive plex LP payouts are scaled based on the contestation of the system.
" The solution to that [farming] is to scale defensive rewards based on the contested state of a system."
This is, almost down to his exact formulas, the system that CCP put into place only a week ago.

Ryvenn Krennel, another well known and long standing Amarrian also pushed LP for defensive plexing, claiming that LP gained in this ways was " Way more fair."

Interestingly, Gritz1, a member of Late Night Alliance expressed concerns. " LP for defending is very easy to abuse."

Xolve, who used to be a director within the Amarr/Caldari, (and is now in Goonswarm) suggested that giving "some incentive for DPLEXing in non-stable systems" would be one way to help fix plexing. He also suggested:

  • "Requiring ALL the rats to be killed."
  • "Stop LP Rewards after a system is vulnerable."
  • "Stop continuing an invisible contestation counter past 105%."

All of these items were implemented by CCP in recent patches. Even his 105% number is nearly spot on to the number CCP chose to decrease the I-HUB contestation buffer.

Shalee Lianne mentioned several things she dreamed about having within FW mechanics including:

  • "Make timers roll back in plexes."
  • "Make the plexes come in more options than small, medium, and large."
  • "Make plex timers visible system wide. "

Low and behold, what has CCP hinted at in their recent dev blog about upcoming FW changes in Retribution?!

  • " Have plex capture timers count backwards to the default state when no players are contesting them
  • Have plex capture timers visible to everyone in system so you can easily tell which plexes are close to being captured."

And, plans to revamp the plex sizing system to include a new plex size was discussed here by CCP Ytterbium.

" Hans is taking our concerns to CCP." 
says Shalee in this post. No kidding? It's as if he's verbatim arguing every desire of the Amarr's directly to CCP. Some of the wording between Shalee's post and the dev blog is uncannily similar.

His recent post on the forums is the real cherry on the top, where he admits to copy and pasting Amarrian ideas into CSM internal forums, and pushing Amarrian ideas with regards to the warzone map to CCP.

" Pinky Feldman gave me these maps when we discussed this back in September. Pinky however, was not the first to bring up the map - other Amarrians had also contacted me with information that I've passed on to CCP."

It’s highly likely that when Retribution goes live December 4th, it will have the Amarr’s signatures written all over it. Not only will Faction War be affected, but the very map and gate layouts themselves will have been highly influenced and manipulated by the Amarrian agenda.

In Closing

While the Amarr pretend hopelessness, hiding behind verbiage of unbalanced mechanics, they are laughing at the Minmatar, and at the community at large.

Is it not odd that this ‘underdog’ –this ‘minority’ Faction who has claimed the inability to come back, was able to take over a QUARTER of the entire Amarrian/Minmatar warzone, in less than a TWENTY FOUR HOUR period immediately following the announcement of last week’s patch?

Is it not possible that if they could take over a QUARTER of the warzone within a 24 hour period, that they could take over the warzone whenever they want? Is it not possible that they are manipulating the warzone for their own ends?

Is it not odd that within days of the announcement that the Amarr faction went up an entire warzone control Tier? And, on a whim. Does this sound like a Faction that is struggling beneath the impossible burden of unbalance and Minmatar terrorism?

Is it not even more odd that even in light of these facts, that the Amarr still hint and imply that the patch helped the Minmatar? In this 4 hour ‘discussion’ (which is arguably another ploy to distance the CSM from Amarrian influence) members of Fweddit, right from the start, hint at Hans secretly feeding the Minmatar intel about the surprise patch. They even talk about the patch not being ‘fair’ to them!

If you look at the facts, you see a far, far different story. Why would they try to distract the community from what is going on? Either they are in complete denial, and are completely uninformed and misinformed, or they are manipulating things for their own purposes.

I’ve taken the first step in exposing them. It is now up to the rest of the community to step out of the darkness, and to see the Amarr for what they really are.

Before it’s too late.


  1. Ha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    By and far the most tinfoil-hat thing I've *ever* read about EVE.

  2. You didn't mention that Hans is in process of becoming a CCP employee....

    1. after all everyone knows they only hire goons and clearly he was in bed with them first before the amarr got to him! hehehehe

    2. If they only hire goons, why the fuck can't I get a job there? I actually know what the fuck I'm doing with code, too.

    3. probably because you keep applying as 'anonymous' and that gets your resume thrown away.

  3. Hans and Susan had a major falling out. Late Nite alliance is falling to pieces. The remaining pilots are in talks to become part of a goon pet corporation.

    I just pulled that out of my ass. It is probably more accurate than Susans post.

    1. Late Night is falling apart because they haven't figured out how to leave their home system to find a fight.

      These blog tears are delicious. Don't ever change!

  4. Nice job of researching the facts Susan, I always suspected that Hans, Shalee Lianne, and Poetic Stanziel were in bed together.

  5. everything I ever believe in is a lie. ._.

  6. you one crazy chick.

    no seriously you're bat shit stupid.

  7. This post is just plain bad.

  8. "Some amarrian agreed with this or that idea at some point in time so it couldn't possibly be slanted against the underdog. And Hans once agreed with an amarrian on something at some time so he must have a good understanding of what its like to be the underdog in this new system."

    Susan you could have just typed the above and saved time. That is all your post boils down to.


    1. she should have referenced the 27 posts you made on the forums asking for a timer rollback, npc's that can be fought in a pvp fit ship, and an easier way to find people plexing. all of which are coming december 4, and which you said would be the way to fix fw. no matter what you ask for and receive, its never good enough. your desperation to tar and feather susan and hans has you hell bent on an insane hairsplitting crusade in an attempt to deny the fact that just like every person mentioned in this blog, you got what you asked for and are still frothing about bias and maltreatment.

    2. I have written several hundred posts requesting that players be notified when Plexes are attacked so that occupancy war can be based on pvp instead of pve. Hans claimed to be a pvp guy and said he supported the idea. So I supported him. Then I read the minutes of his meeting with ccp and he never even mentioned the idea. I have never seen anything where Hans specifically recomended this to ccp and there are no plans to have this implemented in december.

      So that was just a line of BS I was fed.

      Hans is constantly talking about npcs. I would prefer that they be removed entirely and players just be notified of the attacks on plexes and fight for them themselves. Yes if he must have npcs then I would prefer they not screw up pvp. But I would prefer ccp just leave the npcs out and give the players the notifications they need to defend plexes.

      From what I understand we are just going to get a timer notification if we are already in local with the plex. That is really weak and there is no way I ever said that would fix faction war. We already can see the beacon on the overview and use our dscan ffs.

      As far as the timer roll back I did agree that is a good idea but not as implemented. Hans claimed he was unaware of the modifications I was suggesting so he really didn't read what I wrote.

      But really none of this matters if the pay scale is completely lopsided. Rollbacks or no rollbacks, npcs or no npcs I am not going to capture plexes if doing so is just going to line my enemies pockets. He abandoned his ideal of not having FW be lopsided and so FW will be broken for a new reason.

      Hans did seem to support the idea that the economic rewards should be balanced in the minutes with ccp. (and I certainly got the sense he wanted economic balance during his campaign) However at some point he changed his mind and said it doesn't matter. I asked him why he changed his stance on the eve-o forums. Maybe he will answer that, but I wouldn't hold my breath.


    3. so that like how ccp pays people to join TEST cause they're weaker than goons? what do you want, WoW where everyone holds hands, sings kumbaya and gets a prize for participation?

      I don't know what game you think this is, but ccp's never had issues with people winning or losing, and the games never unravelled cause someone won and had the most isk. Have you ever heard of BoB?

      empires rise and fall. they never last. everyone else finds their own reasons to do things and their own way to get people to fly with them, why shouldn't you? learn to play and stop expecting to have ccp wipe your ass.

      maybe if you weren't such an asshole people would want to join your corp and fly with you and help you win the war, instead you beg for CCP to pay people to do it instead and you call it "need for economic balance" or a "broken system", what a joke.

    4. Cearain also deserves a prize for his hundreds of posts saying the same thing. He's right about one thing - Hans really is an awful CSM. He quickly forgot that he who posts the most is the one who should get his exact game mechanics imposed on CCP - regardless of what other players may think. And if Hans failed to get his mind control ray working and CCP decides to do something different, or gods forbid they run into a technical reason for something not coming out the way Cearain wants it, than it still falls squarely on his shoulders as well and he deserves ridicule and scorn.

      Anything less than 100% success is most certainly a sign of backstabbery.

      Maybe we're going about this all backwards. Perhaps we should start doing this "inception style" and get Hans to crawl in Soundwave's head while he's asleep.

      In the end though, he's just another unrealistic, ungrateful, dick. To put it nicely. I really hope this is all some role play in-character thing because he's horrendously out of touch with the real world.

    5. Here comes the spineless anonymous brigade:

      "so that like how ccp pays people to join TEST cause they're weaker than goons?"

      You may be too stupid to understand the difference between a player corpations/alliances and an npc militias, but hans seemed to understand the difference.(at least when he was campaigning) He ran on the platform that he would help prevent a lopsided situation like we have now with minmatar and amarr. But then when he got in office he changed his mind and decided it doesn't matter if there is any economic balance in the fw system.

      So you may be happy he broke his campaign promises but you have to admit he broke them.

      "Cearain also deserves a prize for his hundreds of posts saying the same thing. He's right about one thing - Hans really is an awful CSM. He quickly forgot that he who posts the most is the one who should get his exact game mechanics imposed on CCP - regardless of what other players may think."

      I don't expect hans to support everything I say. But I do expect that if he tells me he will support something that he will do what he said.

      Somehow this managed not to make the cut for winter. But his alliance mates concern that the minmatar were being punished for winning too much definitely made it. Hell it made it early and the ccp post even had the same sort of rhetoric lifted off this blog. But we are to believe Hans had no control over these changes. Right?


    6. wow man. The economics are way way way more balanced than they were before the surprise patch! The gap between winner and loser got much smaller. ATM minmatar are t3/t4 border and amarr are sitting t2 (and they could reach 3 with system upgrades, I think). Plus, the lp reward difference between teirs is much smaller than the payout differences were! So we got a heck of a lot closer to balance already!

      Hans still talks about wanting the system control map in the FW tab to show where plexes are running, but so far all CCP has decided to do is show timers in system (come December). Well, that's a start! I don't understand why you can say, "Thanks for making FW better! Now there are more changes I want to see, but we are making headway."

      And yes, absolutely Hans has no direct control over the changes! CCP doesn't do whatever one CSM delegate tells them. Never have.

      Do you do anything besides run plexes, Cearain? I've never seen you do anything but circle a button and maybe shoot as a minmatar if they happen to get close to you. I see your solo kills and losses in frigs and dessies. Looks like a plex runner to me. You have been in one fight in two months! there are actual active FW pilots that PVP in one month as much as you have in your entire career (ok so two months)! You are a tiny bit player who focuses on a small nitche of the FW and acts like you are the only one who matters... It is good advice: learn to play more and complain less! You are a barely active pilot!

      Plus, acting like Hans owes you some personal debt for voting for him in CSM is crazy. Do you vote in your own country? Do you get all personally offended when the president/leader does not do whatever you thought he should in any situation?

      The CSM minutes do not encapsulate the entirely of a CSM delegates interactions with CCP. I once asked you if you were a troll or you were serious with what you say. You said you wern't a troll, but man, it is hard to tell if that is true. Maybe you have more in common with Susan than you let on.

    7. Urik

      Not sure what you are on about.

      Yes my main interest is the occupancy war. That is what i am interested in and that is what I post about. Yes I could get allot more kills if I blobbed up and sat at a gate. Do you think whoring killmails is the begin all and end all?

      And yes there are certainly allot of people who spend more time playing eve. But as you can see what time I have spent in eve allot of it has been doing the occupancy war. That is what I post most about. I have spent enough time at it to learn a bit about it. Certainly more than hans or susan or others who have just been doing faction war since inferno.

      I never said hans owed me anything just because I voted for him. I do expect that he will do what he said he would do. That is all. He clearly changed his position on the importance of balance in the economic rewards. I understand people can change their minds. Thats ok. But when it just happens with no explanation it does tend to suggest this person just says whatever he thinks people want to hear at the time.

      I would say we are making headway if i thought we were. But we are going in reverse. Its true the gap between tier 1 and tier 5 is smaller now. However the bigger problem is now there is no economic mechanic which the underdog can use to turn the war around. Hans basically admitted this and said he doesn't care. Thats different than what he said when he ran for csm and indeed different from what he told ccp at the first meeting.

      As far as how often I currently play, what does that have to do with anything? I did a roam the other night. Yep I spent an hour and got a single decent fight. Nothing really changed.


    8. There are pages and pages of him going back and forth with you on the F&I, explaining why the flip was made to the payout system. You're so full of it, its unbelievable. Just like Poetic Stanziel, you keep making shit up and seeing how much of it you can wallpaper the internet with before someone fact checks.

      Maybe you should start by discussing with your Amarrian peers why they all advocated a system that enables them to make a much better income when in the underdog position, and why they thought it would allow them to take the fight to the Minmatar. You were the only one saying that this change was bad for the system. Did you listen to the Faction Warfare roundtable? You will continue to sperge and sperge and sperge until you get your way, ignoring the fact that you are alone on the Amarrian side in condemning the change to the payout system and ignoring the fact that previous inferno rules were crippling your militia by never allowing them to spend the LP they were earning.

      How bout this. Once you explain, with proof, that the only reason people enlist in FW is for making money, than you can go back to raging about perfect economic balance as the only thing that will save FW. Because that is the fallacious assumption that all your rage is built upon. While you're at it, list all of the players that joined the Amarr in order to chase the profit made from bringing Amarr to Tier 5, and give a great example of how that attempt turned out. Where is YOUR historical evidence that people join the underdog for the profit to be made from Tier 1 recovery?

    9. hello anonymous

      In that features and ideas thread he admited it would be economically foolish to join the losing side, but he didn't think it mattered because people would join the losing side for pvp. Riiiight. This was a 180 from what he said when he ran for csm.

      There were several reasons amarr did not hit tier 5. The biggest reason was that inferno had no checks on massive scale farming with 2 week alts. So minmatar could flip systems incredibly fast. That ability to farm plexes is minimized because of the good changes brought out in this patch, and will be further decreased if other changes are implemented to prevent farming.

      If these changes to farming were not enough to get amarr to tier 5 (and therefore economic balance) then there were several other tweaks to help the underdog. These included but weren't limitted to
      1)giving less vp for defensive plexing.
      2)Giving a cooldown period before the enemy could start plexing a recently flipped system.
      3)Making it take more vp to flip a system.

      Instead he actually removed the main balances that helps the underdog. based on his newfound idea that there doesn't need to be any economic balance.

      Oh and I don't need to prove that the only reason people enlist in fw is for the money. That is pretty silly to suggest I should. All the data shows that people tend to choose more money as opposed to less money when they enlist. And indeed that is the case now. Is 10 thousand minmatar versus 6 thousand amarr enough proof? Or do we need to go through all the major pvp alliances that left amarr and how virtually none left minmatar?

      Do you have any other questions?

    10. why the hell should there be economic balance between winning and losing? that is a crazy stupid idea. winning should be worth something. i get closing the economic gap, ok it was too large. fine they narrowed it. but if winning and losing both net you the same economic rewards, why try to win? you ever seen pro boxing? there is a winner's purse. yeah both sides get paid, but the winner gets more. that way he is encouraged to not throw the fight!

      I am pretty sure, Cearain, that if you were actually winning FW, you would not think economic balance was a good idea. Unfortunately, you don't come off as smart enough, or un biased enough, to see objectively and only want what is best for yourself. You would probably support a mechanic change that simply pays all FW pilots a weekly stipend of isk so everyone is even. So lame.

      All the pilots that enlist in minmatar FW to make isk during inferno were not PVP pilots. So yeah, the isk farming was hurting the ability for sides to gain power. But it wasn't affecting either side's ability to fly combat ships and fight! You will say, yes it was! more isk mean more ships to fight in! But man, FW has been around a lot longer than LP in FW has been. Many people were fighting long before there was ANY isk to be made in it. PVP historically COSTS isk; it doesn't make isk. So fund your PvP habbit however you can. That's what people have always done.

      As far as a drastic change goes, perhaps only PvP kills should be woth LP. Plexes should give like 100-500 LP, not thousands. Missions should pay out like normal LV 4s. 3 or 4k for a lv 4, not 25 - 30k. Then running plexes would be useful only to PvP pilots aiming to get bonus LP for their pvp kills and there would not be a reason for other people to make alts to farm fw LP. Actualy combat pilots would want systems for docking rights and want teir control for pvp bonuses. But still, the winning side would make more isk! Cause that's the way it should be.

    11. Inferno rewarded people for fighting and occupying systems. But it also had some balances so it was hard for the winning team to stay on top indefinitely.

      Those balances were:

      1) no lp for defensive plexing
      2) The pay mechanism was such that if someone wanted to do occupancy they would have an economic incentive to join the side that was currently at a low tier. That is because they would then gain lp as they helped their faction work their way up. If they joined the side that just did a tier 5 cashout they would have to wait until the other side captured systems and did some sort of cashout before they would be able make isk. Now its the opposite. The system is set up so that players get an economic incentive to keep piling on the side that is at a higher tier.

      Both these balances are now gone so people will be encouraged to pile on the winning side.

      The biggest problem with inferno was that you could farm plexes in a gunless frigate. That caused all sorts of problems for the amarr who had the fewest farm alts of all the factions yet faced the enemy with the most. Once that was taken care of the original inferno system would have worked well after a few minor tweaks.


    12. you were (and many amarr) saying the same thing before theses changes: that there is no reason to join the losing side and people should just pile on the winning side to make more isk. so the system gets changed and you say that it was balanced before but the new system makes people pile on the winning side? crazy. the evidence shows that in fact, with the inferno system, more farmers joined the winning side. all you had to do is not capture a few systems to keep farming in. there was nothing balanced about it and pretending that it was incentive to the losing side is silly.

      lowering the overall value of LP was a good move. FW farming is not far far and away the best way to make isk in eve. farmers cannot offensive plex anymore. they would have to kill rats. and now they only get their easy lp farming definsive plexes in contested systems. that's better than it was before. so people that just want to farm isk will always be encouraged to join the winning side, because it pays more to be on the winning side. because it is winning. if we made losing FW generate more isk than winning FW, then losing would be the goal... it would be winning....

    13. what is sounds to me like you are actually mad about is that farmers exist to make isk of the FW system. There is isk to be made somewhat easily, now through defensive plexing, and people make alts to join FW just to make that isk. They don't care what side they join, but they do join whoever is leading because the get bigger bonuses to the isk they make. These farmers make it harder for the losing side to take systems because they undo contesting work that is done to make their easy isk.

      Ok first, CCP likes farmers. They like everyone that plays eve and everyone that joins FW just the same. If people are logging in and joining FW just to farm plexes and make isk, that is ok with CCP - they are not going to try and make a system where only combat pilots or role palayers can take part. In fact, the closest FW can be to that is pre-inferno because there was no real isk to be made. So now, winning is worth something (most FW pilots wanted it to be worth something! this is what it does!) and farmers will show up to grab a piece of that worth. Fine, good, so be it. If you cannot accept that, you will never be happy with FW because that is how CCP sees the situation.

      So, how do you deal with farmers? The fact is, there are farmers on both sides, just that the winning side (minmatar atm) has many more. Ok so neither side can take a system if only a few people in a given TZ are plexing trying to take it. It takes too much time to take a system. Once the active FW pilots who have guns and are willing to fight to take the system log off, then the farmers for the other side show up and undo all that work.

      The answer, for the amarr and the minmatar too, is stragiht forward. If you want to flip a system, you have to make a concentrated effort as a militia (or alliance that spans timezones) to have a plexing presence there all day. That's right, one person or three guys that fly together at night will not be able to take a system. This is true for either side. A militia has to work together to do it. Farmers are easy to kill/chase off. If they cannot sit in a defensive plex alone and run it down they cannot make isk. Just one guy warping into plexes will chase them off and they will go somewhere else to make their isk. If you still cant take a system this way, it is not because of the farmers, it is because the other militia's combat pilots are too much for you to handle all day; and if that is the case, than you don't deserve to take the system.

      The real key is that some pilots have to actually care about taking a system and spend time on it. And it has to be enough pilots that they put pressure on that system all day long so that the farmers who don't want to fight do not get a chance to undo your work. This will all be made even better come December with additional changes that hamper the ability of farmers to safely farm isk. But don't expect that one person or three people in the same tz, no matter how diligent they are, will be able to take a system and turn the war. It will take pressure being on a system more than half the day to stay ahead of farmers. And this is true as the winning or losing side.

    14. so quit whining and get to work, amarr!

    15. Urik

      I explained the two balances that Hans successfully pressured ccp to remove from faction war. I simply disagree with hans that the winning side was being unduly punished by the original inferno rules and so we needed to give even more incentive to join the winning side.

      I also disagree with his view that there does not need any sort of economic balance because pvp is somehow better when you are poor and outnumbered.

      I think in the long run making fw financially lopsided will be bad for faction war. For now pretty much everyone in faction war is pretty much space rich and doesn't care. But I anticipate that if nothing is done to balance the game we will see real problems in about 6 months. But lets see what happens.


    16. CCP was not 'pressured to remove balances'. No one defensive plexes if there is no reward. So a reward was added. This was not an attempt to 'remove balance'. You claim that is what the change does, but to make a real argument you would have to call this 'an unintended consequence'. Pretending that LP for defensive plexing was intended to remove balance is simply trolling (or you are out of touch with what is going on because you hardly ever play and don't talk to other people active in FW and are just dumb about spouting an ill informed opinion... I'll go with trolling).

      Claiming Hans has a view that there should be no economic balace in FW 'because pvp is somehow better when you are poor and outnumbered' is also retarded. Clearly that is not any reasonable person's opinion; again you are either trolling or stupid. There should not be economic balance in FW between the winning and losing sides (read, between all teir control levels) because that would make all the tiers the same. There would be nothing in FW to fight over (besides docking right I geuss) if there was complete economic balance. What Hans did push for in CSM and was successful in getting through, was a closer economic benefit between the tiers. Teir 1 is twice as good as it was and their 5 is about half as good as it was. The gap was closed greatly to provide a closer economic payoff for FW participants. Actual balance is a terrible idea as it removed the war from FW. Good job, Hans.

      If you need more isk than FW is providing you, whether your side is at t1,2,3,4, or 5, than you need to earn more isk. This is EvE, you can do that. As the system is, with a much closer pay out than it used to have, there is still no guarantee that you will make enough isk to fly the ships you want to fly how you want to fly them. What is enough isk for FW to pay is hugly subjective.

      I have come to the conclusion that Cearain is not really interested in making a good FW system. It appears he simply wants to bash Hans and complain about not winning without putting forth real effort. Sorry Amarr, you will have to run plexes and defend them from others trying to decontest the system if you want to take systems. That's how FW works. The economic insentive exists to give you a reason to work toward that goal.

    17. Hans specifically said he wanted a reward for defensive plexing because it was punishing the winning side heres the quote:

      “*Defensive plexing - it blows. "Punishing" players for "winning too much" by boring them to death leads to a lot of people not wanting to play at all.”

      After he was pushed on what possible economic reason anyone would have to join the losing side under his new system he finally admitted this:

      "You are absolutely correct that economically it doesnt make much sense for someone to join the losing faction, I've said every step of the way that the PvP incentive will always be stronger, and there is over four years of evidence to support that."

      I wish I was trolling but that is what he said. I'm glad we agree no reasonable person would give this opinion. I asked hans to elaborate on this in a thread in warfare and tactics. He of course refused.


  9. you really aren't getting the amount of attention you need are you? cause this is higher bat shit crazy levels than you normally post.

  10. 9/10, very funny troll! At first I thought it was serious but Susan is clearly just having some fun with her readership. The clincher for me was the bit about Amarr flipping a quarter of the warzone in 24 hours; Susan definitely knows how and why that was possible and that it does not imply that the whole warzone can be flipped as easily.

    The one honest thing I take away from this post is that as the underdogs, the Amarr are presenting ideas to level the playing field for both sides of FW. Meanwhile, the Minnies, who are on top, have had no incentive to change anything. Hans, as a general FW representative, is looking out for FW in general and not just for his side, so he is advocating the Amarr ideas.

  11. Now, now. It's not very nice to try and give Poetic an aneurism.

  12. TL;DR

    Go cry some more.

    All our <3,

  13. The Amarr were behind the Minmatar warzone dominance!

    The Amarr are planning to kill the Minmatar warzone dominance!


    1. Every evil plot needs its seed money and a good coverup, i guess. they were clearly trying to make it look like a legit comeback, you don't want everyone to know you have a csm in your pocket.

      you gotta play it smart and play the long game and not tip your hand too soon. they pulled it off well by squealing that he played favorites at the beginning. it shouldn't surprise anyone that now that the truth is out - Poetic, Cearain, and even Pinky are all making a big public show of hating on the dude who got their ideas pushed through for them.

  14. "Xolve, who used to be a director within the Amarr/Caldari, (and is now in Goonswarm) suggested that giving "some incentive for DPLEXing in non-stable systems" would be one way to help fix plexing. He also suggested:

    "Requiring ALL the rats to be killed."
    "Stop LP Rewards after a system is vulnerable."
    "Stop continuing an invisible contestation counter past 105%.""

    Citation needed.

    1. Susan doesn't allow links in comments. But go to Warfare & Tactics on the EVE-O forums, thread titled "FW: Separate the PVE farming from the Sov mechanic PLEASE."

      Its on the second page, post #28. Cearain chimes in to support his ideas in a follow-up post.

    2. You've got to be kidding me. Are Fwedditors so out of touch with what's going on that they don't even realize Hans championed their own shit to CCP and now they demand citation?

      FFS, this is getting ridiculous. Poetic himself even called bullshit on Fweddit's anti-Hans tinfoil back in the day, until they all cooed at him and he joined and took up arms as well to fit in. What a hack.

    3. Fweddit guy: "I don't care if minmatar can afford sfis as long as I can afford a t1 fit thrasher"

      Hans: "AGREED! See, I listen to amarr concerns."


    4. Clearly the December 4th Faction Warfare changes are 100% because of me being in GoonSwarm, and have nothing whatsoever to do with Hans championing the Amarrian Complaints.

      Cearain is a tool (and a badposter).

    5. How ironic that a goon would choose to insult someone by calling them a tool.

      But I think we are seeing that you have already spewed enough idiocy in the faction war community. Shouldn't you be directing your meager thoughts toward flattering the mittani, or whoever else might be running your super important internet space ship alliance?


    6. I'm sorry Cearain, I don't often whine all over the forums about how unfair or imbalanced literally EVERYTHING about my certain style of gameplay is because I am tied to that certain style of gameplay by the invisible bonds of roleplaying nerdom.

      Get over yourself, your posts and overall attitude in general are pathetic.

    7. Not sure if troll to make Cearain look bad or just Cearain being stupid.

    8. Xolve

      Keeping up the idiocy I see. Despite actually being in faction war you still think everyone who has been in it for long must be a roleplayer. Can't fix stupid.


  15. No. I am Spartacus.


  16. sadly ccp missed a chance to make fw mean pvp. no u have to kill npcs.....get rid of the fucking npcs bubble the button and make it a 20min king of the hill(attacker warps in countdown starts, attacker killed countdown rolls back the other way while defenders are present, team that wins the tug of war splits the lp, there is only one lp pool per plex it can only be awarded to one side). AND here is the key part alert the defending militia in the area. of course then ccp would have to actively make sure they was no collusion. instead we get pve fw 2.0. its just sad we almost had a viable system where u could live off pvp and ccp says but we need NPCs in teh plex or it would be sorry im pretty sure that player defenders are alot more scary then fuckin npcs. ne way good job putting fw back in the dust bin ccp.....

    1. Cause plexes never had npc's before, numbnuts. Where have you been? They go from 20 npc's to one npcs and apparently thats a problem for you. learn to play. I don't know why you're concerned about PvP if you can't kill a single rat, thats pathetic...

    2. yeah that's pretty retarded. you only have to kill the npc if you are farming the lp! if pvp is what you are in there for, the npcs are incedental.

  17. And in a breaking was all organised by Susan's Amarr alt who in fact wasn't an Alt but a MAIN! Susan is in fact an it all makes sense! ;)

  18. Lol wow...Is this a Troll or is this seriously what you think happened? I would find it hard to beleive your own alliance isnt laughing at you behind your back. I will give you some credit though(not as much as you give us Amarr for being so great at conspiracy) did put alot of thought into this post and it seems to have occupied some of your time. My question is Fucking why? is YOUR oppinion(and nothing more) suppose to acheive some kind of system refund to Mins or do you want to just start a big old argument between what is already a tense warzone. I honestly dont beleive people would go to all the trouble just for the fucking game...but i suppose you go to the trouble writing this post instead of just blowing shit up and going to sleep.

    Kato Aivoras

  19. I'm sorry this is pathetic, any Minni that has a shread of brain power realises how the systems were flipped so quickly, and now what, every time something CCP does or says that is similar to something the amarr says, or anyone else for that matter, we will point and call the corrupted by ? and heaven forbid that a CSM member listens to the community? I respect many of your posts in general, but this makes you look like a spiteful child that had its lolly taken away.

    i couldnt believe you'd written this when i got linked it by a friend this morning.

    One other thing, the reason the us Amarrians are doing slightly better at the moment, in conjunction with the changes making things less easy to manipulate, is that we are working together more, something lacking for a long time amongst us, and this is simply an attempt to fling virtual poo at the Amarrian militia, because we hold a stronger position now.

    - Xelnaga Azjol.

    1. i love how even though so many amarr will admit that they're in a stronger position now than before after the changes hans backed them up on, and can admit they're finally working together, even that its their own effort that is finally turning things in their favor....yet still whiny bitches like poe, cearain, pinky still want to try to blame mechanics for everything in some frittarded half-assed "meta-takedown" of hans that they've bungled so badly it has them all looking like clowns

      they could, you know, just play the game and actually try to win their war like everyone else who plays eve instead of thinking this hair-brained mudslinging will magically convince ccp to make fw into whatever the hell it is they want (i have no idea cause it changes every week)

  20. its safe to admit it was all fucked from the start now you are plenty rich and bored?

    the changes that went through were backed by people smart enough to realise they could take advantage of it, most of those people had no previous affiliation with FW and when the isk goes they will.

  21. isnt it amazing how its a conspiracy when amarr act on a patch a FRACTION of systems gets taken compared to inferno, but when minmatar flip EVERY system 4 hours per, before inferno and thats no problem - and then no reset.

    this blog is very surprising because of the delicious irony.

    1. haha! you got the joke, right?

      ok ok

      I will say minmatar flipped almost every system before inferno in the same fashion the amarr COULD have. but they didn't get it done and the minmatar did. it was an even field that the amarr lost on. if you think a reset was required at inferno, they should not a reset be done this patch too? It would be only fair! or it is fair that no reset was done either time because the rules are the same for both sides, every time!

    2. um we did actually but a system cant be flipped back before DT resets the system to the latest victors, thus the last day everything was flipped the amarr COULDNT take those back till the DT which was after patch. some systems flip flopped for a week before.

      the minm gangs were bigger and waited for the last day to do the bulk of the work because they knew amarr would be powerless till DT and the patch making the time to flip days not hours.

      I didnt see any blogs about that, only whines that minm efforts acting on patch info might be undone with a reset, yet now i read this!

    3. exactly! reset made no sense because the minmatar took those systems fair and square. amarr could have had more pilots. could have fought better. could have defended. could have flipped systems on the last day so the minamtar could not take them back. the rules were the same for both sides. more pilots more cooperation. better planning, whatever the reasons were for one side winning. The Amarr Lost Fair and Square. why reset? it's like a pro sports team complaining about losing a game. you lost! why would you expect a free gift to undo your loss? it is so pathetic! you act like the minmatar didn't deserve and earn those systems. MINMATAR WON but their own actions! the minmatar were aware of the rules of the game and formed a plan and executed it. the amarr had the same chances to do the same thing. the amarr could have defended those systems. they just lost. there is nothing FAIR about stripping the winner of their victory!

    4. The preinferno mechanics were anything but fair.

      CCP decided to throw out huge rewards before they balanced the npcs. Hans did however push them to create some balance in the rats after inferno was implemented. Eliminating the ewar gave some semblence of balance so we could run plexes in gunless frigates just like the minmatar always could.

      Even now it is not an even playing field with the npcs. Amarr would prefer to have rats as weak as teh minmatar and missions as easy to run.


    5. Cearain is easily the biggest cry baby I have ever heard! Our rats are too hard! Eve is unfair! hahaha

      If you are a common example of who is in the amarr it is no wonder they are losing! And he keeps comming back for more whine! Very much worth the read!

  22. Ethan Argoin is the most UBER FC and Alliance Leader in the dirty Amarr Militia!!! He should be sniped!!!!!

  23. Yawn. This is old news.

    P.S. Late Nite was a doomed project from the beginning, it was premised on the mutual masturbation of its executive core, it's been on a downhill trajectory since Valkyr left.

    1. hahaha

      what are you talking about? LNA is doing just fine. it has been since it started... valkyr didn't matter or change a thing in LNA one way or the other. or was that a lame attempt at a troll? if so, susan's is WAY better!

  24. I just want to say, thanks for quoting me. Although, if taken in context, my issue was that I was tired of hearing people whine over LP and felt that LP shouldn't be the focus of FW. That being said, I read this and had a good laugh. Your trolling is improving.

  25. Haha nice work, made even sweeter by the people with no "satire-detector" raging.

    Brilliant example of Poe's Law ^_^

    There's a certain irony in that axioms name given the source of the parody.

    Mehashi 'Kho