Thursday, May 15, 2014

PVP, LP, and Low-Sec

The warzone has undergone its regularly scheduled flip, and the Minmatar are now enjoying higher warzone Tiers.

I have been making ISK through other means, so I cannot bring myself to farm missions or plexes for the sake of pulling in vast sums of LP. However, I find that it is quite easy to make a decent sum of LP when you are at Tier 4 just by camping inside plexes for targets, and doing general pvp.

This has me thinking about low-sec. And, I had an idea.

What if CONCORD, or some other group, created a new NPC corporation dedicated to fighting crime in low-security space. This corporation would pay out LP for all criminal kills, in much the same way that Faction War pilots are paid LP for killing each other. (You wouldn’t have to join the NPC corp or anything.)

We wouldn’t have to worry too much about exploitation because this is something that CCP has already done in Faction War. It has been observed closely for a couple years now, and adjusted. So, we’d just have to take what now works in FW and apply it to this.

If they wanted to take things a little further, they could create a pretty cool LP connected to this new NPC corporation. They could offer the usual stuff LP stores have, but they could also add exclusive items, such as special ship skins, and perhaps a new line of ammunition, or etc.

The other night, me and a friend were out roaming and we each got over 20,000 LP for killing a Pilgrim. So, between the two of us that was enough to nearly purchase a Stabber Fleet Issue in our LP store –just for one kill!

Imagine people coming to low-sec for the chance to make ISK hunting criminals?

Anyway, just a thought.


  1. I love teh carrot approach to get people into lowsec. the idea of hunting criminals would be fun, and may actually get me out of highsec. it could be a boon to people getting into lowsec, but I fear that it could also kill parts of what makes lowsec lowsec. It would likely make low a much safer place, not something that I think the players really want. you could easily end with a situation where there are 2 camps around a gate, one classic pirate, and the other waiting to farm them once they agress. the pirats dont want to be farmed, and the other group doesn't want to be either, so in the end no one shoots so as to not get instantly primaried by people seeking lp... Like I said personally this kind of thing sounds like fun, and would get me to set up just those kinds of fleets to camp gates and undocks looking for targets of opportunity. Is this something the pirats really want? At the end of the day if i have a bad go at it i can go back to HS with high standings and L4 there. the pirat doesn't get the escape.

    1. An interesting perspective, but I don't think that would happen at all. Pirates love pvp --they aren't going to not engage because they don't want to be 'farmed' --LOL!

      And, the idea that hostile militia is getting 'paid' to kill you hasn't done anything, as far as I'm aware, to make people not want to fight. So it probably wouldn't happen in this situation either.

  2. Awsome idea, to bad possibility of it is small as every dev and his mother is focusing on null ;(

  3. I just wish they'd wrap their heads around the concept that killing a suspect or criminal ANYWHERE should not cause standings loss.

  4. While the idea isn't bad, as somebody who is often called a pirate (despite not currently being flashy) I'd feel a little left out now pretty much everybody in lowsec would get LP for shooting people except the people who classically lived there the 'traditional' pirates and non-aligned lowsec pvp'ers.
    We already have less income opportunities then people in FW, we already have the largest disadvantage when it comes to aggression mechanics too.
    So while I don't dislike the idea, I'd think it reasonable at that point to hand pirates an LP carrot too. Maybe some pirate faction you can join that doesn't automatically ally you to the other members in the faction (so more like rival gangs then a proper militia).

    We've already had a bunch of mechanics pushed upon us in what we traditionally consider to be 'our space' that don't actually directly benefit us (they do indirectly because more population is good), and often in fact make our existence harder.

    1. Well, I never said a pirate doesn't get LP for shooting another pirate. =p

  5. THIS... IS... AN... AWESOME... IDEA!

    If you don't post it in F&I, I will steal it and do it myself, I swear :).

    Also, I see no reason to limit this to lowsec. Give highsec suicide-gank targets a small LP cookie for trying to get on those CONCORD killmails!

  6. Susan, tell Bahamut to accept my corp app to Late Nite! I plan to be back in pod some time next week!