Friday, February 15, 2013

Not So Snipey Now

I knew it was a bit like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Okay, so maybe more like a box cutter to a gunfight. But, I didn’t care. I wasn’t really in the mood to ship up. So I didn’t. Even for a fleet fight that would have been more practical to have a BC or a cruiser for.

I had just returned from Gallente/Caldari space. Me a couple guys had romped around up there, but things were pretty quiet. Except for the Caldari we killed. He wasn’t quiet at all. And I thought the Amarr could cry loudly….

I was flitting around in my Condor, peaking in on war target gangs and looking for interesting things I could take on by myself. A fleet was forming up to take on some other Amarr fleet in Kamela. I wasn’t particularly in the mood for a fleet fight, but I’d help. In my condor, of course.

The fight ended up breaking out on a small plex acceleration gate in Kamela. And, it was not good for us from the beginning. The fleet warped in with our logi at 50K, only the Amarr were at 50K. So, the logistics ships were in the middle of the Amarr fleet while the rest of our fleet was off a ways.

Next time, we should really probably scout.

I started buzzing around, looking for tackle and small things I could remove from the field, as well as looking at heavy hitters to put my tracking disruptors on. That was when I noticed an Amarrian Oracle who had arrived at range of the fight, preparing to snipe my fleet members.

Well, I would just have to take care of that. I knew that, depending on how he was fit, I could possibly instapop. I tried not to burn at him in a straight line as a precaution but he never even seemed to notice I was there, so focused he was on the fight happening 50K+ away from us.

I locked him quickly, and immediately activated my TDs, essentially removing his DPS from the fight. I got a point as I got close enough, and started a steady orbit. And, since I was there, I might as well shoot him, right?

To my surprise my little Condor actually started to hurt him pretty bad –and it was obvious that he was pretty much completely untanked. Also, his gang’s logistics were way too far away to assist him, though I wonder what sort of conversation they had on coms….

“Uh, guys? This condor is killing my battlecruiser…please come save me from this utmost shame?”

“Sorry dude, you’re too far away and we have a fight going on!”

An Amarr condor did come at me, and I switched damage to him. I thought  he ran away, but when I checked my kills later, I noticed I had actually killed him. The guy hadn’t even completely fit his ship –not particularly the kind of backup the Oracle pilot was probably hoping for.

At any rate, the Oracle died around the time our FC called the bail order. We took a lot down with us, but warping our logi into the middle of their fleet and subsequently losing them all at the beginning of the fight had taken its toll.

Maybe I would have been more useful in a bigger ship. It probably would have died in a fire with everyone else. Or, perhaps my little condor saved someone by removing the Oracle’s effectiveness from the field.

I’ll never know.

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