Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Tried to Save You...

I was a particularly slow night, with a few people half-heartedly chasing a few Amarr around Huola local. One Amarr, a rather new pilot running around in a Drake, finally escaped to Amarr highsec via the Otelen gate.

So, we started to camp the gate, even though there was little chance he’d come back, or that other Amarr would choose that route.

With everyone already on the gate, Gritz1, one of our alliance directors, decided it would be an excellent time to bring in his neutral freighter.

Now, you probably think you know where this story is going. A bunch of pirates camping the gate, somewhat bored and irritable. A hostile drake on the other side, chilling in the safety of highsec. And a neutral freighter jumping into the mix. But, this story is far stranger than what might usually occur with such a concoction.

The Amarrian, seeing the neutral freighter about to jump into low-sec, quickly started to scream in local that there was danger ahead.

“Do not jump, there is a pirate camp on the other side! Don’t JUMP! DON’T JUMP!!!!”

Gritz1’s alt, of course, jumped anyway, and his freighter was soon away due to the plentiful webs available on the other side. And, it could have been the uneventful end to an uneventful story.

But there was evil in Gritz1’s heart, and a twinkle in his eye.

With his neutral alt, he starts a private conversation with the Amarrian, who was still chilling in his drake on the other side.

“You were so right, I should have listened! PLEASE, can you help me?!”

Of course, the Amarr demanded ISK. What’s his help worth, anyway?

“I’ll pay you whatever you want just help me please! They’re going to blow up my freighter!! Hurry!!!”

So, the Amarrian jumps back into Huola –directly into the arms of the flashy Minmatar gang on the other side who make short work of his drake.

Still not realizing his error, the pilot apologized to Gritz1’s alt.

“Sorry, I tried to save you….”



  1. I know eve is an evil place, and you trust nobody, and I expect the same exact thing could happen to me, but I still feel bad!


  2. "Son, you been played."

  3. I find this amusing, you are that pitiful to have to trick someone into you getting a killmail and then you brag about it. You must be a delight to know in real life.

  4. Dang I feel bad for him =/

  5. Oh bless! Who would have thought the Amarr might have concern for other human beings. The Amarr pilot, although losing his ship, ends up the trusting good Samaritan falling for a very well executed dupe.

  6. He was such a good person. Why just minutes before he was calling everyone in local cunts and pieces of shit because he lost a 1v1. He totally did not deserved this to happen to him.

    1. Ahhhh, that wasn't covered in the story - yup,karma caught up with him and he deserved everything he got. O7

    2. only reason i dont feel as bad as i should. he literally went nuts in local screaming profanities when he died to a 1 v 1. He had it coming.


  7. also, he was made a stuipid err. I mean, he saw the camp, he should have well known his 1 drake was in no way capable of saving a freighter. It wasn't just one ship on the other side and he know it having just jumped through. So he got caught in the heat of the moment but really, there was nothing he could have done and trying was just suicide. So yeah, derp.