Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ashes, Ashes

I logged on last night to hear that the Amarr were amassing a huge fleet, supposedly coming to Huola to take out a POCO they had put into reinforced the day before. They ended up bringing around 65, which was more than double the amount we could pull together--I believe we almost got 20 in fleet at one point, including booster alts and scouts. And, probably half of those weren't even Late Night. Early evening is not a really good time zone for us. (We didn't choose the name 'Late Night' because it sounds

We attempted a drive by shooting, which didn't work out so well when their small tackle quickly burned to us and managed to snag a few of our tier 3 BCs--even with us aligned. Not to mention that the POCO died long before we even got into our ships and got everything in the same system. So we promptly docked up and let them romp around a bit. They put the KPP pos into reinforced, and I believe another POCO, both of which come out mid afternoon on Sunday.

With not a whole lot to be done, and small gang pvp not looking very promising, I clone jumped back to Gallente space and jumped into a QCATs fleet. They had just gotten done with a few fleet fights themselves, so were mostly running around solo, looking for things to kill and etc. It was just the sort of thing I love,--nothing particularly organized, just people looking to tackle something and calling people over to their system if they find something interesting. Though, doing this in an area you're unfamiliar with is considerably more difficult. We got quite a few kills just flitting here and there.

I did find out that MinutemanKirk, QCATs diplomat, can do one of the best Gollum (Lord of the Rings) impressions I've ever heard. I don't really know how it started or why the conversation turned that direction, but he did a "my precious" impression that had us all giggling a bit. Then, someone piped up that he should FC a fleet using that voice, to which he started calling mock primaries --sounding exactly like Gollum. I got to laughing so hard I almost peed myself.

Things slowly quieted as the night wore on, and things seemed to be picking up in LNA, so I jumped back on Minmatar coms, and started to burn back to Huola in my condor. Apparently, they were dusting off the battleships, and preparing for a BS brawl --something that doesn't happen very often at all. In fact, I can't think of the last time we had a good battleship brawl.

Both sides had logistics, and both sides had at least one falcon. I jumped into the fight in my condor, since I was late to the party, and started tracking disrupting things, before dying to some small thing they had on field. I ran back and got a griffin, since there were tackly things between me and the fight making a trip back with a BS a little difficult, and filled up the mids with Amarr jammers. Oddly, I'm not sure I got a single jam off. Apparently I fail at ECM.

At any rate, we ended up having two main engagements with Predator Elite's gang. We killed two faction BSes, an Abaddon, and another BS, and only lost two ships, the most expensive of which was Bahamut's Augoror. Not a bad trade at all.

Later, we went to camp the Auga/Sisiede gate in tornadoes. I was a bit late, again, having to run some errands first, and as I jumped through to Auga from Kourm, I noticed a neutral Charon sitting there.

"Uh, guys....a Charon on the Kourm/Auga gate?"


Apparently someone set their autopilot wrong, though how he managed to get through to the Auga/Kourm gate without getting killed is beyond me.

Needless to say his freighter died in a fire as everyone rushed from the gate they were camping to gank it. And, it ended up being a good conclusion to the evening. As most explosions usually are.


  1. "We didn't choose the name 'Late Night' because it sounds cool."

    You didn't choose a puffin as a logo because it looks cool, either.


  2. Intoxications Incorporated? Don't drink and haul, folks!

  3. I have to say, the amarr guys that came by and popped the wreck were pretty on the ball to do that. Not that there was much loot in there, but a good move none the less.