Monday, February 11, 2013

We All Fall Down

Late Night Alliance suffered massive, catastrophic losses this weekend, as the Amarr pulled together, in an amazing feat of coordination and skill, two large gangs numbering at over 100 total Amarr pilots.

A small KPP POS and an IFW POCO were lost, as LNA could not pull together enough friends to defend their valuable assets.

"I don't know what we're going to do." said KPPer Galdornae, after the POS was destroyed. "We had a lot riding on that POS. I may have to sell one of the faction mods from my vindicator to compensate for what we lost. Or worse, run a couple plexes. It's a painful prospect..."

The small Minmatar structure sported several small guns as well as a warp disruption battery, and a stasis webification battery. It was the only KPP POS in existence, and sources say that Manos Kdo, KPP's CEO, was disheartened at the loss enough to suggest the dissolution of the corporation.

Feyona, respected as being one of KPP's more elite small gang and solo pvpers, promptly joined TEST alliance after the incident. "I just want to go where I can get more of a challenge, pvp wise. Moving from LNA to TEST was an obvious choice." he said, when asked about his abrupt move.

Several Amarr also commented on the evening's events:

"We came for a fight." said highly respected Amarrian FC, Almity, via Twitter. Almity is greatly feared among the Minmatar, due to his successful, high-risk fleet strategies. "Once, he brought enough blackbirds to ECM our entire fleet." commented one Minmatar. "Blackbirds are one of the most top primaried ships in the game --it takes a lot of guts to put your fleet members in danger like that."

Also, last week, Almity is known for having published this detailed, informative expose on Late Night Alliance showing some startling insight into the alliance. " I believe the problem boils down to elitists within the Minmatar Militia." he claims. He goes on to detail LNA's failure at facilitating friendships within the militia, and how this is leading to their ultimate downfall.

Joni Hariere, an Amarr pilot, also weighed in on the events of the evening, expressing a vivid first-hand account of the Minmatar's response to the destruction of their assets: "... the Minmatar were shaking inside station..." he explained. Analysts visiting the station after wards calculated that the cumulative pressure of the trembling Minmatar, did indeed shift the structure out of its normal orbit by a fraction of a degree.

"It was many hostiles in local, and nothing we could do. All of our 'friends' turned their backs on us, --refusing to help us in our dire time of need. Honestly, I'm not sure what's going to happen next. Discussions are underway among alliance leadership deciding whether it's viable to even keep our doors open. This might be the end of Late Night as we know it." said LNA director Gritz1 in an exclusive interview.

Bahamut420, who almost never is available for questioning, was unusually candid with us when asking him about Late Night's issues and their more recent losses. "We really might have to shut the front door..." he said in a defeated tone.

We attempted to contact Hans Jagerblitzen, but kept getting told that he was unavailable for commenting.

However, sources tell us that several high ranking officials in the Minmatar Republic have been working on a technical document detailing their concerns over Faction War mechanics. They will be delivering the document to Jagerblitzen within the week. The document is estimated to be well over a hundred pages long.

"It is our belief that the sudden fall of the warzone, and our inability to come back to where we once stood so easily, is sure indication that the mechanics are broken. We can't fight because we can't make money, and the pressure of the winner snowballs out of our control. The proof is irrefutable." said one Minmatar official working on the document, who asked to remain anonymous.

"Hopefully, this document will make the CSM, and CCP more ware of our concerns. Hopefully, they will see that the mechanics are unbalanced toward the Amarr and that they will make the appropriate adjustments to facilitate balance in the warzone."


  1. WTB a copy of Guild Wars II. Reasonable offers entertained.


  2. I heard that this may in fact be a troll.


  3. :D Oh noes, whatever shall we do? This is an absolute calamity!

  4. I think it's great that you're learning to use the most basic features of Photoshop. Kudos on "Find Edges."

    1. I think its great that in the absence of any proper way to taunt Susan Black, Poetic desperately scrapes the bottom of the barrel to criticize her inferior photoshop skills.

      I think this is what "cultural victory" means! Fweddit can't fight worth balls but they at least have better artists on board to make pictures that make them feel better about losing.

  5. I will miss that tower. It was the only place I could go for some "me" time.

  6. "We came for a fight"

    I was not joking. I was absolutely fucking giddy when that POS came out of RF smack dab in the middle of IO's prime time and on a Sunday afternoon where LNA can get online. Why else would we start RFing POCO's and small POS's? We were trying to spark a fight.

    Spin this anyway you want Susan but we were in Huola, your home, at a time and day where if you wanted a fight you could have brought a fight. You obviously wanted to save the POS or Hans would never have tried to rep the POS mods in a carrier the night before.

    Next time bring us a fight and you won't have to waste your time blogging about something that didn't happen. Maybe you could blog about an awesome fight that really did take place.

    1. The middle of the day Sunday is not LNA primetime. it's not called Afternoon Alliance.

      LNA does not, even in their prime time, field 100 man fleets. So, honestly, if you were looking for a fight, you would have brought a fleet that you might have any reason to believe LNA would be able to respond to.

      Of course LNA was interested in saving the POS. Heck people reinforce POSes and then don't come knock them down sometimes. So yes, a few people reped the mods, and six or seven logi pilots went to in when it came out to rep the shields. But once they saw the numbers the amarr brought, LNA left the pos to die. It wasn't worth losing ships over and LNA did not have 25 people in fleet, let alone 100.

      As to the idea of LNA not having any friends in the milita besides to call on and match the amarr numbers, well that's a compicated subject. As far as I know, LNA made no attempt what so ever to call in allies to maybe be able to fight a huge fleet. Is that because they absolutely cannot find enough willing allies? Or did they just not care to even try to get a huge blob together?

      Let us assume that it is because LNA actually cannot bring enough allies together to save a small POS from at 100 man amarr bs/logi fleet. If that is the case, how can you say, Almity, that you were LOOKING for a fight? You ought to know about how big of a gang LNA usually fields. If you don't think LNA has any friends, but bring three times as many pilots as one can reasonably assume LNA would be able to bring, how are you looking for a fight? Are you looking for LNA to warp 18 ships to the POS and let you blow them up? I am interested to hear the thought process the Amarr leadership had about this operation.

    2. Maybe we were just hopeful LNA/IO/DL and others would be up for a fight. In the past, as recent as a few months ago and going back for a few years the Minmatar could counter what we brought.

      So ya, maybe we were optimistic thinking we could get a big brawl. But given the time zone and it being on the weekend we gave it a go.

    3. Fair enough. As far as I know, no attempt was made to get big numbers together on the minmatar side.

  7. I actually enjoyed this one :D

    But still we left disappointed , no fight :(

  8. In my experience, a POS bash or defense in low sec goes just like this. Maybe 4 out of every 5 times, one side or they other feels they cannot win against what the opponent brought, so they don't show up at all and there is no fight.

    The 5th time turns out more like last week, was it? When pred cynoed in PL onto a minmatar fleet shooting an Amarr POS. PL ganked a few ships and that was all that happened.

    POS warfare in lowsec just does not tend to bring fights. You might as well just land a big fleet on a gate and wait a half hour or so to see if anyone thinks they can fight you. I guess the POS rf timer gives a chance for people to organize for a fight, but still, you don't know what the other side is going to bring, so you may over organize and bring too much, or not enough. Either way, there is no fight :(

  9. RIP Crazyhouse.

    Alas, I was not there to save it. I would have One-Man-Blobbed the Amarr into smithereens.

    *Insert obligatory "didn't want that POS anyway" comment here.*

    1. Glald, you are late to the party again. The commenting has already died down.