Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pulling the Economic Break

Between the implementation of Inferno, and the recent patch that flipped the payout system, Faction War pilots plexed roughly 7.8 Million Victory Points.

At roughly 20 Victory points per plex, that is approximately 390,000 plexes.

If we assume that around 75% of those were LP-paying offensive plexes, and that an even number of minor, major, and medium plexes were run, that comes out to about 5,118,750,000 LP.

At an average of 5,000 ISK/LP made, that is approximately 25 trillion ISK.

If 75% of those people were cashing out on items that required both LP and ISK, that's approximately 3.8 trillion ISK that was washed down the Faction War ISK-sink's drain.

While hardly a scientific analysis, this is definitely some food for thought.


  1. Is this a bad or unusual thing? I cashed out just under 10B ISK myself, which I think is pretty good for someone who has been playing Eve for only about 3 months.

  2. Lies! Propaganda! Don't look her in the eyes, mates, you'll turn into stone! Use the mirror!

  3. One more number: There is an offer now on the EVE-O site, 6 PLEX-es for 100 Euros. Counting with 0.57B/PLEX, the FW people printed (25000B-3800B)/0.57B/6*100 = 620K Euros. Nearly a million USD.

    Why did CCP divert so much money to FW? I think this:

  4. i fly pvp in faction war... so i only made about 3 billion extra since inferno.

    it was a cash cow for farmers, tho!