Monday, November 5, 2012

7 Things I Wish I Could Change in Unified Inventory

Edit: Many of these ideas have been discussed in the Features and Ideas section of the EVE Online Forums. You can view that thread here. I have put a '*' next to items below that are listed by CCP as being worked on for Retribution. Also, as new ideas are given to me, I've added them below.

The devil is in the details, they say. While some people may have originally thought that Unified Inventory was of the devil, I think many of us have started to become used to its quirks.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the little stuff –pet peeves, small annoyances, or just small stuff that I find myself frequently wishing I could do or change. My list got quite large, so in this post I will be focusing on those things relating directly to Unified Inventory, and Assets.

1. I would move the Item Hanger above my Ship Bay

Scroll, scroll, scroll....
The Item Hangar should be above the Ship Hangar, or I should have the ability to change the order myself. I am frequently in a hurry, and would just like to quickly drag and drop items from my active ship to my Item Hangar, without having to scroll to find it if my ship menu is expanded.

I don’t know how many times I’ve quickly highlighted items, went to drag them, then realized I couldn’t do it without minimizing my ship menu, or scrolling, and have had to start all over with selecting the items…etc.

I should see my active ship first, then my Item Hangar, then my Ship Hangar.

2. I would allow separating Items and Ships into Folders.

It’s quite simple. I want to split items and ships into folders that I can then access from my left hand menu. I don’t want to use cans for items because I want to continue to be able to use the automatic fitting functionality in the fitting window.

And, I want to be able to split ships so I can more easily find what I need. I want to separate my shield thrashers from my armor thrashers. I want to separate out ships that are half fit because I’m missing some module or ammo. I want to split up my nano, long range drakes and shield canes from my short range brawlers. I want a special folder for ships I have faction fit, and another folder just for my ready-to-go Stabber Fleet Issues.

3. I would make the Menu Consistent with the Hanger...

The First Thrasher Should be the Top Thrasher
When you have multiple ships named exactly the same thing, the place it takes in my ship menu should be the same place it takes in my actual inventory. IE: The third one in the ship menu list should be the same ship as the third one I see in my actual inventory.

For example, I have 10 Thrashers named Susan Black’s Thrasher. However, one of them has different ammo then the rest and I want to trade it to someone in station. I can easily tell which one has the ammo on my left menu, but it doesn't correlate to the same one in my hangar, so I have no idea which one I need to drag into my trade window...

4. I would add an ‘Empty to Hanger’ button inside all ship bays. 

I want to highlight items in my ship’s bay and click a button that automatically dumps it into my general hangar. I should be able to do this in my active ship, and any other ship, or container, or etc.

I've got things to do, people to kill. I'm sick of trying to drag and drop and scroll and etc.

5. I would give the ability to change the names of Corporate Divisions directly from my Unified Inventory UI. *

If I have the necessary roles, it seems intuitive to me that I should be able to right click, and change the name. But, changing these names is actually hidden via a button at the bottom of your Corporate window. (It took me forever to find it the other day, and I actually had to ask someone where it was.)

Furthermore, Directors should be able to change these names. Not just CEOs—but I will get into roles and titles in a different post.

And, what's with adding a corporate hanger division to my market quickbar? And...Show Info? What Info? (A blank window opens when you click this with an exclamation

6. I would move the "Repackage" option upon right clicking an item so that it is not between the "Reprocess" and "Trash It" options.

Is CCP trolling us?

7. I would remove the ability to put items inside containers inside a trade window.

I should be able to drag and drop whatever I want into the trade window, even if ships are already there, and it should not give me an error message about trying to put ships inside other ships. It should know that I'm just trying to put stuff in the trade window, and I shouldn't have to resize the window to find an 'empty' space so I do not get an error message...

Another thing I've thought about, is the ability to see the estimated value of fully fit ships, and have it add all the modules, drones, ammunition, and etc. Right now, ship values only show the hull value, and the total estimated value of your ship bay only takes into consideration the ships' hull prices.

(8.) When you drag both ships and items into your items hanger, it will automatically put the ships into your ship bay, instead of forcing you to drag both types separately. (Also, when you drag items into your ship bay, it will automatically put them in your item hanger.)


  1. it's another amarr troll!

    no wait, it is satire!

    I get it!

  2. I like 1 and 6... the rest I can't say I ever really cared about.

  3. I would make ships that are dragged into the item hangar actually go to the ship hangar, instead of forcing you to drag them to the ship hangar.

    1. I've added this to my list. I find that really annoying too! I think the old inventory automatically put things in the right place, and didn't force you to separately drag different types.

    2. We have changed it back, now you can move a group of items and ships to Ship hangar or Item hangar and they will get sorted into their appropriate destination.

  4. Some ideas are good some intersting but number 5 definitly not IMO. With the current weird role management and the limited ammount of divisions I as CEO surely don't want my direxes rename the devisions every now and than. Especially because it effects EVERY(!) hangar anywhere. POS-CHAs, Offices, HQ, Caps, etc.

    What do you want with it anyway? Today calling it Ammo, tomorrow it's called Fittings, and the day after you call it minerals? And now you make sure that in every office all hangars are consistent. Don't even want to think about all the personal cap ships I would mess with if I rename those devision frequently.

    2 and 3, yeah would be fine. But until you get that feature, just name your ships with names only you know what say mean, for example: Thrasher with ACs and ASB is a Susanova. Now add an index and you are fine. Susanova 82.
    Specially if you manage corp ships and "borrow" them to others it helps to keep track of what went out and what is there. Like Susanova 60 to 85 fitted and insured ready for use in corp hangar.

    6, yeah they certainly do troll us. But maybe we get a fresh UI before they start reordering stuff.

    7, yep, thats just silly and annoying

    1. The change in roles was only part of #5. I still think it would make life much easier to be able to modify the corporate hanger divisions directly from your UI.

      As far as renaming ships and giving them my own indexes, I'm afraid I'm much too lazy to rename dozens (if not hundreds) of ships when I'm mass fitting things.

    2. Renaming dozens of ships is annoying i know. I would suggest text macros to insert but you still have to click a lot of times.

      Some sort of mass rename would be fine like selecting 32 ships, give them a name and maybe a starting index and the client does the rest. But if thats going to get implemented, ccp should also look for a mass fitting system. So you just select those 32 ships, give them a new name and say "now fit them with fitting X" optionally with the option to do that out of a corp-hangar instead of personal only.

      Would ease the job for many fleet doctrine suppliers.

  5. I wish the left list was ALWAYS open instead of closed. One needless click to open I have to do practically every time.

    1. P.S. get another captcha system it took me five bloody times to post sjezus.

    2. haha no joke! i get plenty of the captcha things on this blog right the first time, and then I will fail it 5 or more times in a row!

      I like the new one battleclinic is using! check it out

    3. ugh...I hate it when I can't comment on someone's blog easily because of that! So, just for you I turned it off completely. If I start getting massive spam, I will hold you responsible! =D