Saturday, October 6, 2012


Things were a bit quiet in the beginning, last night. We were thinking that a lot of Agony were preoccupied with their class, though there were a few around Kourmonen to skirmish with a little.

We have high hopes that re-taking Kourmonen will bring a lot of fights. The fact that plexing it is giving us LP is definitely a plus, and a few of us have wagers on how long it will be before it goes vulnerable again. Sometimes, it feels like the entire war has narrowed down into a fight over one system.

We were idly (and sleepily) farting around later on when a small Fweddit fleet was reported heading our way. They were reported to have only ten, and around five or six people in our fleet said they were active, so we decided to go for it in Fleet Stabbers. (A few more would probably show up as they wake up...)

However, it turned out Fweddit had quite a few more than ten. They made a beeline for Huola, probably expecting the usual Late Night role call and reship-to-match-to-get-a-good-fight call. Sometimes, I feel like we're treated like a pvp vending machine by the Amarr. They decide what kind of fight they want, then they romp over to our home system and sit there, waiting for us to reciprocate. They put a dessie gang in, and expect a dessie gang to pop out. They pop in a cruiser gang, they expect us to reship to match. Like we're they're personal "scale - to - match" pvp fairy godmothers who will wave our wand and grant their pvp wish when they come to call.

Usually, we comply since we want good fights too. But tonight was different for some reason. It became obvious that we were significantly outnumbered, and the response from people on coms was a little more conniving than usual.

So, we reshipped to battleships with two guardians for support. Just to troll them.

One Armageddon - 70 million ISK

One set of battleship sized tech 2 guns - 30 million ISK.

One set of large trimark rigs - 15 million ISK.

Watching the rage in local when we warp our battleship gang into their mob of cruisers...priceless.

There are some things that money just can't buy. (For everything else, there's Tier

Anyway, they quickly made an exit, skittering back to their Egghelende home like a pack of barking dogs. We loled on coms for a little while, but was then informed that the Fwedditers were shipping up. Drakes. Lots and lots of drakes.

The suggestion was made to ship to noob ships and then rage in local at them for bringing battlecruisers to a noob ship fight, but some of us were distracted with unrelated stuff and it didn't end up happening. They romped right back to Huola, though I could hear the braying from at least two jumps out.

They were gaining momentum, and their fleet seemed to be growing. Someone counted well over twenty WT in local at one time.

We mostly ignored them. A few people harassed them with smaller ships, but most of us just docked up, with no intention of fighting them at all. Someone suggested posting the Benny Hill theme song into local, since that was about what watching their drake fleet mob after every little target sounded like.

However, Bahamut logged on around that time, rather chomping at the bit to kill ::all the things::. He decided that it would be a good idea to ship into Drakes and other battlecruisers of our own and leroy them at the Fweddit gang. Armor, Shield. Long-Range, Short-Range. Reship and undock already.

We were outnumbered quite unmistakably according to comparing my friendly overview tab with my hostile, though I never did get a good count.

We leroyed everything at them, sticking our drones on some of their tackle, and quickly pouncing on all the odd-ball non-drake ships. They fell like flies, honestly. They managed to focus fire enough to kill four of our BCs, but it seemed chaotic. Their damage became split all over the place.  Some of them went back to the gate and jumped, and others ran away, but I counted at least a dozen yellow wrecks.

This number increased as some of their 'run-away' BCs attempted to warp back to the gate and get away, causing us to promptly execute them.

In fact, the entire fight felt a lot less like a brawl, and a lot more like an execution in many ways.

The battlereport doesn't nearly show the whole story, especially with a bunch of stuff that happened previously on it including some of our BSes, but here it is. (lol, A lot of us are on there 2-5 times in various ships from before. )


  1. Damn it....I started to log on then decided to watch TV with my kids....grrrrr. Good job guys sorry I missed it

    -Dagren Darius

  2. I don't see this massive outnumbering you're talking about. They have nineteem to your sixteen. LNA all upshipped to some major bling at some point during the fight. You fail to mention your local link boosting. Given the facts, which you either don't mention or gloss over, Fweddit was the outnumbered party in this fight.

    1. But but but..... 'EXECUTION'

    2. i dont know what links were active for the minmatar. as minamtar died they came back in new ships. baha came back in a macharel, true.

      fweddit was the larger group in the fight. for sure. but it was fairly close. 19 fweditt and 16 minmatar might be right by the end of the fight. i know some minmatar showed up late having just logged on and heard of a fight at gate.

      why does anyone expect susan to report some sort of neutral news? it's her story and her blog. she dosen't own anyone a 'report of the facts'

  3. Wow, must suck to be minmatar FW, fighting outnumbered, never getting to tier 5... I mean how do you summon the courage to get up in the morning? my heroes...

    1. ROLF

      those poor oppressed slaves, i feel for them i really do, if only they had room to breathe and make some numbers

    2. huh? lucky minmatar? fight outnumbered and win... get to tier 5 often?... not sure why you are feeling sorry for them.