Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where on earth did I Leave My Oracle?

I logged on last night for the express purpose of checking my skills. But was quickly distracted by market orders, somehow tempted to log on to TeamSpeak, and before I knew it I was inviting people to a fleet and warping my Stabber Fleet around Kourmonen looking for prey.

Thankfully after the several day break I didn't have a whole lot of mail. I tend to rage just a little when I log on to a lot of mail. One alliance mail was surprisingly a CTA that I missed by an entire hour. (Judging by how few people were active, I wasn't the only one.) But, anyways, since when do we have CTAs? Have we really fallen that far? There was a CTL also. (Call to Legs)   ...don't ask!

I also got some weird mail from some random guy in Fweddit, which turned out to be a fake email chain whereby various members of their corporation came up with very expressive and creative ways to insult me. Someone apparently has a lot more time than I do.

An alliance mate convinced me to go to nullsec, but it wasn't going to happen. By the time he was ready there were Agony to kill in Kourmonen local.

I wandered around for a while, then pointed a hurricane jumping through the Kam/Kourm gate. I love that...reaching the point of no hesitation. See ship. Point ship. Call for backup as the hostile backup arrives. No sitting around trying to decide if it's a good idea or not.

Their fleet landed pretty soon after, and I died pretty quickly. One Stabber Fleet down, forty nine left to go. We had a pretty good brawl, but I found out later that we brought three falcons. Ick. Sure, we don't just look at what they have and think to ourselves, "we're pretty evenly matched, we should be dumb and bring a whole bunch of falcons." Many, Many engagements just involve someone calling a point on something somewhere and everyone else coming to...erm...investigate the situation.

We were bored afterwards so we went to shoot up their latest POS in Kourmonen in a tier three BC fleet. Agony came back in a very odd assortment of cruisers and dessies and died miserably. Apparently both sides shared some giggles over that one. Honestly, I was surprised they came back at all. After three falcons I would have been like...'No more fights for you!' At least, not until manners were learned.

Anyway, later in the night I had a run in with some Rifterlings. Words were spoken. And friendly fire was taken. Whether a wardec will transpire is still uncertain, though I will be seriously worried at the health of my alliance if they do not jump on the opportunity for more things to kill. In fact, I was already a little worried when I was informed that "people" needed to be consulted. Since when? Look at us being all diplomatic and political. (::And I throw up a little::)

Anyway, the rest of the evening transpired in the usual fashion. Making a little ISK on trade orders. Updating some alliance contracts. (They are so lazy they now pay for me to fit their ships for if you're ever wondering why you have a dozen of "Susan Black's ...." on D-scan...well...first, you should probably get off that gate you're on, and then you can wonder at the laziness of my alliance...)

Getting an invite to join Fweddit.(lol)  Ironically being called a bitch in local by Poetic Stanziel, for blocking him. (He's kinda creepy in a stalker-ish kind of way.) Attempting to bait a carrier on the Egghelende station, since the Amarr were too scared to do anything but play station games. Updating my stats to see that an average of 55 people have joined Faction War every DAY this month. (Holy Texas!) Wondering what I did with my Oracle...

Anyway, not a completely out of the ordinary evening, though I probably should have watched the presidential debates instead.

Also, the old Susan is back in business. Though, I'm not really sure what that means yet.



  1. I called you a bitch for blocking Fweddit.

    Exactly how am I stalker? I've talked to you maybe three times.

    Call a woman a bitch, get called a stalker. Amazing. :)

    1. replies to blog within a day, wonders why they look like a stalker!

    2. A major Eve blogger reads other major Eve blogs and comments on one that mentions him by name? STALKER

    3. Makes a propoganda poster featuring said woman.

    4. Said woman isn't a nobody. She puts herself out there as the Queen of the Minmatar. She wants to be a celeb, she gets treated as a celeb. Scrutinized and everything.

      "replies to blog within a day, wonders why they look like a stalker!"

      I didn't realize I had to wait a full day before replying. My bad.

  2. "Attempting to bait a carrier on the Egghelende station, since the Amarr were too scared to do anything but play station games."

    LOL. Nice spin. The carrier was going nowhere. We were keeping you and your Drake in station, because you were stupid enough to dock.

  3. We (Agony) had a suspicion there might have been a CTA for kourmonen :) What with it having 98 people in local at one time or another that evening. (Most violent system in low-sec for the past 2 days now, if not longer. Gratz all around for accomplishing that)

    The past week has really been an absolute blast. Late night alliance and all the other minmatar faction corps, alliances and people have really given us some good fights. Some we lost, some we won, but most of them where very enjoyable.

    Sure sometimes you minnies can get a bit overzealous, but that's simply eve for you, and if we fail to escape or disengage then we should have done a better job.

    For me the funnest fights have definitely been the small skirmishes we've had though, where it's just you or/and a couple of your buddies like gritz, wex and bahamut out in BCs, cruisers or AF's, looking for trouble in the neighborhood.

    awesome times, and good fights.

    1. <3 i read that out loud to my

      they reply to you "you had us at hello..." =D

  4. Only two posts... You are correct then, you are not a stalker. You would have needed three posts in rapid succession to be classified as a stalker. Sorry Susan, I am going to have to side with Ponzi on this one.

  5. You should know Fweddit well enough by now to know that "scared" has nothing to do with our thought process. That's giving wayyyy too much credit to our powers of risk assessment. An op isn't over until every one of us has died in a fire.

    No no, we camped you in the station because it was fun.

    1. To be fair, we were hoping it meant your skill points slowed down a little bit because you jump cloned out. :(

  6. FW is really so dead you have to wardec your own militia? Tsk.

    Whatever, fire away. We promise to fire back.

    <3, Rifterlings.

    1. Wait, they war-decd you? I wonder what would happen if Caldari militia joined in as an ally on that war?

    2. They did, but there is more to it than not having targets and being mistakenly AWOX'd by a no-PvP-experience newbie from Rifterlings, apparently, so we're not taking allies for now.

      To answer your second question: it would make no difference to you because the Caldari can already shoot LNA via fact that the Caldari and Minmatar militias are at war.

  7. The battles for Kourmonen over the last week have been beyond belief fun, hours upon hours of wreckage and explosions! One of the most enjoyable parts for me was was that nearly four hour time period last night where neither side could push it beyond (or below) 92%... the time period which includes the battles you mention above. It was a bloodbath, the constant fights, that thrasher gang, the BC gang, the constant back and forth...

    I was the one who threw together the rag-tag hail-Mary gang at the pos. We were taking a break, bit of a calm between the storms... I knew we didn't have the people or the firepower to put up a "proper" fight... but a giggle-all-the-way-to-our-pods fight could be had! I asked everyone to just hop into whatever they didn't care about losing, the hope being we could kill one of your ships. Just one. That's all we wanted... make one little wreck laughing all the way :) So we figured out which one was lined up most directly with a celestial and not actually moving/orbiting, warped in at 30 figuring we'd land about 6 to 8km off the target... and what do you know... he moved a bit while we were in warp! We landed 20-22km off the target - Fail! I couldn't stop giggling enough to even order "get out get out!"

    Giggling just isn't good form when trying to FC a gang... probably why I rarely FC and totally suck at it!

    Thanks for the fights, it's been a blast! Keep them coming!

  8. Hey... SO I heard that you like to let random strangers have pixelated sexy fun times with you :O.... True?

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  10. Poetic Stanziel and Suzan Black? Hmmm I seem to remember a movie that started out like these two "When Harry met Sally." :-)

  11. Ah yes, the three person frigs and drake carrier bait.

    We were quite scared there- so much so we brought out another. And then we brought out yet another.

    We've not at all been thunderdoming off undock with them. Nope- it was purely you baiting us.