Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday I.LAW

You may not live in Huola any more,
And you may find sovereignty a really big bore
The trolling and smacking might rub you raw,
But Happy, Happy Birthday I.LAW!

Almity might rage, and Shalee might defend
And Ryven will troll us right up until the end
I don’t mean to be one iota sappy
But it’s your birthday, and I hope it’s happy!

We may have laughed when you ‘retreated’ to Egg
We may have smacked, when a reset you begged.
But we’re really happy you had the will
To stay and give us things to kill.

Here’s to a year of all your things dying
Here’s to a year of all your guys crying
And here’s to you keeping your militia alive
When there was no hope of getting Tier five.

So Happy Birthday from me to you!
Here’s to another year of us killing you.
I’m sure you’ll return the favor, and send us all running
Winter’s almost here, and Retribution is coming.