Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not in a Plex

Last night, for the first time in quite a while, the Huola area was heralded on Dotlan as being the most dangerous system in EVE, with well over 175 ships killed within a 3 hour period.

Was it a massive fight over a long-held system? Nope. It was just for fun, and not a single one of the major engagements happened inside of a Faction War plex.

I could go into the details of who brought what, and who held the field during which engagement. We lost some, we won some.  At the end we leroyed into a situation where the odds were unwinnably stacked against us. I might have grumbled about the suicide a little on coms, but I admit I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d much prefer flying with a crazy FC who jumps at the chance to kill ::allthethings::, than a risk adverse twinkle toe FC who only fights in perfect conditions.

The important thing is that fun was had by all, and the fact that our hostile overview was twice as long as our friendly overview was good for a few giggles.

Was there smack by our side against Fweddit for bringing 6 blackbirds and other ECM? I’m sure there was. Did Fweddit whine back? I’m sure they did. The inevitable stream of “you brought this when we only brought this” and “you shipped up” or “you shipped down” or “you brought X” was…well…inevitable. I’ve found the act of simply banishing my local channel to a small icon on my neocom to be rather therapeutic.

Earlier in the evening a fight broke out between Late Night and out inter-militia wardec with Damon—whatever their name is. There were several Ushra’Kahn on field that also got thrown into the mix due to the fact they were providing logistics. Apparently, a rather expensive Ushra’Kahn Loki piloted by the Ushra’Kahn CEO himself was destroyed by Late Nighters the night before, but oddly enough there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of friction between LNA and Ushra’Kahn. They protect their pets, and we shoot them if they’re protecting their pets, but overall there are some cool peeps in Ushra’Kahn and we have no intentions of wardeccing them as far as I know. In fact, I think we still fleet with them on occasion. What an odd world Minmatar militia politics are!

Speaking of wars, we have over twenty now, several of which are mutual. We were the target for the Dec Shield thing which has sadly not resulted in anything more to kill. Even the pvp corps who join that thing to get easy highsec kills steer clear of us, as I haven’t seen a single soul in our neck of the woods.

We did find out something fascinating. Did you know, if you repair your OWN alliance’s POS, you get an aggression timer to all your own alliance’s wardecced parties? It was somewhat amusing when I moused over the aggression timer and this huge list of all our wardec corps/alliances showed up…

That means that after repairing your own pos, your wartargets can now freely aggress you in highsec/lowsec for 15 minutes. I’m just going to let you think about that one for a few minutes….lol

Anyway, I have the suspicion that we’re in for some good pew pew in the upcoming days from a variety of parties. Especially if the Amarr make a move for Huola…which I’m thinking they will. Fighting on gates and leroying for fun is one thing. You try not to blob too much, and you try to match their ship types. But a threat to our home—all bets are off. If they’re serious, they better be prepared to bring it.

Because you won’t take Late Night’s staging system with tech 1-fit thrashers, and local smack.


  1. I was actually one of the logi pilots in that intra-militia fight (though I'm not U'K or DK -- just a guy who likes flying with Jesse Arr).

    I hadn't really been paying attention to the wardec shenanigans that DK had been getting into, so when one of the scouts excitedly announced they'd tackled a war target the next system over, I didn't think anything of it... until we landed on grid and EVERYONE was purple to me.

    I was a bit bemused, to say the least, and since I think an in-militia-wardec is kind of pant-on-head retarded to begin with, I just locked up the first eight guys on my overview, regardless of corp ticker, and repped anyone getting shot.

    Didn't save me from getting blow up eventually (not that I expected it to), but whatever. The ship was cheap, and logi's fun regardless.

    1. In-militia wars are dumb, but that fight was the first equal-numbers fight we've had in a long time. Damu'Khonde+fleet might have been outgunned, but heck if that wasn't fun.

  2. I don't think any of us want to take Huola. Fweddit would have to stage out of Kourm, for one, and I don't think any of us want to stage anywhere but Egghelende. As it turns out, there's little point staging in FW space.

    But I could be wrong, there may be secret Fweddit director meetings discussing this very thing.

    As for Agony ... who knows ...

    1. Agony is here for the fights. Good, bad, heart-racing hand-shaking exhilarating, disastrous or miraculous; all that matters is the fight. And those were damn good fights last night! <3

  3. And I apologize for calling you a stupid ***** on the Twitters last evening.

    You get DHD on comms for a couple hours, and everyone ends up with a hate-filled rage.

    I'm no fan of your particular style of spin ... but I don't hate you.

    1. You could also try relaxing a bit and be yourself without choking on your own bile trying to impress your new Fwiends. If you need to go out of your way to be an ***hole just to feel like you fit in, than I have news: YOU are the who's one getting hazed here, brah.

    2. Apology accepted.

      I really expected better from you Poetic. You are a good writer, and have had some solid ideas, and you seemed sensible enough when you were in Late Night. I always knew you were a bit of an attention seeker, but your latest behavior borders on lunacy. You don't seem to understand where the line is.

      I don't care if you want to spend the time photo shopping bizarre posters of me that you can post on your blog and link a million times in local. I don't care if you want to spout off at me writing propaganda and lies, or link my name in local over and over again with various alterations. It's not new, and certainly not original, though I'm not entirely sure what action or idea from me has spawned such obsession on your part.

      But to threaten and bash my friends because they are my friends? To call me a bitch in-game for blocking you, and then turn to Twitter so you can call me vulgar names there?

      I'm not surprised that people you fly with are embarrassed by you and message me to apologize for your behavior.

      You have issues. And I don't have patience.

    3. That was, bar none, the worst "apology accepted" I've ever read.

      Poe's acting like an ass, but seriously, reread what you wrote -- that's just fuel to start the whole cycle up again.

    4. I can guarantee that no one in Fweddit has written to you to apologize for me. What I've said about you is exceptionally mild, compared to what a significant number of people say about you over here.

      I have a distaste for you because you are delusional.

      The photoshopping is amusing because it is true and you are eveFamous.

      The other problem I have is that Hans spends so much time taking at face value your terrible ideas for FW and your very terrible statistics, which only serve yourself, not FW as a whole.

      I don't hate you. I apologize for calling you a bitch, but you are a terrible person.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. Ooh, cat fight.

      You are both losing here, you realize that, don't you?

    7. So, when are you two going to get a room together and "sort out your differences"?

  4. Yup, clearly not a stalker.

  5. If we took huola I would have to travel more systems to fight sumdumgi. I wouldn't be a fan.

    I'm not privy to all our plans, but if fairly sure our main primary objective from the high vizier of strategic planning within the combined high command council of factional warfare things has told us to go forth and pew things.

    1. *EDIT* "If we took huola I would have to travel more systems to kill sumdumgi." *Fixed* - Nerf-bat coming for the executioner, petitioning today! :D

      While I'm very sure the farmers continue to farm, Agony, Fweddit and Ilaw continue to bring great fights. We often make our way out of Huola to stir the bees up and are rarely let down...even traveling all the way to Egg... OMG like 4 jumps! With Heretics hosting frigfest a couple jumps away and the regular piratey-types and neutrals around, the space between Egg and Kam is awesome most nights.

      I'm excited that CCP continues to change and tweak FW, for good or bad, I love that they seem to hear this section of players and want to make the game more enjoyable for us.

      Long live FW!

  6. sometimes i feel like all the sovgrenty stuff gets in the way of what FW pilots, almost exclusively (not farmers, now) want. That is, good fights. A target rich enviornment. Yeah we want to make isk in fw to afford replacement ships. We used to go on one and two week carebear runs to keep in the isk. Now that we don't need to do that, it has been nice. I just don't want to over complicate things in FW. Fun fights, less things for hangers on to whore isk out of!

    1. Problem is your opponents are dirt poor after months and months of fighting. If you saw my wallet you would wonder how I even had stuff to fly. I've been living off the little plexing i did with my minmatar alt. That isk is now gone. Once I run out of ships I either have to plex on an alt or buy plex with irl money.

    2. Honestly though, the same is true for a lot of the actual "fighters" on the Minmatar side. Sure, there are people who abused the system to make a lot of ISK, but there were Amarr dudes who did the same with alts. There are also a lot of people who didn't abuse the system for the same reason they never did missions: it's PVE and boring as fuck.

      I'm dirt poor and have been for most of my EVE career, surviving on a few billion I made 3/4 years ago when I just started out as a highsec'r scamming dudes in Rens (LOL).