Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Same Story, Different Day

Oatmeal bread. Warm, homemade oatmeal bread slathered with real butter, and slightly crispy around the edges. Yum…

Anyway, that’s what I was munching on for dinner when I jumped on coms last night. Fweddit was busy at work drawing graffiti on Kourmonen’s stations, peeing on the gates, and partaking in their usual man-bonding local chanting where they pretend to be some sort of Gallus Gallus. (Minmatar anthropologists who studied this behavior originally thought it was a sort of Fweddit mating ritual, but have lately determined that it is actually an initiation process for their newer recruits.)

Late Night was firing up a fleet of armor BCs, hoping to have a chance against their superior numbers, but determined to go help the rest of militia with the Oyonata take down instead. It was just approaching a vulnerable state, and would probably attract Amarr for a variety of pvp opportunities.

As soon as we reached the system, we were immediately called upon by the mixed-militia fleet to go remove some hostile Stabber Fleets from the I-HUB. The friendlies were in small stuff that couldn’t really stand against the superior Minmatar-built faction cruisers, no matter who they were piloted by.

We made short work of two of the Fleet Stabbers, chasing off the rest, and then proceeded to camp the gate. (Looking back, I’m not sure why we didn’t shoot the I-HUB. I think our FC probably forgot about that detail in the plan for taking the system…)

The Fweddit gang arrived on our heels, immediately heading to one or other plex in system. Not able to enter the plex, we nabbed one or two of them entering, then went and nabbed one or two more as they swapped plexes a little while later.

Intel reports were indicating additional Amarr fleets on the way, and we were not disappointed. Local spiked, and we now totaled 80-90 Amarr in system, and about 33 Minmatar in our combined gang, including scout alts and boosters.

Part of the Amarr gang comprised of a rather significant BC/Absolution fleet with several guardian logistics. We quickly departed for various safe spots to wait an opportune time to make ourselves even more scarce. It was obvious they were more interested in securing their system at that point then engaging in a fight, as there was no way we could accumulate that many pilots.

Some of our fleet immediately deposited their ship in station and went off to make some LP. Some of us hung out for a while, chewing the fat and arguing over various strategies on killing 80 people with 30, eventually moving our BCs back down the pipe to Huola when the motivation struck.

We eventually formed up another Late Night fleet. (We were kind of just flying around without one until someone needed a warp-in and we realized we didn’t have a fleet at all anymore…)

An Amarr fleet was wandering around Kourm. They had around 30, and we only had about a dozen but we decided to go for it anyway. It’s amazing how few 30 looks after staring at 85 in local….

Anyway, we had ourselves a brawl, which was rather enjoyable for all involved. The battlereport is here.

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