Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Day

Last night I did something that surprised even myself –I started a general militia fleet. I was curious as to how many people we could get. I left the FCing to fatmanpaul who is significantly more patient then I am, but opened up the advert and accepted every person that asked to join.

At peak, we had a sizeable group of around 28 pilots. Many of them were Late Night though, and not general militia folks. However, I was somewhat impressed by the general militia folks we did pick up. They were very respectful and very quiet. No crazy coms that required Advil to deal with, and not much derpage, except for the dude who insisted he bring a hurricane to our frigate/thrasher party.

Unfortunately, the Amarr still outnumbered us 3 to 1, so there was not much we could take head on. With the amount of sensor boosters we had in fleet, we were able to kill quite a few things just by camping gates on and off and instapopping things as they came through. We killed several small things this way, and even took out a few battlecruisers that jumped through unscouted.

(Ironically, the most common response in local was ‘nice blob’ which I found to be somewhat ironic.)
Eventually the Amarr came back around again, sporting a huge fleet of cruisers, BCs, cynabals, tier 3 BCs and a lot of other things, not to mention the usual massive thrasher fleet that lurked nearby. Fatmanpaul had headed to bed, so we ended up just standing the fleet down, our numbers already dwindling at that point, and still no match for the Amarr’s masses.

The system we were attempting to take the day before was still in Amarrian hands. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen any side actually attempt (for real, not just for lulz) to defend a system before. In addition, two Minmatar systems were lost, bumping the Amarr back up to 14 systems. The most systems they have ever had at one time post-Inferno is 16, and they have fallen as low as 11.

We are also now at level 2 Warzone control, which means our LP store prices are double what they were before Inferno. The reaction to this has been varied and amusing. Some people are completely unconcerned, realizing it doesn’t take much LP to raise the level up significantly. (and you only need it up long enough for people to go shopping for a few minutes) Others in militia seemed worried—as if we are completely doomed.

Who knows, maybe we are all doomed. The best word to describe Late Night&Co as of late is ‘sleepy.’

However, I can’t help but notice the faint smell of blood in the air.

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