Monday, June 25, 2012

Inferno 1.1 and Faction War

This morning’s patch fixed a few Faction Warfare bugs, as well as introduced some adjustments to various mechanics.

The first fix I noticed (and the most important in my opinion) was the fix to the plexing bug that caused plexes not to de-spawn or give out LP properly. This has been a rather big blight on Faction War since Inferno went live. Though it existed before the Expansion, the seriousness of it magnified as people flocked to the plexes to make LP and flip systems for the new Warzone Control tiers.

Things got pretty heated as many people accused various Factions of using the bug purposefully in an exploitive manner –rigging systems for defensive purposes.

The second major change was the removal of all e-war from plexing NPCs. I think this was also a good change. While I don’t particularly care about things being completely cookie-cutter equal between each militia, I think it’s dumb if you can’t do a plex due to being perma-jammed by rats.

The third change was the addition of “highly expensive clothing offers” in the LP store.
I wonder how many people will be flocking to the LP store to buy those?

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  1. I think you meant highly INexpensive clothing offers. The current offers are 100-500 aurum.

    1. I'm talking about the Faction War clothing, which is expensive in the LP store. Not the new, regular Aurum clothing offers.