Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Late Nighter

I logged on to militia TS3 to see practically no one on. This has been happening more and more lately, with a lot of our pvp happening later in the evening.

Galdornae was on, so I jumped into corp channel and chit-chatted for a little while, while running around in a few nearby systems to see if anything was out to play. It was so quiet I decided to do some missions and make some LP until things heated up a bit. I think I made it one jump to the nearest agent before getting distracted by something or other and completely forgetting I was about to go mission….

Gritz1 jumped down to give us some intel about some wartargets. I would tell you what it was, but then I’d have to kill you. Needless to say Late Night is now at war with another Minmatar alliance. There was your usual drama of someone shot some friendly.--and of course, the entire he-said/she-said that goes with it over who “started it.” Sometimes I feel like I fly with elementary children.

At any rate, they happen to be some sort old enemies of Bahamut420, who made it quite clear in a rather fantastically ragey alliance mail a little while later that we have every intention of actively hunting and killing them. Apparently someone from AUTOZ emailed him and said that they didn’t want to shoot them because they had personal blue standings with one of the corps…


At any rate, there was something or other to kill, so we decided we should actually get into a channel on TS3 together and go kill them. You know…instead of being spread out into 5 channels and half talking in our in-game channel as we had been doing.

I don’t know what we ended up killing, but it always amuses me how anything resembling a ‘fleet’ on TS draws flies like honey. Or channel quickly exploded with random Minmatar hopeful that there was a fleet going on and an FC leading it that could tell them exactly what to do and where to go.


Of course we only sort of had an FC. More like 4-5 sort-of FCs, and a few others who think they are FCs but are really just being annoying. Mix in random people asking about every 60 seconds where the fleet is, and/or what we are flying, and what they should bring, and you have a decent idea of why I needed a few Advil last night. Not to mention the reandom “check-Check-checkity checks” where self appointed scouts burst into coms giving the details of a hostile merlin that sneazed in a system 50,000 jumps away, or the wartarget that’s ‘camping’ a station in highsec—where 99.9999% of us can’t go.


Scrub: “Hey, what do you want me in FC?”
FC: “Lets get into armor BCs guys.”
Scrub: “Well all I have is a caracal….so I’ll just bring that.”


We camped Kamela for a while and got quite a few kills. A few of my corpies retreated to a different channel, not really being able to ‘handle’ fleet at that moment. Galdornae dragged me down to corp channel let me know his alt was almost to Bordan with some fuel.

For my birthday, Galdornae gave me a Moros, only it was 16 or so jumps away. So, we proceeded to move it. Only one mid point was needed, which wasn’t too bad. I probably won’t be using it any time soon as I’m still training up the skill for the tech 2 siege module.


Once that chore was done I jumped back into fleet.


We were chasing something or other near Lamaa, when we suddenly got reports everywhere of Amarr gangs. It was really confusing at first because a Fweddit Thrasher gang was reported, then no it was an I.Law cruiser gang, then no it was some other random battlecruiser gang.

The gang was on the Kourm gate. No they were on the Kamela gate. No they were in Kamela on the Lamaa gate…

Finally, we realized that we had three separate Amarr gangs at three separate locations mostly surrounding us. With only 15 pilots to their 40+ it was somewhat sketchy.

We made our way around and through their gang to reach Kourmonen and dock up. A few people got caught here and there but we were mostly in small or cheap stuff.

Outnumbered nearly 3 to 1, with absolutely chaos in coms, we made the obvious Late Night decision:


Baha gave the order to ship to BCs and we catapulted ourselves to our obvious doom. We died to the last man, taking quite a few of them down with us. Some even reshipped and came back, and died again.

But it was kinda funny in a morbid sort of way, and quite a lot of fun, which is ultimately all that matters. We can’t roll the Amarr all the time or they’ll pack up and leave the warzone.


After that we shipped up to BSes and attempted to drop triage carriers on them. Yeah, that didn’t work.
The gang mostly went back to camping Kamela hoping another Amarr gang would show up, and I dropped down to corp channel to get away from the chaos. Oddly enough nearly every member of my corp was online, which is a highly unusual thing. It fact, it has never happened before since I’ve joined.

Muskells declared that we should have an official corp meeting. But then we got distracted by something to kill and ended up doing what is arguably the most fun thing to do in Eve, in my opinion:


We roamed around a bit, found a few things to kill. An alliance wartarget fleet was reported 5 jumps away, but two  corpmates/corpy alts who were in the area killed them all before we got there.

Anyway, I was getting really sleepy at that point so I tucked the Fleet Stabber into Huola station and decided to call it a night.



  1. Fw got more intense because of inferno, and the influx of newbs is something that was inevitable. minnie militia needs to adapt to this, form a leadership, cut the dramalama and evolve cos whether you like it or not fw resembles null+rvb right now, albeit without any organization. Large fleets are simply painful to listen to, let alone talk in. Too much ego is flying around in comms all the time.

    Yes, i am in militia and i also have participated in many large fleet fights, including the one above.

  2. As one of these newbies to FW and guilty of a lot of the complaints that you mentioned here, what is the least annoying way to get into a late night fleet? I usually jump onto the TS3 server when I log on, but the channels that I have access to as a guest are usually empty.

  3. Yep. Sounds pretty damned typical. Soooo many scrubs in TLF atm. I will admit I'm a lot more tolerant/supportive of them than most of the veteran Late Niters, mostly because I can remember when you all were scrubs too :P

  4. LMAO Susan. You just described Gal Mil comms behavior as well. Well, except for the #leroyjenkins

    And for us, it's;

    Scrub: “Hey, what do you want me in FC?”
    FC: “Lets get into Nano BCs guys.”
    Scrub: “Well all I have is a thorax or catalyst….so I’ll just bring that.”

  5. so, upon finding out that your mighty minmitar are just goon puppets... how do you feel? I was about to join faction warfare until I saw the most recent scam. Eve the game seems to be losing to Meta Gaming. The people playing the meta game are just watching for flaws to exploit in expansions and patches, and internet spaceship fighting, just cruising out in your ship for gf's seems to be a secondary concern of the people with the most resources in the game.

    Anyway, back to my question, how do you feel about the fact that the last few months of activity you've been writing about were false? You thought something was going on, yet actually the goons netted trillions of isk, by keeping your faction on top, and scamming the LP system. So everything you've written about, all your excitement, it wasn't actually you or your friends doing much of anything... That must be disheartening.

    1. Lol, you're a dumwit if you think that the additional pvp activity in FW has anything to do with anyone "manipulating the LP market."

      Also, system upgrades do not make it easier or harder to take systems, so no matter how much LP an outside power throws at the system, it's still not going to gain them the systems they need to be able to reach those tiers in the first place.
      Taking systems still requires plexing, and pvp, and i-hub removal and anyone who tells you any different is either a retard or is trying to sell you something.

      As far as warzone control manipulation through building up our upgrades, I could really care less. Anyone with a couple afternoons of solid mission running can gain enough LP to bring our entire store up to lvl 5 again single handedly, so pardon me if I don't wilt at the idea that we don't suddenly have some null-sec alliance's help keeping things together. We did just well before Inferno without outside interference, and we'll do plenty fine after they leave.

    2. With susan and co. what could go wrong? ;)