Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No LP to Save the World

An interesting theory that I have seen crop up in recent days is the idea that the lack of LP payouts for defensive plexing helps the Amarr. Their reasoning is very simple, and seems to make sense. Since defensive plexing is boring, and produces no income, a Faction that has a large amount of space to defend will be harder pressed than a Faction with less space to defend.

Minmatar and others who have raised the question of rewarding LP for defensive plexing have often been cut down quickly by Amarr who say “how dare you take the one thing that is actually in our favor.”
Ironically, the Amarr have been so distracted defending their ‘only hope’ that they have missed a rather critical detail:

The Minmatar aren’t defensively plexing as a primary means to defend their space. Since the monetary motivation is in offensive plexing, as I have explained before, their primary means of defense is by offensively taking systems to replace the ones they’ve lost.

Since our ability to defend, based on this strategy, lies in our ability to take the Amarr’s space as quickly as the Amarr takes ours, the fact that offensive plexes are the only ones that offer LP payouts actually helps us. Since the Amarr have 55 systems to offensively plex in and we have 15, it is easier for us to flip systems since our plexers are restricted to a much smaller area of operation.

Ultimately, the Amarr have to deal with a plexing base that is spread out, whereas the Minmatar can simply sit back and wait for greed to run its course in a very concentrated area of space—and simply flip the systems that are plexed to vulnerability as a process of natural course.

I should probably also mention that by their own admission, the Amarr participate in this process by plexing the system on Minmatar alts.

Well, crap.

A few days ago I would have concluded this post with an objective deduction as to how this constitutes stacked mechanics that somewhat negate terms of risk vs. reward. But, I will let you make your own conclusions for I find myself asking a much more important question.

Do I really care?

Boo hoo, the Amarr make claims that everything is against them. But, they’re freakin’ plexing against themselves. They support mechanics that kick them in the ass, simply because the Minmatar suggest solutions. On the one hand they write about how they don’t have a chance, and on the other hand they write chest beating accounts on how they roll the Minmatar. It’s like a manic circus of demented clowns.

And no.
No, I do not care.

Let it burn.
Let it all burn.



  1. Don't lump the Amarr militia in to one general group. While we're all in the militia, there are a lot of divisions amongst us. For the majority of us, we hate the people with Minmatar farm alts and will even kill their alts when we run across them.

    You're selecting a very vocal minority that seems to think CCP fucked us over and that the war is hopeless. When in reality, a lot of the larger and more active corporation (including Fweddit) are having a blast with these new changes and we love being the underdog at the moment.

    1. Glad to hear it.

      The problem with vocal minorities is that they're.. you know, vocal.

  2. I had no idea that some amarr roll minmatar alts just to farm LP. That does kind of sadden me and does cheapen any arguments about balance, etc. I wonder how wide spread that phenomena is.

    In regard to your first point about offensive plexing as a defense, and how it helps or hinders each side, I think it's a wash.

    "The Minmatar aren’t defensively plexing as a primary means to defend their space. Since the monetary motivation is in offensive plexing, as I have explained before, their primary means of defense is by offensively taking systems to replace the ones they’ve lost."

    Our strategy for defense is based on taking systems from the amarr as quickly as they take systems from us BECAUSE there is no LP benefit to defensive plexing. If defensive plexing paid the big LP and offensive plexes did not, we would defend the systems we already hold. There are pros and cons to both strategies and we would just trade the ups and downs to stick with the method that also gets us LPs.

  3. Not everyone is in the mindset of war zone control=winning. I can stomp a minnie fleet or push them off field and win. You can hold every system and still lose fights. In the case the battles are what matters most to me. Fuck the war.

    And Susan read my blog!!!!!


  4. I sucked about 600k LP out of upgraded Minmatar systems in the rear last night. I wasn't the only one back there either. I moved through three systems with no upgrades at all and many more that we're pulled down from 5. You might want to think about doing some security sweeps or not being so 'concentrated.'


  5. This is the fifth blog in a row where you not so subtely try to attack the rule that you do not get lp for defensive plexing.

    And you say removing this rule would actually help amarr? Yeah ok. Thanks anyway.

    I don't think you understand the point of the last five blogs. The last five blogs were not about Amarr complaining about the current mechanics. It was about susan (who is minmatar) complaining about the current mechanics.

    Specifically Susan is so upset that she can't farm lp by defensive plexing that she wrote five blogs why CCP should change the rules, so she can. She has argued everything from that is how the real world works, to that is how null sec works, to now she is trying to say it will help the amarr. LOL.

    She is right that this rule should bother her though. Because it is likely what will bring an end to minmatar dominance if amarr ever gets smart.


    1. Fifth blog in a row where you complain about no lp for defensive plexing. But no you don't care.

      Anyone who thought you did care, would surely have to be wearing a tinfoil hat.


    2. LOL @ Susan needing isk so bad she'd write (5) blogs and a forum post to change the system so she can make less money / hr defensively than she can already make by running FW missions or offensively plexing.

      You clearly have no idea about Susan's financial situation. I completely understand how someone thinking she lives off of LP profit could come to this conclusion though, its alright.

    3. All I want to do is farm via orbiting buttons for 15 minutes, but you Amarr are taking that away from me by not having enough space for me to offensive plex in.

      It’s NOT FAIR.

    4. It doesn't matter whether she farms them or not. The point is her faction would be rewarded for holding onto the systems that allow her to get free SFIs.

      It doesn't matter whether she runs missions or gets lp from pvp or whatever. The lp will still be more valuable. Even if she just wants to retain control of the warzone for smack/ego or any other numerous reasons it doesn't matter.

      Giving lp for defensive plexing would be a huge benefit to the minmatar. She clearly is hung up on this idea and she is actually right to be. It is something amarr can easilly use to get back into the war.

      "It’s NOT FAIR."

      Yep we know you think that. After all this is the fifth blog in a row where you complain about it.