Friday, May 4, 2012

Things to Come

As most people probably already know, changes on SiSi would suggest that CCP is moving forward with restricting docking access for FW pilots in the warzone. In a previous post, I posted a screen shot of a message I got while trying to dock in a non-FW related station in Auga--which at that time on SiSi was owned by the Amarr.

The reactions to this news has varied. Some have outright declared that they will leave Faction War if CCP goes through with the changes. Others have said that it's about time changes like these were introduced to Faction War. (There's a vast mixture of opinions on both sides.)

On a more intresting note, the growing tension between the Amarr and the Minmatar reached breaking levels last night as the Minmatar pushed to take two critical systems -- Kourmonen and Auga.

Though I generally can't stand plexing, I've been tagging along on various plexing runs, in the off chance a fight ensues. I was not disappointed last night as we began the grind to flip Auga. With the Amarr jumping significant forces in to defend the system, and Unprovoked Aggression Alliance also roaming around the system in a sizeable gang as well, the Minmatar had to actually start making decisions about who and what to fight first.

At one point, the Minmatar fleet warped onto a gate, expecting to activate the gate and fight the Amarr we knew were inside defending the plex. However, we ended up catching UA before they were completely set up on the gate, and ended up engaging them instead.

Meanwhile, the Amarr bounced out of the plex, and warped into the fight, attempting to turn it into a bloody three way. Since we were so spread out after chasing UA off gate in several directions, we ended up regrouping on the Dal gate. The Amarr soon followed and engaged us in what turned out to be another major engagement for the evening.

Overall, in the space of a few hours, we have many back to back engagements as the Amarr attempted to defend their system, and Unprovoked Aggressed jumped into the mix, shooting both sides.

In the end, the Minmatar were victorious in taking Auga, further tipping the current balance of control between the Amarr and Minmatar factions.

Thursday night's factional bloodbath is probably only the beginning to a mad struggle for power before the Inferno expansion arrives.



  1. Sigh... I've been plexing in Auga all week but missed this one--too many beers and tacos last night. Good job guys.

  2. The bigger question is: can you do complexes in system your faction no longer owns?

    Not only should those not be accessible, but you should only be offered them in controlled systems if you participated in a kill mail that week ... as a victim or as a victor.

    1. "Not only should those not be accessible"

      lol...plexes are how we take systems. wouldn't work very well if you couldn't access them if someone else owned the system...