Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yo Ho a Pirate's Life?

Someone on our fleet coms said something really funny last night. "At the rate of our sec statuses, we might as well all go pirate."

Mind you, this has been something my corp has advocated for a while, but getting others in Minmatar Militia to follow suite has been somewhat tedious.  Needless to day, me and Gald (the two Ka Pow Pow members of the fleet at that time) heartily cheered at the idea, even though several others were somewhat disgruntled.
In the fleets/gangs/small gang sort-of gangs, we seem to kill more neutrals lately then we do Amarr. I'm not sure why this is--whether a lack of Amarr or more plentiful neutrals or a combination of both.

Last night, a more familiar group of neutrals rolled through in a few battleships. We had plenty to kill them with but apparently experience has told some of our fleet members that these guys most likely have multiple triage archons, logistics and a 20ish man faction BS gang on standby. After a quick ship-scan through the vessels they were GCCing around system, sure enough one had a cyno. Suddenly, a little more planning was in order.

Idealy, we wanted caps of our own on stanby, but our experienced archon pilots were either AFK, or simply not online.

Needless to say, after several suggestions by me which included various ways to leory, (which they didn't end up doing) the powers that be in fleet finally decided to get us all in rangy stuff--nano drakes, hacs, recons and the like. A very unusual fleet for LateNight -- they are usually not interested in rangy stuff much, and usually troll Predator Elite when he does his infamous range gangs.

Needless to say the neutrals promptly ran away, as fast as they could, after significant and lengthy smacktalking in local.

Then we did a assault frigate/frigate gang which was quite fun. We didn't get very far because we kept finding random neutrals to camp or chase around. We didn't end up with a ton of kills but enough to make it an entertaining evening.

Today will be interesting because any alliances that immediately joined militia after the patch will be over their 24 hour timer and we should start seeing new blues and reds. There has been rumors of a new Amarr group moving into Huola, which should give those Minmatar that live there some new blood to harass.

And of course, there's always the random neutral gang roaming around to check out FW space that we can leory into once in a while.


  1. Shooting flashy aggressive neutrals ain't pirating... it's actually anti-pirating! NRDS doesn't extend to clear aggressors aka pirates.

  2. I'm curious... couldn't you guys actually call yourselves Privateers for RP purposes? Being military and flashy red should be a badge of honor, if not a distinct plus to the cool factor of anyone's roleplay, should it not?

    your flashy fellow fem fatale
    Mikaila Penshar

  3. Come to the dark side...

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