Friday, January 27, 2012

The Silent Rebellion

It has now been several days since the patch, and Faction War remains quiet. No influx of alliances scrambling to join our ranks. No blobbing wartargets camping our systems. We have had rumors of a single alliance that joined, but very few people have heard of them or seen many of them, and we've seen nothing new in the Amarr for the USTZ.

We did a small frigate roam last night and some of us were so bored we GCCed on another frigate on a gate. I suicided my lolgriffin on the pod, which turned out to be worth it with 80mil worth of implants, but I didn't know that at the time. I just needed to hear some other sound then gate jumps, and see something other then an empty local--even if it was my own ship blowing up at my own hand.

A few Amarr/Minmatar smack each other about taking various systems occasionally but it's only half-hearted. (Maybe quarter-hearted.) After all, taking a system is pointless. Yippee, you get your militia stamped on the left hand corner of your screen. Whoopie Yay.

The Faction War doldrums has had some interesting unforseen sideaffects however. I've noticed that a significant number of militia, day by day, are falling to the dark side -- resorting to piracy to get some pvp action. Some whom I never thought would ever allow their sec statuses to go below -2 are now permanently flashy.

This is interesting to me because it means that Faction War low-sec zones are also becoming more and more dangerous to neutrals. This is not only because more and more militia are resorting to piracy, but because occasionally, militia members get sick of endlessly playing cat and mouse with each other, and team up for a neutral kill. Last night, at least one or two neutral killmails had both Minmatar and Amarr pilots on it.

So, I smile when I heard discussions about the hostility of low-sec. I smile when someone observes that low-sec is becoming more dangerous at times then null, or when discussions occur about the risk vs. rewards being unbalanced in low-sec.

These Faction War pilots may not crash their shuttles into monuments, but boredom is dangerous in the hands of the neglected, and I think that they will someday prove to the rest of EVE that they have a wider impact then people think.


  1. The last major obstacle (ie faction hit for logi bug) of being being perma-flashy was removed from FW. Security status is dropping extremely fast on all FW pilots. I would expect almost everybody in FW to be -5 in a few more weeks.

  2. Well the Next Big Expansion is supposed to address and "fix" FW, so we'll see how that goes. My TLIB alt is mostly sitting in station skilling quietly after having taken him out for a few romps and finding nothing but Amarrian blobs who have no clue how to run a gatecamp. lol

  3. After being out in null again for a fee weeks it was refreshing to take a stroll through lowsec today it all seemed so quiet and calm. No bubbles or hics to trap you up and kill you.

  4. Just Say No to Red and Flashy!