Monday, December 19, 2011

CCP to Modify Custom Offices after Faction War Battle Fiasco

During a large battle for 5 Customs Offices in Tannakan on Saturday, the Amarr militia swapped out the ownership of the Offices causing the entire Minmatar/Gallente fleet to go GCC and lose standings. For those of us that were already permanent pirates, it wasn’t a big deal, but for some people who revere their carebear status this completely unexpected loss of standings and GCC timer was a very big deal.

It was actually kind of funny. One volley, we were shooting Amarrian Offices, and the next volley, we were suddenly shooting a neutral’s Office, creating quite a ruckus in fleet coms when people started to notice their GCCed status and standings loss. I’m sure the Amarr simply chortled in their glee.

CCP responded pretty quickly. Their latest info on the fix:

“Ok so an update on this, we are going to deny transferring ownership while the customs office is being attacked using the normal 15 min cool down on aggression. The real problem here is that players can be tricked into taking a security status hit or entering into combat outside of a wardec without realizing it.
Transferring ownership after a POCO has been put into reinforce for example is still valid and while this does allow owners to force an aggressor who they are at war with to take a security hit they will still be able to decide before hand if they want to do this and not unknowingly engage an owner they are not at war with.
I have hassled people today so that we can get this onto TQ this week but that will ultimately depend on QA checking it so fingers crossed.”
-CCP Nullarbor


  1. Heh, that's a pretty clever use of game mechanics. I take it that the logistics standing issue thing is still an issue? Its been a while since I tried to do the FW thing.


  2. What the Amarr SHOULD have done would be to switch the CO to an alt corp in the minmatar milita. Would have been massive tribal liberation standings hits for the minmatar fleet.

  3. It was last time I checked Liang, I know a couple of my old blues were ratting characters up because some logi pilots didnt like losing standings when repping them