Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Battle of Tannakan

"For the Republic!"

This was the cry heard on Saturday as the glorious Minmatar Republic, along with their allies, the brave souls of the Gallente Federation, burst into the Tannakan system to down 5 Amarrian Customs Offices that were to be coming out of reinforced mode.

Led by the valiant Minmatar Annah Kitheran, the combined Republic and Federation forces numbered in the 60s, including a substantial Guardian squad. It was a fearsome sight, sparking terror in the faces of the Amarr.

Hostilities broke out nearly immediately after the Republic/Federation fleet entered Tannakan. The Amarr had significant battleship forces, and then brought two archons on to the field, cycling their triages so that when one came out the other went in and the previous one could get repaired. Republic/Federation managed to get one archon into structure, but it quickly made it out of triage at the last minute to get repairs.

Also, the Amarr brought significant ECM onto the field, including multiple Scorpions, which began to prohibit some of the guardians' chaining.

Partway into the fight, the Amarr foreces nearly doubled as additional Amarr were titan bridged by the Wolfsbrigade titan located in Kamela.

Seeing that we were so badly outnumbered, even with the Gallente supporting us, Annah wisely retreated the fleet to reevaluate our strategy, and possibly organize some capital support of our own, which until then had not been used.

During this brief time-out, Zenton Karvash, a well known Minmatar capital strategist logged in and began looking into the possibility of friendly capital involvement. Shortly after he and a couple of other Minmatar capital pilots logged in, a scout witnessed seven Amarr carriers cynoing out of system. At the very presence of Minmatar capital pilots in Eve, the Amarr retreated and the Customs Offices were demolished with hardly any further defensive movement from the Amarr.

They refused to engage the Federation/Republic forces with the possibility of Minmatar capital becoming involved, even though they had a sizable capital squad of their own.

Instead, as the customs office were being attacked, the Amarr switched the ownership of the offices to a neutral corporation, causing the entire Federation/Republic fleet to go GCC and take significant standings losses. A significant percentage of the fleet petitioned this action due to many feeling it was an exploit. However discussions of that can be left for another post.

Needless to say, most ignored the GCC and all 5 Customs offices were demolished with a 6th being put into reinforced. It is set to come out sometime on Monday.

After awaiting their GCC timers in station, the Minmatar and Gallente decided to go their separate ways. They were all met, however, with 5 minutes of additional GCC when trying to undock. Some had their GCCs reset oddly while still docked in station.

Republic and Federation pilots did not say much when asked to give a statement about the fight. One commented that he would be handing out neuting abaddons for the next fight, and a Minmatar pilot, Vordak Kallager, wished to say hello to his mother.


  1. Not to be a dick to you or anyone in FW, but why are the Minmatar and Gallente using ships of their enemies (Guardian/Abaddons)?

    It seems to defeat the purpose of **factional** warfare. Or maybe Im putting too much of a lore reason into FW?

  2. LOL @ Silly RP argument about shiptypes, some people don't RP brave person who hides his identity, deal with it.

    Nice fight sorry to hear the Amarr are such sore losers they'll revert to switching ownership out of spite.

  3. Some corps use mostly thier faction ships and weapons. Most just use the most effective tool for the job.

  4. Imo, its not a silly rp arguement. Its a valid option to give faction warfare meaning. There should be limitations and consequences other than blowing up bunkers for FW. Its not neccassarily RP more than it is part of the game of "Factional Warefare". People bitch and moan about FW meaning nothing, here is an option to give it meaning. It forces you to make a committement instead of flip flopping sides on a whim; as has been mentioned a couple times in this very blog.

    Also, Im sorry for my prior post, I didnt realize I forgot to put the sig because Im too lazy to log into my account. Anon comment bout factions using their factions ships made by Korvus Falek.


  5. Commit to? Give meaning? EVE is a game.
    And taking 50 or 75% of the flyable ships away won't make the gameplay any better, not only would it drive people away from FW even more it would make fleet doctrines horribly limited and predictable on both sides.
    Do you really want FW where only the Caldari can use Falcons and Blackbirds? And only the Amarr can bring Triage Archons? And Rapiers and Huginns become minny exclusive?

    Also having done some FW in the past with -7.something standing to the Minny faction I don't think I'll be joining that side anytime soon.

    Oh p.s. I was in 1PG at the time who have one of those Amarr ships only rules which is fine, but sometimes I still chat to some of (ex)members. Only recently one of them shortly after leaving informed me how nice it was to be finally flying a Jaguar...

  6. i don't know where you retards get your intel but there were never 7 Amarr carriers in Tannakan. There were 2. An none cyno'd out. You also forgot to mention you waited until half the Amarr fleet stood down before you came back with a WTF blob.