Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Amarr Forfeit Their Capitals

The slaughter occurred pretty early in the evening last night.

I logged on and did a short jaunt to Raa with the late night Euro guys and early evening US folks to take down a vulnerable bunker. I'm usually not into that sort of thing, but it was discussed that the Amarr may try to defend so I went along in case a battle broke out.
However, the Amarr were stoking up to defend their Customs Office in Huola which was coming out of reinforced a mere hour from that time, so they made no effort to play with us in Raa.

After a good 45 minutes break, we re-fleeted to take down the Customs Office. Since Crucible was deployed, the militia has fought several battles over planetary resources. Living in close quarters in low-sec, it makes sense that this would be a byproduct of the expansion for faction war.

We had eyes on a considerable number of Amarr battleships, as well as several capitals they were obviously planning to drop. In the beginning, several people in our own fleet had doubts over whether we would have the upper hand.

We managed to rustle a sizable fleet however, including 4 guardians, a scorpion, many other battleships, and Bahamut420 in his archon.

Our battleships warped to the Customs Office just before it came out of reinforced and began shooting it immediately. It was not long before the Amarr arrived, landing at a tactical 100k from our fleet.

The Amarr eventually warped back to the station, not really doing any good way out there, and we continued our siege on the Customs Office.

Oddly, several combat probes started to appear around our fleet. (We were sitting a mere 10k off the Customs Office, so it was't really necessary for them to probe us. We were trying to make it easy for them to get at us.)

Shortly after, their entire fleet landed on us at optimal ranges, including a Nidhogger piloted by Eran Mintor which was immediately named primary by one of our FCs.

We burned at the carrier, and it was not until he was in armor before Eran warped his second carrier in: an archon piloted by his alt, Daemonde Ardishapur. The Archon was called secondary, and then primary as the Nidhogger exploded in a flash of wreckage. As this was happening, 3 hostile Revelations warped to the field. 

You could tell, in fleet that several in my fleet were a little nervous as more dreads began to arrive. I kept hearing "Are you okay, Baha?" in coms. (Baha was our only capital on the field.) To which he merrily replied he was perfectly okay. He could "self-rep like a boss" due to his perfect skill set.

As we began to deal heavy blows on the Archon, our FCs had as many people as possible spread points on the Revelations, ensuring that they would not leave the field. Galdornae, along with his alt, headed up the neutralizing battleship effort. M0220, in a neuting scorp, near permajammed the hostile scorpion, eliminating their ECM from the field, while dealing damaging neutralizing effects and staying in close rang to our archon's reps.

Ya Nor, along with three others kept up a tight guardian-logistics ring along with our highly experienced solo capital pilot, Bahamut 420.

Instead of issuing a call to arms to support their in-trouble capitals, the Amarr support fleet abandoned their capitals on the field, most of the battleships running from the fight to the nearby station. The revelations, when they saw they were completely locked down, each initiated their self destructs.

The Amarr suffered the loss of 2 carriers and 3 dreads, along with a few smaller things. Due to extremely well organized logistics, the Minmatar lost a Hurricane, by last count on the killboard. (The battlereport is messed up due to a previous, smaller engagement on the kourmonen gate,  and many of our pilots appear twice.)

This was the second and third capital losses for Eran Mintor in the last week. Him, and several members of his fleet subsequently rage quit immediately after the fight.

Manos Kdo and Zenton Karvash were primary Minmatar fcs, with some help from Bahamut420 during the engagement. Said Zenton afterwards,
 "If Eran knew what he was doing, we might've had a challenge at least."

Many other incredulous comments were made in fleet by the Minmatar, wondering how such a near perfect victory could have been achieved.

*No nuetrals were involved in this engagement.


  1. Why don't the Caldari ever do this? :)

    Nice write up, sounded a fun fight.... for your lot!

  2. Good write up. Nice that you provide us some who's who.

  3. I was shocked when I read that they abandoned their caps! Wow.

    Pretty good AAR here, wish there were more of them around. Keep it up please.

  4. Oops! Looks like I mixed up Eran and his alt. It has been fixed.

  5. Damn, I missed it again. Been under the weather and missing out...

  6. Lol I love the hate I get from you guys <3 Will see you again soon for a round 2.

  7. I should also note we didn't have 20 BS. We had about 12-15. Your reporting sux

  8. *looks for where she says the Amarr had 20 BSes*

  9. look in the vid you linked ;)

  10. Ahh, well. As you can see I didn't make that video. I just linked it.

  11. if eran knew what he was doing, maybe his comments would not suck :P

  12. Lets not troll Eran out of game guys.
    He brings us delicious treats often.

  13. What kind of scrublord dosen't siege his dread?