Monday, November 7, 2011

The Results

Due to Survey Monkey putting a cap on their free survey, I’m only allowed to see the first 100 submissions to the survey, which I didn’t find out until I reached 111 submissions. Thanks for all of you who participated! Sorry to those who logged on and found it closed. As soon as I found out the limitations, I flipped the switch. I will be looking for a new, free survey website if anyone has some recommendations.

Anyway, the results I could see are as follows:

What best describes your outlook on the upcoming Winter Expansion?

52% Responded “I am really excited.”
18% Responded “It’s about time.
18% Responded “I think it’s going to be good.”
8% Were skeptical, and 3% said “Meh, whatever.” There was also one poor dude who didn’t know what expansion I was talking about.

What do you think is the most important change that will be included in the Winter Expansion?
37.4% chose Changes to hybrids & ammo.
34.3% chose new ships.
11 % chose supercapital changes.
PI, Graphical changes and ‘Other’ came in 4%, 6.1%, and 7.1% respectively.

47% of the people taking the survey had previewed changes made on Sisi.

If you could add one additional change to the Winter Expansion, what would it be?

The answers for this question were varied and very interesting!  FW and Assault frigs were a common theme. There were also many, many more ideas as shown in the following cloud:

Player-run customs offices, 4th bonus for AFs, redesign existing ships,  new models for existing ships, T3 frigates, self destruct generates a killmail, switching toons without logging off, miniskirts, buff low-sec, buff the naga, stop wartargets from docking in the opposing militia’s stations, more new ships, remove supers from the game, tracking boost on dreads, rework on-station mechanis for combat, tech 2 exploration BC’s, go back to the old font, small gang warfare buffs, new POS system, oreo cookies, faction and officer damage controls, changing T3 subsystems at a POS, no off grid link boosting, fix low-sec, more PVE content, establishments, make the T1 logi cruisers viable as logistics training ships, more new ship designs, a pure exploration cruiser/BC, nighthawk buff, war declarations mechanics overhall, another midslot for the deimos, every year giving pilots on lvl5 skills that can be trained in half the time or trade one skill for another, POS changes, make fighter-bombers unable to launch in low-sec,  nerf the ability to remain AFK cloaked forever, missile launchers modeled on ships, new Raven skin, alliance bookmarks, engine trails, more ship and weapon balancing, strippers, ability to respect skillpoints, bounty hunting profession, hi-sec war mechanics, drake EHP nerf, more mining, tier 2 destroyers, CONCORD buff to discourage suicide ganking, ability to rename SMA’s at POSes, GCC reform/elimination, real exploration where you can enslave populations to make isk.

In addition, there were 8 further references to faction war and an additional 3 references to some sort of assult frigate buff.

In the rating section:

The Winter Expansion received a 4.18/5.00 rating.
CCP rated at 3.53/5.00 with 11 giving a 1 or a 2 rating
and CSM came in at 3.23/5.00 with 22 giving a 1 or a 2 rating.

Additional comments given:

“The nebulae really do look great…”

“Changes to PI = No more passive gravy train for ISK.”

“Making the naga a terrible ship really is a big middle finger to caldari pvpers who need a ship to be excited about. Stop pandering to the Minmatar.”

“They better not forget about FiS content ever again.”

“Make my spaceships shine.”

“Ask me again a week after it’s been released.”

“I want to believe…..”

“I’m going to work in a near-blizzard tomorrow. To me, this qualifies as winter. We’ve seen metric ton of devblogs about what’s supposed to be in this “winter expansion”, but um…we still have no clue what it’s going to be called? As the german colonel character on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In used to say: “Veeeeeryyyy iiinnnntereshtink.” And so it begins, with the avalanche started, and it being too late for the pebbles to vote. Is that enough B5 references in one sentence? I thought so. ;)”

“This expansion is full of a number of small, not-too-complex changes meant to please players and get the old ones back. I just don’t understand why it took and emergency 180 in company policy and lay-offs to do so, as many of these bones we’ve been thrown could have been dealt with quite easily a long time ago.”

“Concerned with how long it will take to actually get out. Also QC might be an issue.”

“YAY to new stuff, ships, mods, balancing, and good stuff.”

“I would really like to know the name.”

“Seems like a very good stepping stone to better future expansions. Would be perfectly happy for CCP to do 1 upgrade/fix expansion and 1 new content/gameplay expansion every year.”

“The ‘loot all’ button should be accompanied by at least a ‘sell all’ button!”

“I am excited, but only because CCP is finally doing work they should have done over a year ago.”

“Just hoping it will mix things up enough, to make pvp less boring.”

“We’re in for a very interesting, and good looking winter. I’m a fan of WiS and don’t like the fact that we’re going to have to wait for establishments etcetera, but I love what CCP is doing at the moment.”

“I think its what Eve need so good job on that CCP.”

“It’ll be good for the game. Hope they can satisfy the FiS crowd some so they can do work with WiS still. As they need to expand no matter how much we wanna fight it.”

“All these changes are only doable now because carbonization is almost done. I am glad they are doing them now at long last. When the CQ tech gets a couple more tweaks I think we will see it roled out in a big way as well.”

“Pick one: Remove Aurem –or- Give transfer/contract sale ability to move existing AUR.”

“CCP has really turned things around. Added an additional account as a result.”

“I’m pleased about CCP’s apparent renewed enthusiasm for FiS features, but I hope that development will continue on features that please all types of players and not just the vocal (and influential) minority.”

Thanks to all who participated! If you wrote something that got cut due to the Survey Monkey issues, please feel free to let us all know in the comments.

Also, a lot of really interesting ideas were given. Do you agree with them? Why or why not?


  1. really? no one said anything about neutral reppers should get concorded... i don't read blogs on the weekends or i would have spoke up- oh well

  2. A few comments stand out in this to me:

    "make fighter-bombers unable to launch in low-sec" - YES, this. I've been saying this for ages.

    "CONCORD buff to discourage suicide ganking" - No, HTFU.

    "T3 Frigates" - Yeah, I would love to see t3 frigs. I think largely ccp neglects smaller ships compared to say motherships, because they don't see them as important. This, to me, is silly given that much larger percentage of eve regularly engages in the use of frigs compared to supers. Demand content for the proletariat masses!

    "oreo cookies" - Well yeah, everyone likes oreos.

  3. "make fighter-bombers unable to launch in low-sec" - Hey that was my idea, punks always stealing my shit.