Monday, November 7, 2011

FRAPS of the PL Hot Drop on Minmatar Militia

I wrote about a PL hot drop a few weeks ago here. Minmatar militia lost 2 archons and 2 thanatos. 'Reportedly,' the Amarr batphoned them, though they deny it, and we don't really care if they did or not.

I just found out that the hot drop was FRAPSed by a corpmate involved in the fight. It's VERY entertaining to watch.

So, I'm providing it for all your viewing pleasure. (Note that by the time the video begins we had been out killing a pos and fooling around in general in our caps when an Amarr hac gang warped in and started pointing stuff. The battle lasted a good 30 minutes before this video starts, so it was a very long fight in the end.)


  1. The thing that is awesome about this is the fun factor check at the end... no bitching about losses or amarr faggotry... Just straight up "who had fun"

  2. Shame about the losses but that is the way to die....smiling.

  3. Good video :) Also nice to see that ppl can lose caps and just laugh about it.. its just pixels on a screen :)

    Don't you just love when PL drops on your head. Been fighting Amarr/CVA ppl and PL shows up. PL is always up for killing caps tho. But if you got a cap fleet out there.. get it docked up or safe within 30 mins or your asking for a hotdrop.