Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On Second Thought...

What is Faction War?

Faction war is a major role-playing aspect of Eve, where the factions battle each other in direct pvp confrontations. It is home to role-players and story tellers.

Faction war is also home to pirates, giving them better access to targets and like-minded associates--giving them a more defined home and purpose.

Faction war is also a place for many to hang out for a while. A sort of waiting ground before they find their next ‘thing.’

Faction war is also home to the carebear. A non aggressive pilot who prefers passive action in the form of plexes and missions.

Faction war is different things to different people--an alliance of sorts to gain new friends, a glorified wardec, a place to vent one’s creativity.

This is why ideas for how to ‘fix’ faction war are varied—in scope and content. Because everyone wishes to enhance the features that define faction war in their own minds.

Sometime-- most times--these ideas contradict someone else’s view of faction war. The pirate small gang pvpers don’t want a big alliance atmosphere. The carebears don’t want additional risks. The role-players don’t want more pirates.

Most any change that CCP makes to faction war will more clearly define what faction war is actually supposed to be. Removing highsec faction police will push more role-playing and less piracy. Allowing alliances will push larger-gang pvp at the expense of small-gang pvp. Making missions and plexes riskier will push more pvp and less pve.

Changes to faction war are inevitable.

Sacrifices will be made.

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  1. There are some who would argue that FW is too much reward to too "optional" of risk. I would argue that lowsec, in general (outside of FW), is too much risk for too little reward.
    So carebears want easy ISK from relatively "easy" faction goods/LP with little actual risk? Too. Damn. Bad.
    I am very much sick and tired of hearing about risk and how things should be made "safer", especially as regards hisec, but it applies in this instance too.
    Personally I find it sickening that a bear can just run L4s AFK "perfectly safe" in hisec, whilst I run anoms and (DED) plexes in low, having to constantly watch local, spam dirscan, and be on a high level of vigilance....and make MORE than me, easily. Especially when you calculate the decision of 1) leaving an anom/plex and having it despawn or someone else finish it, or 2) stay and fight, probably get 'dropped, and now not only have I not made the $$ for the anom/plex, but I've lost about 15% of the actual hull value, but cost of fittings, and maybe even the cost of implants!
    And bears whine about "risk" in hisec. Hah. As a former "bear" myself: fuck em.