Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Shalee recently did a poll about whether or not to allow alliances into faction war. I was surprised by how many people were for this, as it doesn’t make sense to me for many reasons. However, is it truly alliances joining faction war that faction war pilots want, or is this just a symptom of another problem in faction war? Could making alternative changes fix some of the problems that have some pilots talking about allowing alliances to join?

The lack of unity in faction war in general, is a huge problem for many people. Individual pilots and corporations are allowed to join based on standings, and faction war is largely ‘run’ by NPCs. As a result of this, individual factions have no sense of leadership, organization, or unity. It is no wonder that many pilots long for the leadership and organization driven benefits of alliances.

While as a role playing mechanic in the game faction war will always be heavily NPC-driven, I think that there are steps that could be taken to improve the unity and organization of faction war. Removing the NPC corp altogether would be the first step. Until faction war, EVE corporations were driven by players, and being in an NPC corporation was primarily thought of as a ‘default.’ This being said, even being in the NPC faction war corp is seen by many as being in a ‘default’ corporation, removing a lot of trust, and opening the door to farming and non-engaged players.

Also, making plexing worthwhile will help unify the factions as well. Currently, there is really nothing major to fight over, so militia has no reason to form gangs bigger than individual corporations or ‘cliques’. If there was something that everyone wanted to destroy, or defend, you’d see a lot more cooperation between militia corporations.

I’m sure there are other ideas that could be implemented to improve faction war, but I firmly believe that allowing alliances to join is not one of them. I think in the long run, there would be many repercussions that people are not thinking about, and it would be more trouble than it’s worth. It would be like putting a band aid on a tumor.

1. Null sec alliances would take advantage of the game mechanic.

-Alliances would use it as a free wardec game mechanic.
-Alliances would use it to get around number limitations in their alliance—basically allowing alliances to band together in more of a NAP relationship.
-Alliances would use it to come in and wipe out smaller militia units. (What’s to keep people like Pandemic Legion from coming in and joining either side, just for the free militia channel for smacking and intel and the ability to drop titans and super caps with more lols?)

2. The ‘Alliance’ mentality would ruin the current culture of faction war. We need to fix the problems of faction war, not ruin what is currently good about it:
-Small gangs for people who prefer small scale pvp. Allowing alliances to join would significantly change this.
-Less politics. With alliances comes a lot of politics.

Allowing alliances to join faction war is probably one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard, to be honest. I don’t’ care how you ‘implement’ it, package it, or nerf the idea. It’s not a good idea and it would have many repercussions that would have all of faction war begging CCP to reverse it.

Though having an official LateNight alliance in Minmatar militia could be fun...especially when we start to wardec the rest of the Minmatar...when the Amarr targets prove less then satisfactory. ;)


  1. Agreed. Allowing alliances into FW would be the final blow to the head of a sick, sick puppy.

  2. Hmmm. I assume that today one FW corporation in a given militia can wardec another FW corporation in the same militia. Should the wardec mechanic be changed to prevent this? After all, why would any faction run a militia in which the member corporations haven't agreed to put aside their disputes with one another while fighting for the common good?

  3. I agree that being able to wardec other faction war corporations is very weird and doesn’t really go with the role-playing aspects of Faction War. Due to the ‘open’ nature of militia, corporations still need a means to defend themselves against other ‘rogue’ militia corporations. However, there are probably ways to do with without allowing outright wardecs.

  4. Ok sorry if this sounds a little 'anal' but militia's are NOT the same as national armies.

    They're para-military organizations of citizens that have armed themselves for some political reason or other. I think EVE's militia's should be viewed in that light.
    And there's no reason why different minmatar para-military groups should like each other, the enemy of your enemy is not always your friend after all.

    And I think it would be bad for EVE if CCP forces corporations to work together just because they declared support for the same empire.
    Don't take this the wrong way but some of us don't give a damn about roleplay (or even the background story) and might still want to be in the militia for some reason like you know; exploding space ships. And not want to have to deal with other militia organizations at all (chat is easily ignored).

    In the hypothetical case that say BRRC were to join the minmater militia we'd do so for the extra targets and the ability to engage on gates and making some ISK maybe, Not because we actually care deeply about furthering the minmater cause or god forbid capturing space.
    And as an almost 100 man corp we'd frankly not really 'need' the other militia corps to fleet with, we likely would if an opportunity for good pewpew presents itself though, but *forced participation* would be almost certainly be a deal breaker we'd never join at all (I think).

    Not being being allowed to shoot -EM- (if alliances would be allowed to join) the thought gives me shivers :P