Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fixing Faction War

I’ve racked my brain for a while now about how they could ‘fix’ faction war. The general consensus of late seems to be doing something with plexes so that taking systems actually means something and warring militias would actually be motivated to fight over systems again.

I think it goes a little beyond plexes and giving faction war a purpose. Right now, faction war is little more than a permanent (free) glorified wardec with the added benefit of lucrative missions.

First, the war needs to take place in a war zone. That may sound dumb, but think about it. Right now, faction war is located mostly in low-sec. It’s supposed to be a ‘war zone’ but it’s not really any more dangerous or different than any other low-sec.

What if faction war existed in space that was a little more dangerous? A place where it would be more dangerous for neutrals to get caught in the cross-fire. A hostile, cold, war torn place?

I’m not saying eject us all out into null-sec. But what about turning faction war ‘space’ into some sort of null-sec/ low-sec hybrid space?

For example,

  • No GCC for shooting neutrals, although you still get a sec hit.
  • No anchorable or free standing bubbles, but allow HICs.
  • The fw ‘stations’ could only be docked in by faction war pilots, and the services could be shot and rendered useless by the warring party.

What if faction war mission agents were instead in large, destructible ships (ships that would take BS fleets or tier 3 bcs to kill) in space. Ships that once destroyed would drop interesting things and, though would (eventually) respawn would need to be protected and defended by militia forces?

What if the best way to get lp was to ‘take’ a system giving everyone pvping, missioning, and plexing in that system lp bonuses? What if you could destroy the hostiles revenue flow by taking their systems, causing them to retaliate?

What if pvping was as lucrative lp wise as missioning?

Put the war back in the war-zone.  Just a couple ideas- my two-cents worth, anyway.

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  1. I think those are all excellent ideas. Originally, having read up on FW (but am just now getting ready to put my new alt in Min FW, so no real experience), changing plexes and "occupancy" to work like a sorta-"sov"-upgrade system was my first thought too. I like your ideas even better. Make the FW areas of lolsex into a "no man's land" much like hell, most real warzones.
    As it is, FW right now is like the current War in Iraq (or Afghanistan) -- taking place with sneak attacks and small outbreaks in populated areas. To me, with all the "hate and animosity" between the factions (as put forth in the Empyrean Age novel), it should have def stepped up to all-out war, a la WWI/WWII.
    Then again, I also believe pirate factions and CONCORD could be a fun part of FW too, though they'd have to very carefully adjust the LP rewards lest everyone be flying Vindis and Machariels for pennies on the ISK. lol