Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rage Mails Incoming

Last night I was working with an Adroid project (yes, I’m a hardcore nerd) with a friend and decided to check on some killboards while I was waiting for some SDK packages to load.

Upon first load of the Minnie board, I noticed a couple LateNighters were up to their usual antics in Huola. Nothing particularly new.

When I refreshed it fifteen minutes later (the dumb SDK kept freezing and I’d have to restart the install) I instantly noticed the red that was throwing up all over the board—and my old CEO showing up repeatedly. I also noticed a KA POW POW member dealing the last blow on one km, and I instantly thought it was weird that it was showing up as a loss since the guy is in the Minmatar after all.

Until I noticed that almost every red mail had both him and one or two Amarr on it—and they were killing Minmatar.


I logged on to Eve to find out if some weird revolution had happened between KAPOWPOW and other faction war corporations. But things seemed pretty calm, and the corpmate in question defected to the Amarr shortly after I asked what was going on in corp chat. Guess I was expecting that.

I don’t envy the mail my CEO will get once those other CEOs log on though….

The rest of the night was pretty quiet. We started a small nano shield fleet, but the Amarr came out in over double our numbers in BSes with guardian support, so not much really ended up happening.


  1. are a software developer?! O_O

    On a related story - I think you should try to make that defector's life a bit miserable. :)

  2. Malik77 was a longtime Amarr and ex-Locus (like you and Gald) but apparently his loyalty was stronger to a returning Dake Darkstalker...