Thursday, October 6, 2011

His Bark is Worse than His Bite

It was probably the fact that I went to bed shortly after playing EVE last night. Or perhaps it was the sleepy daze that being kept up all night due to a barking dog brings. Either way, during that hazy period in the morning when you’re not quite awake or asleep I thought to myself…”Gee…I wish I had a local chat in real life.

Then, I could ask who the owner of that dog is and maybe troll him a little.” Not that anyone in my neighborhood would even know what trolling is. They’d probably just think I was an idiot.
And the dog would keep barking. Incessant barking. Those sharp ‘woofs’ that are spaced just far enough apart so that you can just barely drift back to sleep before the next one wakes you up again…over and over again.

Kind of like CCP. You know, where you start to tire, or grow bored of Eve and think about moving on for a while…then woof! CCP dangles something in front of you to snap you out of it. A sharp,(smart) throaty call to reawaken your attention.

Or, maybe the dog is just the ghost of that pilot we ganked over and over again last night—barking at shadows and night owls in much the same way he wined in local.

Maybe the dog is trolling me?


  1. Troll him right back with a nice warm bowl of anti-freeze.

    I'm so kidding.