Friday, October 21, 2011

Podding Your Stuffs

I really like that they will be adding implants to killmails in the winter expansion. It’s going to really change K/D efficiencies and make them a little more accurate.

For example, say you solo pvp a few rifters in your dramiel. You kill and pod one of the rifters, but the other one ends up killing your dramiel although you get your pod out. In the past, although you were fighting against the odds being outnumbered at least 3-1, the killboard would show you losing the isk war in that case. (Your dramiel loss is worth significantly more than their rifter unless they faction fit it or something.)

Now, imagine that the pod you killed included a set of implants worth over a billion isk. Yeah, changes the isk efficiency a lot in reality, even though until the winter expansion, you won’t know. (Unless they rage in local of course.)

Now imagine another scenario. A lone pirate smartboming BS sitting on a high traffic low-sec  to high-sec gate. In one hour he manages to smartbomb 5 pods, 6 shuttles and a few tech 1 frigates before local antipirates valiantly arrive on the scene and blow up his BS with their drake fleet.

In the past, it could be argued that the lols from the pirate doing such a thing was the only thing that made it worth it, since according to the killboard all those pods and shuttles weren’t nearly worth the price of his fully fit BS. However, with the new killmails, you would be able to see that he took out a set of low-grade slaves, a set of high-grade slaves and some various other expensive 5%ers. Worth many times the cost of his battleship, and worth even more lols.

So, after the expansion you will probably see more podding, more smartboming, etc., just because people will get kicks out of seeing the implants they destroyed.

What this might do to the price of implants, I can only speculate. What do you think?


  1. Haha "and worth even more lols", indeed. Nice blog, I'll have to commit to trawling your archives now :D

    -- Hatchet :)

  2. I think it will be a sad day for pod pilots, ransoms will likely go up, and implant prices will go up even higher. Might not hurt to start loading up on your favorite implants :)